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A Salvadoran-American indie pop star hides out in the nightclub bathroom and encounters the attendant, who is from the same town as her father. This is a comedy that celebrates the Salvadoran diaspora, and our all-star team is delighted to bring this hilarious, heart-warming film to life.

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Mission Statement

This film is a story about women. We put careful consideration into who we cast in the lead roles: two Salvadoran women, and who we crewed: our producer, cinematographer, casting director, and editor are all women. Empowering those historically underrepresented in filmmaking is important to us.

The Story

Director's Statement

I find time spent with my family to be loud, witty, mile-a-minute overlapping, heartfelt, heartwarming... like a lot of old movies with wippy dialogue.


And similarly, dominated by the women of the family (it helps there's a lot of them). At times, when missing all that cacophony, I watch those talky old movies.


This is my love letter to both.


-Daniel Larios



Miranda is a Latinx indie-pop singer with a growing online following. She’s new to Los Angeles, new to her manager, new to the game.

Miranda’s at a nightclub to meet with some label representatives who are “interested in her music”. But when it becomes clear they just want to buy her songs for a white male viral star - and they also creep on her - she hides out in the bathroom.

Cristina works in that bathroom. She’s the attendant, and she’s from the same town in El Salvador as Miranda’s father. Cristina works two jobs to support her injured husband and young daughter... Now she finds herself advising and defending Miranda from these piggish men (or as she calls them, cochinos).


Visual Style 



Though the film takes inspiration from the the screwball films of the past, we are not replicating the world of the past. This world is vibrant, colorful, at times impersonal, at times cold. 

Our protagonists are latina women of humble origins. Within the LA landscape they’re not meant to have access to this world of luxury watches and valet parking, unless they themselves are the commodity or the ones parking the cars. The world around them is modern, sleek, instagrammable yet lacking personality. It’s high contrast and a whir of pomp and flash, the camera in constant movement, searching for a place that feels safe.

The bathroom is an oasis amidst this all. Softer and warmer in color and sound, lower in contrast, we find the glow of stillness here. It is here our protagonists bond. A space to breath. 

Minus the revolving door of other drunk women parading through.



The DJ set in the club will comprise the full score. The BPM will rise and fall with the action in the script, the music forming a natural complement to the rhythm of the narrative. The music genre's will reflect this narrative tension as well as the tone, ranging from cheesy EDM to beachy house to drum and bass. 


Musically, we are avoiding any sounds that are of obvious traditional Latin origin (reggaeton, cumbia, salsa, etc.). This is to add to the subversion of who Miranda is as an artist. She is more influenced by artists like Rina Sawayama, Grimes, Charli XCX, Abra, ROBYN, Girl Ultra, Tatiana Hazel, Damsel Adams - electronic, synthy pop, with a little R&B to it. 


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About This Team


Writer-Director: Daniel Larios

Daniel Larios is a Salvadoran-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Born in Oakland, Daniel also grew up in Ohio, Texas and El Salvador. His first feature script (The Ambassador) made the semis in the Shore Scripts and Scriptapalooza contests. His first short film, titled De Nada, premiered at Boston International Film Festival. memorama is his second short film, and will be premiering this Fall. He is currently working on several projects, including directing a fashion show, writing his 4th feature screenplay, developing his first documentary project, directing this short film, and starting a Surf Gang that will overtake the area left of the Venice Beach pier. 


Producer & 1st AD: Losa Meru

Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley, Losa Amara Meru left the sunshine and studied TV-Radio-Film and minored in Sociology at Syracuse University in Central New York. As an undergraduate she founded the Omicron Chapter of DKA, the national professional cinema society. She spent her summers interning back in LA at The Arsenio Hall Show, Entertainment Tonight, and CBS Films as an Emma Bowen Foundation Fellow, proudly exemplifying its mission to immerse talented, diverse youth in the entertainment industry. After graduating, Losa lived on a renovated school bus and traveled across the continental United States writing, directing, producing, and editing short-form promotional videos for entrepreneurs and small businesses with Out There Productions, the production company she co-founded.

Today, she resides in Los Angeles, CA, and is stoked to bring this story to life. Losa enjoys reading, writing, dancing, listening to music, making music, skateboarding, watching movies, making movies, traveling, and learning new things. Currently she is learning how to surf. #surfgang 


Producer: Ian Sumner

Ian Sumner is a Bay Area producer based in Los Angeles, California. From his background in Journalism and Political Science he infuses realness and truth into the award winning short films, documentaries, and feature films he’s worked on around the world.


Editor: Anna Catley

Film, in all aspects, is Anna Catley’s ultimate passion. She graduated from Queen’s University with a BAH in film studies with the intent of pursuing a career in film criticism and academia, but soon was captured by the world of film editing. With Anna’s lifelong obsession with cinema, she brings a deep wealth of knowledge about film across genres and time periods, which informs her unique filmic eye in the edit process. In her spare time, Anna combines a way to blend her love of film theory and history with her passion for editing by making video essays about whatever currently interests her in cinema. She also has extensive experience working as a video editor in the advertising and music video worlds. Her latest work, Warren P. Sonoda's feature film Things I Do For Money is in the final stages of post-production and she can't wait for the world to see it. More examples of Anna's work can be found at her online portfolio.


Cinematographer: McKenzie Zulegar

Mckenzie grew up in Oregon and, surrounded by natural beauty starting exploring photography. From her love of photography she found her calling in cinematography. She went on to study Filmmaking with a concentration in cinematography at NYU. She has been freelancing and working to grow her passion ever sense. Last year a fashion film she shot was premiered on 


Casting Director: Abby Suder

Abby Suder is a Los Angeles based actress and is excited to be making her Casting Director debut on this film. She was born and raised in the rolling hills of West Virginia, where she discovered her passion for performing at a very young age. During her years in high school, she competed in numerous talent shows, was an active member of the theatre and became the trumpet soloist in the marching band. 

In 2015, she was accepted into the Musical Theatre Program at West Virginia Wesleyan College, where she performed in shows such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Into the Woods". 

In 2016, Abby relocated to New York City, where she was accepted into the 2-Year Conservatory program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After graduating in April of 2018, she moved to LOS ANGELES to continue to pursue a career in the entertainment business. 


Casting Director: Toula Sweeney

Toula Sweeney originates from her small hometown of Manhattan, Kansas. Promptly after graduating High School, Toula attendee the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City to pursue her career within the entertainment industry. Since graduating, Toula has worked as an Assistant Producer for Panoramic Programming as well as a Production Assistant for Circadian Pictures. Toula has worked with clients including, but not limited to, PEPSI, BELKIN, IMAGINE DRAGONS, OF MICE AND MEN, CROWN THE EMPIRE, and more. Toula has 2 cats, Kevin Barnabas Beans and Princess Margaret Ping Pong Pants.



Jacqueline Munguía as Miranda

Jacqueline Munguía is from the Southeast of L.A. County (SELA) and proud of her roots in San Miguel, El Salvador. She grew up playing the violin and also sings and plays guitar. Jacqueline currently works as a program manager for an after school youth orchestra program in Los Angeles. She's excited and honored to be a part of the Superestar cast.


Jasmin Iraheta as Cristina

Jasmin Iraheta is a Native Angelino with Salvadoran roots. She is an artivist who strongly believes in the power of the arts as a healing vehicle for positive change. Through dancing, painting, writing poetry, acting, and teaching, she uplifts disadvantaged youth and their families by empowering them to be grounded in love, education, and in conscious awareness that everyone is an artist just waiting for their chance to expand and to shine into the star they were destined to be; to be a light for themselves, for their loved ones, and for their community.


Pedro Isaac Chairez (Supporting Role)

Pedro Isaac Chairez began acting his Junior year of high school after he was dared to audition for the Spring musical. Ever since, it has been his goal to have a professional career as an actor. He continued to appear in high school theater productions and began to explore film acting when he began attending commercial acting classes in San Diego. He continued his education at UC Santa Barbara in 2009 and worked on multiple student films there. After graduating, he booked a supporting role in his first feature film, "The Bet", which was shot in Santa Barbara in 2012. In 2013 he worked on short films in San Diego before finally moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. Since 2014,  he has starred in several independent projects including short films and web series. His recent work consists mainly of voice overs, commercials, and some work on network television. 


David Atsbaha (Supporting Role)

David is known for his work in the series About Us and Hostel Chicago, along with various shorts, commercial, and voice over work. Having trained with some of LA’s most renowned coaches and schools, including Margie Haber, Lesly Kahn, UCB, and Groundlings, David enjoys a wide arsenal of techniques that serve his ability to throw himself mentally and physically into any role he takes. 


Note from the Director:

I want to give a quick shout-out to the homies who helped me in the development of this story!

Script & Campaign Advisors

Damsel Adams, Singer-Songwriter. She gave me LOTS of insight on the pressures of being a young, talented artist surrounded fighting for your place in the scene. Check out her amaaaazing, lush pop track - Crush!


Ryan Ealum, Music Industry Guru. He really helped me keep the "businessy scenes" real and grounded in the state of the music industry today. Check out the podcast he does for Atwood Magazine with our friends Pedro and Anthony - Tunes and Tumblers!


Kenia Guillen, Fellow Salvi Filmmaker. Based in New York, Kenia does a ton of work for the fam out on the East Coast. I'm very excited for her upcoming short Isabel (already in post!). Check out her multimedia storytelling platform focused on connecting the Central American Diaspora to the homeland - Tierra Narrative!


My Tia Sonia and Tio Mauricio! I read all the super Salvi dialogue with them line-by-line and they helped me punch it up and make it REAL! Wish they had a soundcloud I could tag but I'll come by sometime and bring them empanadas (Salvadoran ones). 


Shayne Mitchell, Graphic Designer. He created the wonderful campaign graphics. Thank you Shayne! Check out his work here.


-Daniel Larios



Current Team