Chasing Fletcher Allen (Formerly Stalking LeVar)

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Comedy, Romantic Comedy

Heidi Cox

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A story of a woman finding her independence while grieving the loss of her father. Heidi Cousins is on a "friends and family" book tour alone to share her memoir: "Stalking LeVar." After feeling accomplished, she realizes that she is still in search of...everything. Will she find it?

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Mission Statement

Beyond its female lead, 'Stalking LeVar' celebrates representation and inclusivity by having a Hispanic director, Hispanic and African American cast members, as well as a predomintantly female crew. The story itself is about a woman being thrust into a place where she must find her independence.

The Story




Over the course of working with Heidi on the story, Stalking LeVar has become a personal story for me. We're all searching for something. Often we try and satiate these internal needs with external things: sports heroes, Hollywood stars, comic book characters, video game storylines. And this can go on for entire lifetimes.

This short film is one woman's story in finding a balance between the external things that she believes she needs (personified by an ideal father figure pulled right off the TV) with the internal answers that she's been avoiding all along.

And don't worry. It's got jokes in it. Just wait until you see my brother Paul's role or some of the cameos we have in store!

Ultimately, Stalking LeVar is also a chance for me to direct the kind of project that has eluded me. Between all of the fantasy, sci-fi and action stories, I don't often get a chance to tell a story with so many layers, both thematically and visually! I look forward to the challenge of bringing a dynamic, moving and hilarious project like Stalking LeVar to life with my fantastic cast and crew!



This concept started as a web series a few years ago when I had an epiphany about my career. I had allowed myself to get distracted by a relationship that was not healthy and lost myself in it for several years.  After feeling lost and lonely for so long,  something woke up inside of me and I started making short form digital content as a way to literally save myself.  

Wonderful people who treated one another with kindness and compassion came into my life to make this happen.  Suddenly there was a supportive team that became what Dweeb Darlings is today.  A company that believes that women can do and be anything.

The story of Stalking LeVar  grew as I grew.  As I wrote it, I began to understand more that I was searching for myself and how to overcome distractions that we all subconsciously use to avoid doing the deep digging. 





We're ready for the next step. Dweeb Darlings has partnered with Geekscape and Fonco to move this project forward.  

In this particular script, which is self contained, Heidi's character has written a book about how she lost her father and obsessed about someone who felt safe and was just a click away (LeVar Burton).  She is on a tour to promote the book but is still struggling with another obsession. 

Her relationship has ended abruptly and she does not understand why.  She feels alone.  And she's not comfortable with it.  





What we love about this story is the build up to the moment she has to become fully self reliant.  That's when she steps it up and realizes that everything she needs is right there with her.  She is whole on her own. 



You may find there is a surprise or two in store for audience as well.

We at Dweeb Darlings, Geekscape, and Fonco are so excited to share this story of self love, realization and acceptance with everyone and we really hope that you'll want to be a part of it and:


...And Get to Know Us!















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And the players are...

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We have to pay the talented cast for the work they put into this film. The roster continues to grow!

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Crewed up with Equipment!

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We need to pay the crew for the wonderous tasks they perform as well as cover the equipment costs!

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There are makeup and wardrobe people who help us with continuity & put powder on us for anti-shine.

Give Us Props!

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Things to have. Things to hold. Things to look at. Things to...use on camera to drive the story.

We have to feed them!

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It really is the least we can do but the most important, as well. Feed starving artists!


Costs $300

This is an estimate. We need a bookstore location to shoot for about 2 days. It will cost us!

Hotel/Motel Room

Costs $300

Our main character is traveling and staying in a hotels during her book tour. Est. shoot: 2 days

About This Team

Heidi Cox (Creator/Writer/Producer Playing the role of "Heidi Cousins") - Heidi originally developed the concept of Stalking LeVar as a web series with her writing partner at the time: Megan Green.  She played and continues to play Heidi Cousins. The series ran for two seasons on YouTube and can be seen on the Dweeb Darlings channel or at Most recently she can be seen in the YouTube Red Series Whatta Lark and Fight of the Living Dead.  And is an embassador for The Chimaera Project recognizing the collective voice as a catalyst for social change.  Dedicated to creating equality in the media arts. 

She has made creating quality female fronted content a priority with Dweeb Darlings and was excited when Jonathan pitched the idea of taking the concept into a short film format to be shot cinematically.   


Jonathan London (Director/Writer/Producer) -  is a long time writer director who currently hosts the podcast and geek news network Geekscape. His directing credits include music videos such as Turn Out the Light for The New Amsterdams, Take Me Home Please for Reggie and the Full Effect, and Don't Start a Band for Reel Big Fish. He also directed Gay By Dawn, a short film that won a number of film festival awards. In 2009, Fox Television Studios' 15 Gigs released the two short web series Singledom and When Ninjas Attack for Hulu, both of which London wrote and directed. 2014 saw the release of London's Miami Vice comic book series for Lion Forge Comics as well as the SXSW premiere of Doc of the Dead for which he was a co-producer and contributing director. In 2015, London was one of 12 directors accepted to the Warner Brothers TV Directing Workshop. In 2016 and 2017, Jonathan was awarded invitations to the Stowe Screenwriting Fellowship for his feature screenplay 'Commitment'.


Casey Roth (Co-Producer/Post Production Supervisor) - Currently Casey also works as an Editor, most recent T.V. credits include Vanderpump Rules and Cupcake Wars Celebrity.  She likes it, her motto is "This is the only job I would have besides having the job of not having to have a job." She has edited several episodes of the Stalking LeVar web series as well as the video for this very campaign. 


Fon H. Davis (Co-Producer) - Is the owner of Fonco Studios. As a alumnus of the Industrial Light and Magic Model Shop, Fon has worked on Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, Pearl Harbor  feature films, as well as the Star Wars, Matrix, Terminator, Mission Impossible, and Jurassic Park franchises. More recently, Fon worked on Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium. Fon is currently a creative director at Fonco,  an instructor at the Stan Winston School, a guest host on nerd shows and a content creator, frequently using his broad knowledge in entertainment and visual story telling.  He most recently directed a short film starring James Hong in January. 



Stephanie Pressman (Co-Producer/Marketing Playing the role of "Susan Markowitz") -   She joined the Double D's as Susan the sometimes oblivious yet good hearted friend on Stalking LeVar but soon after joining the team took on other responsibilities including marketing, branding, design, and producing the series. Stephanie is an actor, on-camera host, nerdy improvisor and musician as well as produces a slew of other projects. 



James Chianese (Co-Producer) - entered the film industry in the early 90s after a short stint in film school, and finally landing in Set Dressing & Props on shows like Angel, and MAD tv. After an extended hiatus, when the opportunity arose in 2012, he started pursuing a career as an actor. After working on several productions he wanted to become more involved in the projects he worked on, and started looking at opportunities to produce and have influence on productions as a whole. He is the founder and owner of 23lb Monster Productions LLC, and very excited to be oart the Stalking LeVar Family


David Bjorlin (Associate Producer) -  A graduate of Columbia,  and Virginia law school.  David worked as a prosecutor for twelve years. He is now in private law practice and is excited to begin his entertainment industry journey as a part of the #SLFilm team!



The rest of our Preliminary Cast so far (In Alphabetical Order)


Cooper Barnes (Playing the Role of "Mr. Quimby") - Cooper is well-known as Ray Manchester aka Captain Man on the Nickelodeon hit series Henry Danger.  He has starred in other TV shows such as Cold Case,  Pair of Kings - The King's Brothers and Jessie.  He is also a comedian who has been active in sketch comedy and is a founding member of the sketch comedy troupe:  Frog Island.






Eugene Byrd (Playing the Role of "Gene Bates") -  Eugene began acting as a child, appearing in the movie My Little Girl,  and other roles in Sesame Street, Beverly Hills 90210, Touched By An Angel, and 8 Mile to name a few . He is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Clark Edison on the series Bones.  



Heidi Cox (Plays the Role of "Heidi Cousins" See Above)



Russ Gooberman (Playing the Role of "Dalton Markowitz") -  As an improviser, Russ is a part of Pack House Team, yay!, Drunkards & Dragons, The Show that Shall Not Be Named (Harry Potter Improv) and cagematch champs The Incompetent Asians. As an actor, he appears in Galantis’s viral music video, Peanut Butter Jelly, in the short films of Twodollafish, and in a number of Buzzfeed sketches. He also is co-host of The Mep Report, an improvised debate podcast running since 2005. 



Paul London (Playing the Role of "Rattle Snake Rick") - London made his debut in WWE in late 2003, and immediately began teaming with fellow cruiserweight Spanky, (Brian Kendrick). He is also  known for his work on House of Hardcore 2, ROH: All Star Extravaganza and House of Hardcore. Paul can be seen most recently in the El Rey Network's Lucha Underground.



Stephanie Pressman (Playing the Role of "Susan Markowitz" see above)




Liz Stewart (Playing the Role of "Hazel Quimby") - Is known for A Toast to Green Lantern, Paranormalcy, I Am That Girl as well as her sketch comedy skills in UCB's acclaimed Sunday Company. 



Jennifer Wenger (Playing the Rose of "Tina") - Is known for her roles in shows like My Name is Earl, Mad TV,  Mind of Mencia, True Blood, Party Down, Key and Peele, New Girl, and a reoccurring role on Jimmy Kimmel Live as Wonder Woman.  She performs live comedy all around Hollywood. She is the co-host of Bat in the Sun's insanely popular web series Super Power Beat Down. 

Current Team