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TALLYWACKER is a buddy comedy about 2 bandmates whose relationship gets tested when one of them gets a gig touring with a major rock star. Our film has a lead character with a disability that doesn't define him. There's no pity, false heroism or “othering". This story is real, human, and it's funny!

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Mission Statement

Aleister is a man with brittle bone disease pursuing his rock n’ roll dreams. Representation is important. There has never been another movie like this made. We believe that audiences want to see different people and hear different voices on screen. Your contribution helps make this dream a reality.

The Story


TALLYWACKER tells the story of an ambitious disabled rock musician, Aleister, and his able-bodied best friend/musical partner Emmett. The two are bonded like brothers by their passion for music and the simple fact that they love making music together. Their band Tallywacker is asked to play their biggest show yet opening for rock star Carly Major. Aleister unexpectedly gets the chance of a lifetime to go on tour with Carly as her new guitar player. He invites Emmett to go along for the ride. Meanwhile, the band they've spent years working on together takes a backseat to Aleister’s prestigious new gig, and while out on the road their friendship gets put to the test. Aleister faces the challenging reality - and cost - of what happens when his dreams come true.


     Our project began when Jeremy sent out a social media call to filmmakers enouraging them to incorporate more disabled characters into their films and to hire disabled actors to play them. In the history of movies, it’s very rare to see a disabled character on screen who is played by a disabled actor. In addition, it’s also very rare to see a disabled actor in a leading role. Writer, director, and producer Brendan Boogie (THE SYMPATHY CARD, SUNDOWN) dutifully answered Jeremy's call to action, and the two met up. Jeremy told Brendan all about his experiences as a wheelchair user with brittle bone disease who has been playing music in rock bands for over 20 years, as well as his dream to see more disabled people in movies. "Normalizing disabled bodies in film opens up the minds of moviegoers and creates empathy. Our lives are interesting, enlightening, and fun," says Dubs, "We deserve to see our stories portrayed on the big screen by actors who have lived the experience." Brendan wrote the script for TALLYWACKER with Jeremy in mind to play Aleister, and knew right away that Chris Goodwin's strengths as both an actor and a musician meant that he was perfect for the role of Emmett. Chris joined the "band" and suddenly Tallywacker was born. The film is an honest, humorous, and gritty glimpse into what it's like to be disabled while trying to maintain relationships and be successful in a world built for able-bodied people. There hasn't been another movie like this made before, and we believe it's time for that to change. 


     We believe in the power of telling original, non-pandering stories about people with disabilities without the sappy Hollywood treatment. This is why we have to make this film independently. And why we need YOUR HELP. We hope to start and complete the filming of TALLYWACKER in the Fall of this year. If our crowdfunding campaign is successful, will be able to get it done, thanks to you. The well-being and safety of our cast and crew is of paramount importance to us so we will follow all COVID-19 protocols and precautions to keep everyone healthy. In the meantime, during this summer, we are in the process of casting the other characters, getting a solid crew together, rehearsing, and doing everything humanly possible in the pre-production phase to prepare ourselves. If we reach our set goal of $30k for this campaign, our stretch goals will be to raise another $5k for post-production, sound design, and editing, and then another $5k for the marketing of the film's release. We hope to eventually see our movie released in independent theaters, and available someday to watch on streaming services. For wonderful contributors like you, we have rewards that include a digital download of the film when it is available.

WHY YOU?     

     You will be a pivotal, essential part of making movie magic by becoming a TALLYWACKER BACKER. Please check out all the other cool rewards you'll receive for contributing to our project. Your hard-earned money will be used to feed and pay our amazing crew and actors, rent equipment, secure locations, insurance, and all the many other expenses in making an independent film. We feel that TALLYWACKER needs to be in the world and you can help make that happen. So dig deep, give big, and rock on. 

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If you think about it, it's probably pretty hard to make a movie with a camera.


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Help us make sure our amazing and talented crew is paid well for their invaluable, diligent work.

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We want to take care of our talented actors who are dedicated to bringing Tallywacker to life.


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All work and no food makes for a hangry cast and crew.

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About This Team


Jeremy Dubs – Producer, Actor - "Aleister"

Jeremy is a musician and actor from Northampton, MA.
He has made music and recorded with Steve
Albini, Roger Miller from Misson to Burma,
and Frank Black of The Pixies, landing him in
the pages of Rolling Stone. He performs and
records with his band Bunnies.

TALLYWACKER is based on some of
Jeremy’s experiences living as a musician
with osteogenesis imperfecta i.e. ‘brittle bone

Chris Goodwin – Producer, Actor - "Emmett"

Chris is a Boston-based actor, producer, writer, and
director. He wrote, directed, and produced the
award-winning romantic comedy ON THE 7TH DATE
and has appeared in acclaimed films including ICE

Chris has been a multi-instrument musician since
middle school and is currently the bassist for indie
rock band Arms & Ears.

Brendan Boogie – Writer, Director, Producer

A Massachusetts native, Brendan is an LA-based
director with two award-winning feature films –
his belt.

His background in psychology allows Brendan to
tell funny, compelling, and human stories in a
unique and moving way.

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