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Teen, Horror

Bryson Lima

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This short film will be a proof of concept for an hour-long teen drama series, with a supernatural twist – focusing on the soul-stirring tales in America’s most haunted city, from a contemporary perspective.

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Mission Statement

On the surface level, SPOOKY SOCIETY is about misfit teens making a vlog for social media. But, at its core, the story is really about the challenges of their home-lives, from choosing colleges, to their struggles with mental health and needing to lean on each other in the face of doubt.

The Story

Spooky Society will be a short, 15-minute proof of concept for an hour-long television drama that follows a group of 4 teenage friends: Breezy, Darius, Nikki, and Tyler. Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, a city known for its spirits – both the kind that haunt and the kind you drink – there isn’t a lot for the underage members of the community to do during the summer or on the weekends. Broke, car-less, and bored out of their minds, the gang sets out to explore an abandoned, and supposedly haunted, neighborhood house. The teens decide to make an internet ghost hunting vlog that documents their adventure… a vlog titled “Spooky Society.”

The gang spends the night in the ghosthouse, where unexplainable spectral events take place and are captured on camera. As a result, their vlog goes viral. People from around the world are watching the investigative webisode, and requests are coming in for them to investigate other Savannah attractions.

On the surface level, Spooky Society is a story about a bunch of misfit kids, making a vlog for social media. But, at its core, the narrative is about their friendships, their struggles with each of their home-lives (arguing with parents, choosing colleges, the challenges of mental health), and finding an escape by doing something they all love and enjoy.


  • You're not just investing in Spooky Society as a proof of concept - there are endless possibilities for potential “investigations” for future episodes (and seasons) in Savannah alone, making this an excellent vessel for a network or streaming television series
  • As ”the gang” grows up, they can venture out to explore other haunted cities across the country or abroad
  • Continued franchise branding opportunities across social media platforms, merchandising, and fan communities (Comic-con!)


  • Our crew of experienced filmmakers is already in preproduction for this proof of concept
  • We have access to Savannah, GA locations and personnel
  • Through a variety of industry connections and established financing, we have the means to attach recognizable talent to the proof of concept


  • Spooky Society is curated to be enjoyed by just about anyone from teenagers and young adults, to 80s and 90s super fans, and all the Millennials to Gen X people in between

Our goal is to raise $12,000 for this film through Seed & Spark. The funds raised through this campaign will be used towards traveling/housing our crew in Savannah for filming, purchasing ghost hunting equipment to use as props, securing a "haunted house" location in Georgia, equipment rentals, and catering. Here's a breakdown of how the funds will be utilized:

  • Many of our crew members will be traveling to Savannah from out-of-state, so we need to accommodate their hotels, transportation, and provide meals (and coffee!)
  • Our Art Department will be dressing a historic location from scratch, sourcing authentic ghost hunting gear to use as props, and collaborating with our Visual Effects Department to effectively achieve a spooky atmosphere
  • Our Camera, Grip and Set Lighting Departments will need to rent a considerable amount of gear to achieve the cinematic and high production value look to best market the proof of concept to serious network connections
  • We need insurance coverage for our cast, crew, equipment, and locations to ensure a safe and efficient set 
  • When filming is complete, we need funds for picture editing, sound design, color correction, music composition, and visual effects rendering
  • Once the film finished, we will distribute the proof of concept to various studios, film festivals, and host screenings for our contributors

Our crew plans to use extrem caution while filming to limit the exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses on set. We will have PPE (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) available to all cast and crew at all times throughout production. We will also ensure hand sanitzer and hand-washing stations are readily available to all personnel. We will also provide all cast & crew with COVID-19 rapid self-tests ahead of filming.

  1. Make a pledge (in exchange for a cool incentive!) Every contribution made to our campaign will help immensley in bringing this project to life. Plus, we have some pretty great incentives, including Spooky Society Swag, so you can rep the gang and support a group of real-life filmmakers.
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We need your help to spread the word about this film! Here are some examples on what you can share on your social media platforms to help us reach our goal. Copy & paste them everywhere from your Instagram Stories to your Tweets - lets make Spooky Society go viral!

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Can't wait to watch this fun & scary film! Learn more about it here: @SpookySocietyTV or make a pledge to their @SeedAndSpark campaign: www.seedandspark.com/fund/spookysociety 

Have you heard about @SpookySocietyTV? It's a proof of concept for a TV series about a group of ghost-hunting teens in Savannah, Georgia! You can make a pledge to the project here: www.seedandspark.com/fund/spookysociety

Want to support a group of talented independent filmmakers? @SpookySocietyTV is a supernatural short film about a group of kids on a paranormal adventure. The team is raising funds to bring the project to the life! Check out their crowdfunding campaign and make a pledge: www.seedandspark.com/fund/spookysociety 

By supporting this campaign, not only are you investing in an exciting film production - you're also endorsing the up-and-coming generation of filmmaking professionals, artists, and storytellers. We're paving our own path in our industry, while developing a story focused on posititivity and friendships. Thank you for taking the time to visit our campaign, learning more about our project, and for your support.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $2,000

Equipment rentals for our Camera, Electric, Grip, and Location Sound teams. Plus on-set VFX gear!

Travel Arrangements & Catering

Costs $4,000

We need to accommodate travel, lodging, and catered meals for our cast & crew.

Art Department, Props, Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup

Costs $2,250

Funds for our Art, Props, Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup teams to create the world of Spooky Society!


Costs $1,500

We need to find and rent space in a historic home in Savannah, GA, that we can decorate and film in.

Post Production & Distribution

Costs $1,250

Funds to edit, color, mix sound, polish VFX, add music, and finally distribute the completed film.

Insurance & Contingencies

Costs $1,000

We need insurance and contingency monies to ensure we are operating a healthy and safe set.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

The leadership team for the “Spooky Society” Proof of Concept is composed completely of alumni from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where we all worked together on projects through our academic careers, and are now continuing to work with each other as we break into the entertainment industry in various capacities.

Bryson Lima, Writer/Director
Bryson’s passion for filmmaking stemmed from a childhood of performing arts and making short stop-motion movies with Legos. He obtained his BFA in Film & Television from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where he produced and directed several short films and television series. Some of his notable work includes his short film "Time of Death" which has been selected into film festivals internationally, and “The Buzz” which won “Best Scripted Series” at the 38th College Television Emmy Awards.

Bryson has been developing “Spooky Society” over the past four years, just before he moved from Savannah to New York City to further his opportunities in the entertainment industry. He has always been mesmerized by Savannah’s charm and beauty, mixed with a troubled history - and particularly by its ghost stories. Through "Spooky Society" he hopes to blend his childhood memories and curiosity of the unknown with his love for Savannah, ghosts, and storytelling.

Aliyah Curry, Executive Creative Producer/Story Editor
Aliyah Curry is a queer, Southern bred writer and filmmaker, focusing on Black female sexuality and mental health. Her short films that she's written, produced, and directed have been awarded Honorable Mention at the Georgia Film Festival and most watched short at the Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival, among other accolades.
Production credits include Disney's The Lady and The Tramp, Amazon's The Underground Railroad, where she was promoted to producers assistant, and Showtime's Flatbush Misdemeanors. 
Aliyah newly resides in New York City. When not filming, she creates theatre, photographs, poetry, and has dance parties with her niece.  
Keep up with her at https://theirdaughters.productions/

Brooke Yunis, Executive Creative Producer/Story Editor/Editor
Brooke Yunis was born in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up surrounded by music, dance, and theatre. Her love for theatre transformed into a love for filmmaking. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design, receiving a B.F.A in Film and Television. Her hope as a filmmaker is to evoke emotion and change through her work and give a platform to diverse voices.

Alyssa Aliberti, Producer/Production Manager
Alyssa Aliberti is a Los Angeles based Creative Producer. Previously, her work includes Netflix's docu-series "Chef's Table", "Ozark", and Hulu's "The Act". Her recent role includes a Producer at a Digital Media Company in California. Alyssa grew up being surrounded by the arts and fell in love with story telling, she hopes to create stories that connect one another and to share experiences showing that we're not alone. Alyssa also loves Marvel and Star Wars... like a lot. 

Jovy Berrios, Producer/Locations
Jovianny Berrios is the locations producer of SPOOKY SOCIETY. Berrios is a Savannah-based filmmaker from Dorado, Puerto Rico. After pursuing a B.A. in Film & Television as an undergraduate at the Savannah College of Art and Design, he quickly became captivated by the collaborative and expressive nature of film. Along with his work as a public historian and paranormal tour host at Genteel & Bard: Fine Savannah Tours, he aims to explore the relationships between historical landscapes, characters, magical realism, and time

Joseph An, Cinematographer
Joseph An is a cinematographer based in Atlanta, GA. He’s always has had a keen interest in the painterly qualities of light. He wants to continue to grow in his passions with other creatives. He believes storytelling is a universal language that everyone knows how to speak. He’s never been to Chili’s.

Katie Wilkerson, Production Designer
Katie Wilkerson is a Los Angeles based designer and writer who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. Growing up, they were constantly doodling and volunteering at the community theatre. When the opportunity came to work in film as a production designer, they felt they had finally found their calling. They love the collaborative fast-paced nature of film-making, and are grateful for the chance to tell thoughtful stories and develop friendships with other story tellers. 

Current Team