Tales from Shaolin Part One - "Shakey Dog"

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Tales from Shaolin reinterprets the works of the Wu Tang Clan, along with other pop culture influences, into a unique narrative universe that reflects the wide-ranging passions of its creators. Part One turns a drug stick-up gone horribly wrong into a Tarantino-style, John Woo-inspired action film!

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The Story


Tales From Shaolin is the first original series developed by 1193 Productions LLCWeaving together the solo works of Wu Tang Clan members with pop-cultural influences ranging from 70s grindhouse cinema to modern video games, Tales From Shaolin constructs a unique, shared narrative universe out of urban culture. Kung fu flicks and hip-hop, anime and street crime - this genre-spanning pair of trilogies will be a fun and unpredictable medley of artistic influences from a variety of media!



The first half of the project, the "Tarantino Trilogy", opens with "Shakey Dog" - the tale of a drug stick-up gone wildly wrong! Combining Blaxploitation cinema with John Woo-style gunplay, "Shakey Dog" will keep you riveted until its explosive finale! Using a highly-regarded Ghostface Killah song as a template, the short film approaches the works of the Wu as one would a modern-day reproduction of Shakespeare. While those familiar with the song may be prepared for the violent turn the narrative takes in the 3rd Act, everyone else will be in for a white-knuckled surprise!


So buckle up one time! Fasten your seat belts!



As of today, “Shakey Dog” is about 80% complete. The first two acts are in the can, with post-production on them near completion. All that remains is the grand finale - an apartment shootout worthy of the artists Tales From Shaolin draw inspiration from! We have the entire sequence storyboarded, budgeted, and ready to shoot - all we need is the financing.


We have researched and detailed two separate budgets - one on the low end that will allow us to finish the project without sacrificing quality, and one that will allow us to fully keep to our original vision. The scene will be complex, requiring a stunt coordinator, particle effects, soundstage construction, animal trainers, gun work, and more, as well as extensive time in post-production. The more funding we raise through this campaign, the bigger we can go with the grand finale, with any additional funding going back into polish for the finished product.


Another issue that will be handled through this crowdfunding campaign will be one of clearance. While our research and legal council has us confident that Tales From Shaolin constitutes Fair Use, we would still like pursue full clearance for the lyrics of the Ghostface song referenced, as well as possibly obtaining the blessing of The Wu Tang Clan and its various members. While this process is already underway, it is both time consuming and arduous to undertake without dedicated assistance, and such assistance won’t come for free. Also, while the nature of the project would most likely keep clearance relatively inexpensive, any sum asked of us would necessitate crowdfunding to obtain. However, clearance would allow us greater flexibility in terms of where and how we can distribute the project, and hopefully insure further installments in the series.


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Post Sound Design

Costs $1,000

Cost of foley, music, and ADR for post production.

Practical Effects

Costs $200

Cost of squibs, blood, and various special effects materials.


Costs $300

Day rate for two-person crew.


Costs $600

Total cost of craft services for rehearsal and shooting days.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Legal Fees

Costs $1,100

This will cover permits, insurance, and obtaining clearance for song lyrics used in the short.


Costs $1,000

Rental costs for location and clean-up.

Boom Operator

Costs $600

This is the price for two days of services from our boom operator.

Lighting Package

Costs $700

Approximate cost of lighting for set (equipment loans highly desired).

Prop Weapons

Costs $800

Rental cost for working prop weapons (equipment loans highly desired).

Animal Wrangler

Costs $500

Cost for trainer needed for stunt scene.

Travel and Gas

Costs $200

Cost of transportation for cast and crew.

Post Picture

Costs $1,000

Costs for color correction and visual effects.

About This Team


1193 Productions LLC. is a multi-media production company aimed at establishing a strong, viral presence without ignoring more traditional means of content delivery. Founded two and a half years ago in Philadelphia, PA by Louis A. Moore and J. Michael Neal, this young, Black-owned business prides itself on coming in on time and under budget, as well as its dedication to showcasing underrepresented voices!


When not working on original content, 1193 Productions LLC. functions as a working production house, offering services to clients for commercials, music videos, and more! At the heart of everything they do, however, is the desire to deliver the richest and most compelling narratives we can with the utmost focus on quality, integrity, and clarity of artistic vision.



Filmed on location in Brooklyn, NYC, “Shakey Dog” is a labor of love for its cast and crew. To date entirely self-funded and intended for non-commercial use only, Tales From Shaolin exists as it does today thanks to the hard work and dedication of a small but talented group of artists who believe in Louis Moore and J. Michael’s vision, talent, and work ethic.


Stephen Hill lends a magnetic presence to his role as “Ghost”. An award winning actor and NYC resident known for solid work in a variety of roles, Stephen has appeared on television in Law & Order: SVU, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Blood Bloods, as well as on HBO’s BlackCard and in a recurring role throughout the critically acclaimed final episode of Boardwalk Empire. The Hampton University alum is currently working on HBO’s upcoming miniseries Lewis & Clark, which is still in pre-production, and has wrapped production on a Netflix series premiering this Fall.


Dominique Antonio Spencer plays the role of “Frank”, the unassuming loose-cannon of the tale. Starting as Featured Extra in 2007’s Step Up 2: The Streets, Dominique dove into acting and never turned back, landing dozens of roles in independent films, shorts, and series since. He met Louis while they worked together on the film Broken Angels (2016) where his range, martial arts background, and experience in stunt work caught the young director’s eye.


Clinton Lowe is a NYC resident and University of New York Purchase graduate who studied the Meisner Technique at The William Esper Studio. Clinton lists the award winning FX series Louie, acclaimed drama Rescue Me, and Ridley Scott’s American Gangster among his film and television credits, as well as a lead role in the Fuse dramatic series The Hustle. He also boasts extensive stage credits, including roles in Homage 3: Illmatic, based on the works of Hip Hop icon Nas, and the Broadway Workshop Holler If Ya Hear Me, a musical inspired by Tupac Shakur.


Matthew Heymann is a Brooklyn-based cinematographer and photographer out of Connecticut. From the oil fields in West Texas to the streets of Havana, Matthew has been filming, documenting, and traveling all over the world in search for stories to tell and images to capture. His recent achievements include commercial work for Kind Bars, The Remarkable Story of Ernestine Shepard, a short film which recently won him an award for Achievement in Cinematography at the First Run Film Festival.


Haftom Khasai is an award-winning documentarian and recent University of Penn grad whose inquisitive mind and wide-ranging talents have made him a jack-of-all-trades within the budding production company. An accomplished director in his own right, Haftom boasts the documentary Legacy of Courage, as well as features Cafe Artist and F. Godfather, to his name.



Jake Summers is a prolific music producer and composer out of Philadelphia. A graduate of Ohio’s Recording Workshop, Jake worked as production director for West Chester University’s radio station, as well as West Chester’s 91.7 WCUR - The Curve, before taking his current role as Co-CEO of Trademark Copyright Records. Tales from Shaolin has become the perfect showcase for Jake’s extensive talents and deep love of Hip Hop. He is currently constructing the sonic landscape of the series.



Phillip Bastien is a writer, director, and visual artist from Toronto, Canada who drew Louis A. Moore’s attention via a chance post on an internet comment section. While he has worked on student productions such as The First Time, Expiration, Goldfish, and Sona, it was his original, feature-length screenplays and accompanying storyboards that made him an invaluable collaborator with 1193 Productions LLC. Phillip has since contributed his 10 years of illustration and design experience to Tales From Shaolin, storyboarding the spectacular action sequence which concludes the short.



Louis A. Moore and J. Michael Neal are creative collaborators and business partners who have nurtured 1193 Productions LLC. from a simple desire to tell compelling stories into a booming production house. Formed by Louis shortly after graduating from the Los Angeles Film School, the company thrives on the dynamic between the accomplished director and producer and his long-time friend and award-winning writer counterpart. While Louis gathered experience on the sets of indie films such as One and Done, Three of Us, Twenty Something, and Broken Angels, J. Michael Neal finished his degree from Rutgers University, stockpiled scripts, and build the foundation. One such script turned out to be “Shakey Dog”.


Current Team