The Atonement

Washington, District of Columbia | Series

Drama, Thriller

Vanessa Anthony

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Goal: $10,060 for production

Detective Robert Grant, haunted by his past, tackles a complex case: Martha Bradley's murder and the elusive killer. Seeking redemption, he explores a small town, uncovering abuse and secrets, especially through Emily Thornton, a battered woman.

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Mission Statement

This web series addresses domestic violence and mental health and aspires. to create a powerful and enlightening narrative. Ultimately, this series seeks not only to entertain but also to educate, inspire, and drive positive transformation in society.

The Story

I'm embarking on a campaign that means the world to me—a campaign to raise funds for my project, "The Atonement." This is a 6-episode web series, a 30-minute narrative thriller/drama, with a mission that goes beyond just entertainment. It delves into the crucial issues of domestic violence and mental health, and I want to share with you why this campaign is so important to me.

"The Atonement" is the story of Detective Robert Grant, a seasoned 'Big City' detective who has been grappling with past trauma and guilt. He takes on one of the most complex cases of his career—the murder of a local woman, Martha Bradley, and the subsequent disappearance of the killer. Grant's pursuit of redemption for his past mistakes leads him to a small town, where he hopes to find the answers he's been seeking.

As Grant delves deeper into the victim's life, he encounters Emily Thornton, a battered woman with a dark secret. Through his conversations with Emily and his investigation of the murder, he uncovers a harrowing tale of abuse, desperation, and the lengths individuals will go to protect themselves and their loved ones.

But as Detective Grant's relentless detective work takes a sinister turn, he begins to question his own sanity in a small town where trust is scarce. Despite the obstacles and dangers he faces, Grant remains resolute in his pursuit of justice. His journey of seeking redemption mirrors the very essence of the series, which we've aptly titled "The Atonement."

"The Atonement" stands out as a project that combines entertainment with a powerful message, tackling issues of domestic violence and mental health while weaving a compelling narrative filled with suspense, redemption, and complex characters. It promises to engage viewers on multiple levels and spark important conversations about these critical societal issues.


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Canon EOS C200

Costs $2,041

This camera is designed to meet the needs of cinema industry professionals and will give the look that we can achieve.


Costs $7,000

The large premium SUV will transport actors/talent.

FeelWorld LUT7S 7" 3D LUT 4K HDMI and SDI Monitor

Costs $369

External Monitor used for filming. This is good for the Director to see the image in high resolution and at larger scale.

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Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM

Costs $650

This item will allow us to achieve a depth of field. We get close-ups of actor(s) faces to capture the characters emotions.

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Movie Mad Entertainment, LLC is passionate about creating engaging short films and commercial videos that truly resonate with our audience.


Movie Mad's team consists of tremendous talent, most of whom I had the pleasure of working with before. They work diligently and dedicate themselves to the craft, and as a team, we've been recognized with awards; such as Best Film and Best Sound at the DC Media Makers' Make a Movie in a Month in 2019, along with an official selection at the Wheaton Film Festival for our short film "Mr. Big Shot." Our trailer for "The Atonement" pilot was selected by the Festival for Trailers Monthly via in 2021.


Movie Mad strives to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to every project while always keeping its clients' goals and vision at the forefront. Success is only possible through open and honest communication, collaboration, and a deep commitment to quality.

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