Stoner Apocalypse: The Series

New York, United States | Series

Comedy, Satire

Alexander C

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A post-apocalyptic graffiti artist flees a growing fascist regime to be taken in by a group of amiable stoners who happen to live on the last piece of usable farmland in the world, but are using the land exclusively to grow marijuana.

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The Story

In the winter of 2013, Stephen Denning risked his life driving over 13 hours in one of the worst winter storms to write a screenplay with me in a third story attic on a disfunctional farm in upstate New York. In the process, he broke his car's steering and proceeded to get pushed off the road by tractor trailers six times. This is the determination we have to make movies.

After one week, we had our first draft. More drafts and a month later, we knew we had something special. Stoner Apocalypse is the result of that broken car, cheap pasta and a passion to make movies that risk something to go beyond what Hollywood would do and we have one big resource that they don't. We wrote the script on location; my family's 100 acre 200 year old inactive farm.

As a kid I would run around shooting cap-guns and imagining bad-guys hiding in the fallen down barns and tunnels and my father and his brothers did the same as kids, repurposing the tractors and buildings as escape cars and hideouts. As the farm is no longer functional, Stephen and I have the opportunity to give this place a new purpose, to feed the imagination to thousands more besides ourselves. I hope to share the farm as I know it: a place of storytelling and imagination.

Stoner Apocalypse is our opportunity to satirize not just the social apathy of stoners, but also the arrogance of government to tell you what you can and can't do with your own property. Throw in a few conversations with God (a pot-smoker that slept through the apocalypse) and you have a royal religious satire as well. Because sometimes the Human Condition is better described through absurdist comedy than it is through mundane drama.

In the process of writing this film, we created a whole world. We believe the first step to exploring this world is to create a short series to entertain out viewers and to introduce them to our characters and their unique world.


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Costs $100

True stoners need crazy things to smoke out of. We could make a whole episode out of this.


Costs $800

All of our actors and crew are driving over 20 hours total, here and back, to be in this project.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Craft Services Food

Costs $750

The better the food, the better the morale! Every donation means we can eat more than pasta.

Porto Johns

Costs $750

Without these, our 200 year old septic could literally explode! Or overflow everywhere.


Costs $40

Not just for gaffers. This is the duct tape of film sets.

Clothespins (C-47s)

Costs $15

Lovingly referred to as C-47s, these little wooden miracles are a grip's best friend.


Costs $250

Who hasn't smoked out of a pipe? Our characters need badass glasswork.


Costs $20

The farm is very old. We don't want anyone falling through floors.

Tarp (Large)

Costs $30

When it rains, it pours! Help us keep our equipment dry.


Costs $25

Stephen is a ginger. Sunblock prevents him from roasting like a horse in an Irish meat factory.

About This Team

Writers/Directors Alex Caldwell and Stephen Denning have a passion for telling stories and making people laugh. After working on many independent films during their time at Asbury University, they decided it was time to make their own. 

Daniel Bowman also met Stephen and Alex at Asbury's film school where he successfully created Club Swim (LLC), the only succesful web series dedicated to swimming. Club Swim is filmed in a mockumentary style similar to The Office and is featured on: USA Swimming, Swimming World Magazine, Go, iSwimWithIssues. Daniel is the expert on creating a succesful miniseries.

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