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Austin Geter

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Super Smash is a film about the queer experience of searching for connection. Through Taco Bell, Toon Link, and tattoos, Super Smash explores the ever-present phantom of body image in the queer community and the barriers these unrealistic standards build between us as human beings.

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Mission Statement

Every story begins at an intersection. Super Smash explores how attraction, attachment, and each of our identities collide with the roadblocks of the social media era. We aim to create a project that is universally navigable for all, regardless of its specific circumstances.

The Story

The setup is simple: two young men meeting to hook up search for connection when they realize they’ve catfished each other. But what happens underneath that is far more complicated. 

Super Smash tells the story of Dillon and Quinn, a pair of young queer people that agree to meet and hook up. Unfortunately, their own insecurities about their physical appearances lead them to unknowingly catfish each other, ending in a face-to-face with someone they didn’t expect. The film defies a traditionally linear narrative, instead exploring both what happens when the real Dillon and Quinn meet and wondering how the night might have gone down if their catfish counterparts had met instead. But the question remains: which pair can forge an actual connection over the course of the night?

Super Smash is a funny, provocative, and heart-filled short about the trials and tribulations of modern dating and hookup culture in the queer community. 




The first draft of Super Smash was finished in May 2020, almost two years ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic hammered the world and isolated everyone inside their homes. It isn't often we are forced to sit with our thoughts like that, and even less often we have written them on pages before us, primed to pore over and pick apart. 

This story has evolved quite a bit as isolation led to a deeper urge for connection. The project as a whole has evolved as the world comes to terms with not only the type of art we want to make, but the conditions we want to make them in. 

Super Smash commits wholeheartedly to communicating this story with the resources it deserves, creating a project we're proud of. After two years of incubation, we've finally reached an iteration of that plan we feel we can get behind.


In Super Smash Bros., it's always a constant debate -- stock or time? Items or no items? With us, there is no choice. We have one opportunity to tell this story, and so we want to do it right. That also involves a timeline!

  • MAY 2022: BEGIN PRE-PRODUCTION - confirming locations, acquiring props and costumes, scheduling both regular rehearsals and intimacy rehearsals for the cast, and finalizing the budget, crew, and the equipment we will be renting. 
  • JUNE 2022: FINALIZE PRE-PRO - making sure that everything is all set for the upcoming shoot. Confirming not only our plans but setting up backup plans. Laying out the post-production schedule. Creating shot lists and storyboards.
  • JULY/AUGUST 2022: PRODUCTION! - final rehearsals! Solidifying all preparation before a shoot in mid-to-late July. 
  • LATE AUGUST 2022: POST - jumping headfirst into the edit. Solidifying music choices, and getting ready to begin submitting to festivals. 
  • SEPTEMBER 2022 AND BEYOND: THE FESTIVAL CIRCUIT - start submitting Super Smash to festivals! Will Dillon and Quinn be the next great Sundance love story?! Will they premiere on their home turf at Out on Film in Atlanta?!
  • MARCH 2023: THE OSCARS - win Best Live Action Short Film at the Academy Awards!

That last one's a joke. But wouldn't it be cool as hell... *starts daydreaming*



Good freaking point. 

Looking around at how the world is evolving and how different workplaces are adapting to the evolving pandemic, you might think that COVID protections would fall by the wayside, but for the Super Smash team, that isn't the case. 

We wholeheartedly believe creating a safe and equitable work environment includes accounting for COVID protections, and as such will be employing appropriate precautions including a fully masked crew. 

Space Mom, the first film by the producers of Super Smash, was also shot under strict COVID guidelines. 

Space Mom went on to be an official selection of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival and is available to watch for free on Vimeo


In March 2021, four incredible actors joined our producers on this incredible journey. Byron Wigfall and Austin Wilson play Quinn and Dillon, respectively. Their honest, subtle, and charming performances made them the perfect choices for our heroes, matched by the charisma of TJ Ruth and Gregory Piccirilli playing their catfish counterparts. 



Writer-director Jacob McKee first started work on Super Smash two years ago, in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. But Super Smash is not being made in a void. From countless visual inspirations to the queer stories that have come before us from incredible LGBTQ+ creators, we are excited to hone in on a style and tone that is unique and familiar all at the same time.



(Seriously, these movies are really f*cking good. Go watch them!)

If you're a Pinterest person, the following Pinterest boards serve as visual references for "Super Smash." The main board is separated into four categories — one for each of the characters (with images representing both the real and catfish versions of them), one for cinematography ideas, and one for general production aesthetic.



These boards show how the visual language of video games will help us to tell the story of Quinn and Dillon. It's retro, it's vibrant, it's sexy -- as our boys learn to think of themselves as the main character, and embrace the inherent beauty present in all of us if only we know which buttons we need to smash to find it. 

Super Smash Pinterest Board

And if you're a music person, the following link connects to our director's Spotify playlist. This is meant to evoke the "mood" or "vibe" of the piece. 

Throughout this playlist, the uncertainty that follows us all during youth remains present. Love in the social media age reigns supreme, whether it's through the hard rock hopelessness of Rina Sawayama's "Who's Gonna Save U Now?" or the synth stylings of "Long Distance" by JORDY, the beat of Dillon and Quinn's journey is easy to follow through this makeshift score for the short. 

Oh, and did we mention a whole bunch of these musicians are queer? 

Super Smash Spotify Playlist


Every story begins at an intersection. These take many forms: where a character's identities intersect, where intersections between two people form a relationship, and where themes intersect to create conflict. Like a well-planned out city, story elements weave together to create a whole, and it is only through many different intersections that a story can feel complete, representative, and universally navigable.

The intersection of sexual, physical attraction, and emotional attachment in the social media era has birthed a myriad of new interpersonal roadblocks at the crux of two queer boys' (one night) love story in Super Smash. It asks us to examine the intersection between body image and truth, truth and personal connection, personal connection and fulfillment — both sexual and emotional.

Naturally, the only way to tackle that story — or any story — is through intersectionality. Though Super Smash's star-crossed lovers are male-identifying, their story does not belong to men alone, and so we strive to surround them with a creative team that reflects the femme and non-binary people that know this story just as deeply as Quinn, Dillon, and their catfish counterparts. Within that perimeter, we strive to reflect this story's relevance to people of all races, body types, and locations on the queer spectrum. If every story begins at an intersection, authenticity is its infrastructure, and we aim to create a cast and crew that will not only hold our story up but lift it to new heights.

We would greatly appreciate your support and absolutely cannot wait to share this small act of love with you as it comes to fruition. 

All the best,




Beyond your generous contributions, sharing our campaign via social media, email, word of mouth, and more will go a long way in helping us reach our goal! 

By spreading the word beyond our own network, your help will be vital to our success in making this queer story, by and for the queer community. 

And we want to make it as easy as possible for you! Here are some examples you can copy and paste to share directly with your network:

Help the team @makemomproudproject by supporting their campaign to raise money for  SUPER SMASH, a funny, provocative, and heart-filled short film about the trials and tribulations of modern dating and hookup culture in the queer community. Join them on @seedandspark:

I just made a contribution to the SUPER SMASH campaign from @makemomproudproject. I can't wait to see this story by and for queer people come to life! Join me in supporting them on @seedandspark:



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Cash Pledge

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Camera & Lens Rental

Costs $400

The camera and lens choice on behalf of the Photography team is incredibly important to us.

Cast Compensation

Costs $800

Compensation is a core value of Super Smash's team as everyone on set should be paid for their work.

Crew Compensation

Costs $800

Compensation is a core value of Super Smash's team as everyone on set should be paid for their work.

Craft Services

Costs $300

We've got to feed people on long days on set!

Production Design

Costs $300

We want to make the production design top-notch for Super Smash, from set dec to hair and makeup.

Music Licensing

Costs $300

We want to compensate the artists that allow us to use their music.

Marketing & Festival Submissions

Costs $400

We want the world to see Super Smash, so we're creating a budget just for that.

Sound Equipment

Costs $500

For hiring a sound designer as well as renting gear to capture sound as effectively as possible.

Extra Costs

Costs $200

Inevitably extra costs will arise, so we want to be prepared for that.

About This Team

Jacob McKee 

Writer / Director / Executive Producer

Jacob McKee (he/him) is super excited to embark on this journey as one of the founders of the new Make Mom Proud. As a plucky college student with a dream, Jacob started the original Make Mom Proud at college in 2012, going on to a successful career in theatre. He has performed at the Warehouse Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Synchronicity Theatre, Nomad Theatre Company, and more, as well as directing and producing productions including 2018's acclaimed Make Mom Proud reimagining of Measure 4 Measure. Space Mom, released May 9, 2021, is his debut as a screenwriter and film director.


Austin Geter

Executive Producer / Director of Photography

Austin Geter is thrilled to be jumping on board to launch a brand-new Atlanta-based production company: Make Mom Proud. Austin has been working as an award-winning creative producer for the past 5 years, with international companies & brands such as Auttomatic, WordPress, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Alliance Theatre, Tecnifibre, Ecamm, Ariel Bissett, and more. After co-founding Nomad Theatre Company in 2018, they are ready to bring their storytelling experience to the craft of filmmaking.



Current Team