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Cait Davis

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Nine surreal landscapes. Within the Unconscious, people live in a world where metaphor and symbol are as real as the weather, where the inner workings of the mind form the reality that surrounds them. Animals speak, statues bleed and people seek purpose in world at once alien and familiar.

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The Story

Where did the Stories of the Unconscious come from?


What kind of movies does Cait make?


Dang it! How do I use this website?



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Costs $450

General equipment and crew transport!

Makeup Kit

Costs $50

A star's gotta look like a star

Prosthetic Supplies

Costs $500

There is a creature, he needs a costume to exist

Materials for Stop-motion Construction

Costs $500

To build sets & characters for the stop-motion

Large Old Trunk

Costs $50

for The Attic

Men's Grey Suit

Costs $80

because he is The Man in the Grey Suit

Old Photos

Costs $40

Old photos line the attic.


Costs $20

The apples are dropped. It is distressing.

Old Television Set

Costs $100

He sees himself on the screen.

Car & Gas Expenses for The Lake

Costs $405

We need to travel and have 2 cars for 4 days!

Campground Fees

Costs $100

We gotta pay to stay!

Green Pears

Costs $5

He wont lose this pear.


Costs $360

This is to power lights when we are outside.

Materials for Flower Stop-Motion

Costs $192

Buy one frame of stop-motion animation!

Materials for the Yellow Bird

Costs $100

You can help make this canary talk!

Studio Space

Costs $2,520

Buy us one day of studio space!

Black Box Theater

Costs $250

A surreal mother-daughter exchange

Dragonframe 3.0 + Controller

Costs $300

Software we need to animate stop motion sequences!


Costs $200

A woman walks through, reminiscing.


Costs $100

He sits watching TV, he sees himself on the screen.


Costs $4,500

Help pay the entire crew!

Craft Services

Costs $1,250

Everybody has to eat!


Costs $3,000

Pay the cast for their hard work!

Production Insurance

Costs $1,584

Help us pay for one(or more) week(s) of insurance!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Men's Green Suit

Costs $80

because he is The Man in the Green Suit.

About This Team

Sara Murphy and Cait met while working on the set of Philip Seymour Hoffman's directorial debut, Jack Goes Boating. Sara has always been supportive, funny and offered her assistance, emotionally and intellectually, with any project that she has worked on. We greatly appreciate Sara's perspective on life and on film. 

Damon Pelletier is our set and character designer for stop-motion sequences.  Damon is currently working with the design team for the 2014 Olympics.  Damon's attention to detail and his craftsmanship will bring a whole new level to Stories of the Unconscious.

A quick video of Damon,



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