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Stunt Mom is story about a mother who is a professional stunt woman. Her children want to be involved in her work. But how? Can she train her kids for a role in her next movie? If you can help me make this film then you will get to find out!

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Mission Statement

The Stunt Mom team is based in NY at the heart of all diversity! We are devoted to hiring people of different ethnicities, race and culture! Stunt Mom is written, directed and produced by women with a strong female lead! We hope that this film helps empower more women to rise in the industry!

The Story

I am a professional actor and when I had kids, I chose to take a break from career to spend with them. When I decided to get back into the business things had changed quite a bit and I had to figure out where I belonged. Although I sing and dance, it was my previous stunt work that kept intriguing people in the industry and I quickly earned a nickname of "Stunt Mom." Although, I wasn't sure it was a title that I could live up to, I found it fascinating. What if I was still a professional stunt woman? How would that go? What would my kids be like? Would they want to do everything I was doing, even if it was dangerous? And through those questions the idea was born. Children always want to push limits and try new things. Sometimes they believe they can do things before ever being taught. So I thought, let's tell a story from their point of view. Let's find out what they are thinking? I'm so proud of the film, it has been so much fun to write and to discover all the possibilities. I truly hope that you can help me bring this project to fruition. And if you do, I promise to have fun during the process and produce something that will make you smile!


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Cash Pledge

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Cinematographer, Sound, Lights

Costs $900

I need to hire a Cinematographer with equipment, a person for Sound and a Grip/PA. Gotta pay 'em!

Production Insurance

Costs $239

Can't make a film without Insurance! I want to shoot in some cool places that require it!


Costs $100

I have almost everything I need for the shoot but there are those few odds and ends we need!


Costs $300

Stunt Mom has to train her skills: Rock Wall climbing, Parkour gym, Aerial Arts. Every class is $$!


Costs $80

One place that anyone can go to see what this film is all about, so I got

Feed the Crew

Costs $150

Hope that is enough money to feed the cast and crew while on set!

Getting around

Costs $50

Shot in Brooklyn and Queens, I have to get the people over the Marine Park Bridge.


Costs $500

The editing process is a grueling one and I think I would be very lucky if it only comes to $500

Festival Submissions

Costs $500

I'm psyched to bring this picture to you however I can but don't you want to see it on a big screen?

Oh, those things you forget

Costs $181

For the miscellaneous things that unexpectedly come up. I think $181 ought to cover that exactly!

About This Team

After I wrote Stunt Mom, I knew that I would not be able to direct it myself. I needed to find someone with experience but honestly someone who "got it." Most of all, someone who wanted to have fun and be silly while still being professional. I am so thrilled that I found an amazing young woman, Shannon Morral, who is talented and passionate and a silly goose. Similar to myself she wears many hats. In addition to directing, she is also an actor, a writer and a businesswoman. She has her own company called Rise Reel NYC where she helps actors develop a reel for their career. I am so thrilled to have her aboard!


Then we worked together to find the right person for the Director of Photography! There are so many talented people here in this great city but again we needed someone that understood what we were going for and how to make it happen. Shannon and I were psyched when Steven Napolitan threw all his positive energy at us while talking us through his ideas. At the first meeting with the three of us, we truly worked together as a team to bring the created vision to life!



And let's not forget about music! I happen to have one of best musician/music supervisors available to me. I didn't have to look far to secure the amazing talents of the love of my life, my husband, Chris Tedesco!

Current Team