Spot the Potted Plant

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Family

Marc Morales

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When a young Latino boy receives a potted plant instead of a dog, he learns about responsibility and that friendship can come in unexpected forms.

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Mission Statement

Have you ever wanted a dog... like really, really badly. But you happen to be a 7-year-old with no money or property of your own. No? Well, I did. And it didn't come easy. It took PowerPoints, lots of groveling, and a potted plant.

The Story

Spot the Potted Plant is a grounding and optimistic coming-of-age story exploring a defining childhood moment, wanting a dog. This film is a period piece taking place during the mid-2000s exploring Gen Z's childhood nostalgia. Ultimately, we hope this bit of light shines hope on anyone feeling hopeless in their current situation.

Lou's Powerpoint

Our film's tone is inspired by Lilo & Stitch and Marcel the Shell. While our color palette is inspired by the vibrant colors of My Neighbor Totoro and The Florida Project.

Many of our peers are facing unemployment and displacement due to the AMPTP’s unwillingness to negotiate and meet the demands of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. This includes members of our crew. In a time when many of us are feeling lost, this project has given us a little slice of hope and gratitude amid a tumultuous time. 

Our main character Lou finds himself in a similarly scary situation- feeling completely displaced from everything he knows. As a result, he makes a Hail Mary attempt to convince his parents to get him a dog, only to receive a plant in return. Over time, Lou finds a companion in Spot. He finally finds something that grounds him, something that brings him joy. Lou's simplicity and openness squash that fear tied to change.

We are currently in pre-production as we lock down our actors and locations. This campaign will allow us to move into production and finally bring Spot to life. We plan to wrap shooting by the end of September and wrap post during the Spring of 2024. Supporters will have access to the film via a Vimeo link by the Summer of 2024. If our goal is met, we will use the funds for additional props and film festival submissions.

How will Funds be Used?

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Donating & Spreading the Word are the two biggest ways to help Spot come to life!

Share our campaign on social media, email, and word-of-mouth! Any little bit goes a long way!


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Cash Pledge

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Period Relevant Props

Costs $500

These props will be essential in establishing the film as a mid-2000s period piece

Location Costs

Costs $750

The Spot Team plans to rent locations through AirBnB.


Costs $1,500

Casting Lead & Supporting Actors


Costs $750

Food for Cast & Crew

Film Festival Applications

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Funds for Festivals

About This Team

Our team has an extensive background in film, television, and live events. Many of us met and connected during our time as undergraduates at Emerson College in Boston, MA. We are all thrilled to reconnect post grad and further our connections with team members who are currently at Chapman University seeking their master degrees.

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