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We are 3 bad*ss ladies who are passionate about telling stories featuring complex female characters! Imagine a Western with 3 leading ladies, the grit of Deadwood, and the supernatural undertones of Twin Peaks. We've been creating the world of Soiled Doves for 6 yrs. Help us bring it to YOUR TV!

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Mission Statement

Unlike most Westerns, our story is written by 3 women about 3 women. But we don't stop there. Women will also be in the limelight behind the camera. Our pilot will be Directed and Produced by women, and we are committed to filling crew positions with many uber-talented ladies!

The Story

The idea for Soiled Doves came about when Becca had a dream about the three of us, dressed as saloon girls, kicking demon ass in the wild west! The first script was 15 pages and read like a high school musical. Ha! With lots of hard work every Tuesday and Saturday night (see ya later, dudes!), we've strengthened our writing muscles, and now the 3 main characters, Rosemary, Annette, and Dee (RAD), live in a realistic world full of beauty, danger, grit, and unease. This labor of love has taken us to creepy cabins in old ghost towns, where fly strips hung over our bunk beds while we slept (pretty sure we swallowed a few). It has taught us about the pioneering women of the west and the sacrifices they made to survive frontier life. It has brought us the most inspiring, talented, and caring artists; a tribe that brought the world of Soiled Doves to life in a Teaser for the pilot at Paramount Ranch (also home of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman- yessss) and a 13 Episode Web Series in Joshua Tree, Big Bear, and a one bedroom apartment we transformed into eight different locations. These shoots further helped us explore the characters more fully and refine the story of Soiled Doves to what it is today.  After 6 years of working, learning, and gathering our tribe, we are ready! It’s time! TO. SHOOT. THE. PILOT! At the reins, we have the badass director, Lauren Tracy, co-founder of Blue Fever. We have a diverse group of incredible actors. We have the passion, the drive, the experience, and megaLOVE for this story! Although we’ve had opportunities to sell our show,  we believe there is no one better to share Soiled Doves with the world than the three ladies that birthed, raised and continue to give our everything to it! 


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Paramount Ranch

Costs $5,000

An Old West town 45 min from Los Angeles? Uh yeaaaassss!

Interiors & Props

Costs $7,000

Metal chairs and cardboard tables won’t do! And don't forget the horses!!!


Costs $1,583

Boots & Corsets & CHAPS - Oh My!

Makeup & Hair Supplies

Costs $200

Living in the west was dirty. No lipgloss or perfect teeth please!

Special Effects Makeup

Costs $500

We want it to look creepy, not silly. Don’t you?


Costs $3,458

It costs $$ to bring all props, furniture, costumes, horses, cast and crew to Paramount Ranch.

RAD Production Team

Costs $4,500

They are responsible for all aspects of the Show. Gulp. No pressure!

RAD Camera Team & Equipment

Costs $7,225

This is the magic maker! No home videos for this sucker!

RAD Grip Team

Costs $3,500

There are going to be some sweet shots, and this team is essential to make it happen!

RAD Sound Team

Costs $2,550

Can you hear me now? Good!

RAD Lighting Team

Costs $4,000

Make it Day! Make it Night!

Production Designer

Costs $2,250

Design Kween reigns over all art departments to create the world of Soiled Doves.

Art Director

Costs $2,250

A special eye to design the interiors of a saloon, jail, general store, & house!

Wardrobe Designer

Costs $1,750

Selecting 1887 appropriate garments that are reflective of each character. Sashay Away!

Makeup & Hair Designer

Costs $1,400

Making those modern faces and 'dos look time appropriate.


Costs $18,000

Amazing, emotionally open, and hard working artists putting in major hours!

Food & Water

Costs $3,150

Gotta eat and stay hydrated!

General Liability Insurance

Costs $2,000

In case of horse bucks, snake bites, & collapsing sets! EEK!


Costs $3,884

Permits and more permits... It's the law, pardner!


Costs $800

Keeping what's ours...ours.

About This Team

Holy crap are we excited about the RAD ladies we've got on our team for the Soiled Doves Pilot!


Let's start with our amazing director, Lauren Tracy. She is the co-founder of Blue Fever Films, a streaming platform for the best video content focused on women. That's right, she started a dang Netflix for women! Check it out,

She was a former feature film editor, Lionsgate 'Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga' finalist, worked with NYU, Avid and briefly with the amazing Academy Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow (THE HURT LOCKER, ZERO DARK THIRTY) to bring financial award to female filmmakers. 
She's written and directed short films and music videos, and her feature film screenplay SWEET DESERT PALM was a Big Vision Empty Wallet 2015 Lab finalist. 

Soooooo she's a badass! 


And then there's our super sweet producer, Kristen Murtha.

Kristen is a Producer and Production Manager with a Boston heart and a Hollywood mind. Her work has been seen by audiences on large and small screens around the globe, receiving recognition at over fifty film festivals as well as millions of views online. Kristen's projects span all mediums: short film, branded content, music video, web series, television pilot, feature narrative, documentary and animated film. Her passions are compelling stories and unique experiences. Check out her website,


And for the three of us...


Verity Butler is a co-founder of TeamRAD Productions, originating from Houston, Texas. This blonde beauty can be seen asking for help in Clint's Eastwood's Sully and is an octopus lover. 


Rebecca Holopter is a co-founder of TeamRAD Productions, hailing from Springfield, Missouri. This auburn artist starred in a film that Martin Landau vigorously clapped for, and she loves squirrels.


Darby Kennerly is a co-founder of TeamRAD Productions, hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana. This raven rascal can be heard hi-yah-ing across the Korean video game world and is a zebra fanatic.  


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