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The subject of grief and loss is universal yet it isnt always depicted in every way grief can manifest in someone. We want to show everyone who has suffered with losing a loved one, or is currently having a difficult time coping, that they're not alone in the way grief has displayed itself in them.

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Mission Statement

Our team is comprised completely of women and people of color. Two demographics that are highly under utilized in film. We have also chosen a very diverse cast in race and age. Our project's main goal is to show people that are emotionally suffering that they aren't alone. Total inclusion.

The Story

We loved filming and getting all the footage needed to make this film and we are currently eager to start post production! After we have finished this film, we plan on submitting it to as many Oscar qualifying festivals as we can. We want to share this film far and wide. The sky is the limit!






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Costs $7,000

Our editor will look at all the footage we have shot and she will piece together our film!

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So that we have a beautiful, one of a kind soundtrack.


Costs $800

So that our raw footage can be colored and pleasing to watch.

Sound design

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So that we our audio can be well mixed and we have the proper sound effects.

Festival Submission fees

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Each festival costs $60-$100 to submit into so these fees add up quickly. Help us show this film

About This Team

Meet our Cast


Phoebe Garcia Pearl (Lydia)


Dan Berkey (Dad)


Sol Marina Crespo (Sofia)


Hannah Beck (Lauren)


Desi Waters (Angela)


Sean Hoagland (Noah)


Kai Adwoa-Thomas (Therapist)


Mary Cavett (Mary)


Jami Tennille (Assistant Director)


Phoebe Garcia Pearl is an LA native. She has been dancing since the age of three, with training in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap. She attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and then moved cross country to attend The Boston Conservatory majoring in dance. She became a Radio City Rockette in 2009 at the age of 19 and left the company at the end of 2016 after she spoke out against the Rockette's performance at the presidential inauguration. 

Since then, she has redirected her career to focus on acting in TV and Film. She has been studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse NYC since November 2016 with teacher Neal Matarazzo. She has also worked with Bob Krakower for on camera study. This past year she has appeared in HBO's The Deuce and has been cast in multiple short films. She wrote Stage V to pay respect to her father's memory and also to create a piece of art that people fare and wide can relate to. 




Hey! I am Leeann Ortiz, born and raised as a military brat in California and Hawaii. Acting, dancing, and directing has been streaming in my blood ever since I can remember. From directing my first "film" at 8 years old with my cousins (a spin off of the Blair Witch Project), to choreographing performances and learning about acting with each film I watch from every genre imaginable. Constantly moving as a child has taught me to adapt to my surroundings and I very much enjoy learning about different cultures and people. People fascinate me and people are my passion. Not only did I want to be a part of film, but I needed to be a part of film. After living in San Francisco and achieving a successful career, I knew it wasn't enough. I packed my stuff and drove cross country with my partner of 10 years, to New York City. 

New York City has allowed me to meet people just like me, who've accepted me as part of their community. The art scene, the film scene, the theatre scene and the people have struck a cord in my heart. Here is where I met my friends Phoebe Pearl, Chelsea Maclaren and Jacqueline O'Kelly, my team for our short film, Stage V. Phoebe, our director/writer presented me with the opportunity of co-producing this short with a team of creative, empowering women, and I couldn't be more elated.

What excites me most about this project is how it's focused on something every person deals with at some time in their life.  The possibility of relating with someone a world away who I'll never know gives me the drive I need to give it all I've got.  Pairing that drive with a great story and our amazing crew of awesome women, I'm confident that we'll be able to deliver a peice of art I will forever be proud of. 



Being from Brooklyn has left an indelible mark on Jamal's cinematography --

"Finding the beauty in that visceral environment and how the two interacted with each other was always fascinating to me. Even at a young age, when I didn't understand art, [I knew] THIS was ART."

Jamal has been working in the industry for 7 years in New York City, as well as internationally. Shooting short films, feature length movies, as well as artistic videos for brands and artists has brought him the insight of understanding the needs of all types of stories and genres. In 2014, he won the Zeiss Precision Image Award; and recently, his contibution behind the camera on the short film Flowers, allowed for the film to win Best Short at the 2016 American Black Film Festival. The film went on to air on HBO throughout 2017. 2018 has brought opportunities in television, with TVOne's UNCENSORED series where Jamal lenses episodes featuring Lala Anthony and Charlemange. The latter episode garnered the network's highest rating for the season. For him, these momentous achievements cemented the belief that improvement is key and should be utilized in strengthening each and every frame.



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