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Andy Maycock

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Think "Marriage:Impossible." Weddings are scary. So if a team of mercenaries was prepared to free you from the ceremony at any point if you got cold feet - no questions asked - would that put you at ease? This is action-comedy that the hero would prefer to be just a romantic comedy. Trailer only.

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Mission Statement

"The Best Man's Privilege" tells the story of a groom who wants his wedding to be meaningful, not routine, because his bride is anything but ordinary. He wants "I do" to mean something, not simply be a line in a script. This is an opportunity to see the romance of weddings from the groom's side.

The Story

The Best Man’s Privilege will someday be a feature-length romantic comedy about the ways people commit to each other. It centers around weddings, and a well-meaning but misguided team that, for a price, will yank you out of your ceremony if you panic. The guy in charge of this team believes that you have a moment of clarity before “I do,” knowing you’re one breath away from escape, you can use that moment to make a meaningful choice, and not just say a predictable line out of a traditional script.

The film walks the line between romantic-comedy and action-comedy as the team rehearses ceremonies that will launch into “GO” mode, even as Jake reluctantly participates and insists he doesn't need an escape plan. But Jake, soon to marry the woman of his dreams, realizes too late that the commandos have shown up at his wedding, and are waiting for any opportunity to sabotage his moment.

  • The Best Man’s Privilege was a semifinalist in the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition.
  • Writer/Director Andy Maycock was named one of the “Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2020” by the International Screenwriters Association.

The journey began in 1995 when Andy's Best Man made him a secret offer before his rehearsal dinner: “I’m going to make the same offer to you that my Best Man made to me. If you have any doubts at any time, up to ‘I do,’ just give me a look and I’ll get you out of there, no questions asked.” Of course, Andy declined. But it got him thinking: what if this was a traditional strategy handed down from Best Man to Best Man?

From there, he wrote an ensemble comedy about romantic grooms who make sincere mistakes. It wasn't until Josh Stolberg saw the script and suggested some high-flying changes that the screenplay took on its big-scale approach to weddings gone wrong, still with Jake fighting to make his wedding day memorable - even if it takes a few tries to get it right.

In addition to film-festival success (his screenplay The Hitchcock Murders brought him to Sundance in 2016), Andy’s prior production experience includes the short film “Looking” and the no-budget web series “Admissions” (photo above) shot with a cast and crew of high school students. He's also directed dozens of plays and musicals.

A Pandemic Production.

New York State's guidelines for film production stipulate that the crew must be masked throughout the shoot, and the cast too - except for rehearsals and filming (that's a rehearsal in the photo above). We'll also adhere to as much social distancing as we can. Our biggest scene - a high-energy escape attempt from an elaborate wedding ceremony - will take place outdoors, but we still plan to shoot it in a way that makes it look more crowded than it really is, using 30 extras to appear like a crowd of over 100 guests.

And in this time of uncertainty and loneliness, The Best Man's Privilege emphasizes hope, humor, and optimism ... and the romantic refrain about destiny, "Some things, you just know."


If we reach our fundraising goal, we’ll be able to afford formalwear for multiple wedding parties and the fees to pay for our first-choice locations.

Our ultimate goal is to use the finished trailer as a marketing tool to raise money for the full feature, by playing it at local movie theatres - hopefully for no charge.

However, if we surpass our fundraising goal, we’ll be able to dress our locations more elaborately. We may also be able to distribute the finished trailer to more venues - online or in person - by paying advertisers’ fees.

We hope the trailer will tell an intriguing, entertaining story on its own, but we have high hopes that it's just the next step to getting the full feature made.


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2 Bridal gowns

Costs $300

Two bridal gowns (already bought the heroine's gown so we could use it in the Campaign Video).

Miscellanous Expenses

Costs $200

A little cushion, just in case we need it.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $450

The folks loaning us their locations need to know we'll treat the places with respect.

10 Tuxedo rentals

Costs $1,400

Ten groom/groomsman tuxedos at $140 each. One set of five will double for two weddings.

Locations and Location Management

Costs $1,500

We'll need venues for weddings and receptions...and secret meeting places for covert operatives.

12 Bridesmaids' dresses

Costs $780

Dressing three wedding ceremonies with four bridesmaids' gowns in each one.

Digital Vehicle

Costs $150

At this wedding, the getaway vehicle isn't a limo, but a hearse, added in post.

Food for cast and crew

Costs $2,000

With an unpaid cast and crew, we'll need to feed them to show our appreciation.

SAG performers

Costs $500

SAG performers have negotiated their rate to a total of $500 under the SAG Short Project Agreement.


Costs $220

Tranquilizer rifles and hockey pads do not grow on trees.

About This Team

Though writer/Director ANDY MAYCOCK has had several of his screenplays optioned, he hasn't sold any - though he's come close. As one of the International Screenwriters Association's "Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2020," he's decided to see if he can carry "The Best Man's Privilege" across the threshold. When he's not writing, he teaches English, Acting, Cinema, Screenwriting, and Broadcasting near Albany, NY.

JOSH STOLBERG, our executive producer, saw potential in "The Best Man's Privilege" a few years ago and encouraged Andy to push it from simple ensemble comedy to a bigger, bolder, more dynamic adventure. Josh is no stranger to romantic comedies, having written "Good Luck Chuck" and "Conception" -- and he's no stranger to big, bold, and adventurous, having co-written "Sorority Row," "Piranha," and "Jigsaw."

Composer JOE KRAEMER may be best known for his work on "Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation" and "Jack Reacher," but he's also penned the original scores for independent films like "Way of the Gun" and "The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot," the series "Femme Fatales" and "Comrade Detective," and is currently scoring a dramatic "Dr. Who" radio series. Joe and Andy grew up just a few miles from each other in upstate New York, and they're eager to work together for the first time.

ANTHONY SALAMONE is our Director of Photography. He says, "Photography for me has been a passion for most of my life. It began as a kid in the Bronx to a seasoned professional of some 40+ years. Whether I am looking through a still camera or a motion camera, I get taken into a world of my own." We're thrilled to have his experience - and his eye - on our team! 

Location Manager MIKE CAMOIN is a writer, director, and documentary filmmaker with a half-dozen projects in development and production. His location work can be seen in Derek Cianfrance's "The Place Beyond the Pines," HBO Films' "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight" and the 2016 Sundance darling "As You Are." Andy and Mike are collaborating on two other features at the moment.

DAVID CERUTTI will play the role of Jake. Dave's a former student of Andy's who now calls Brooklyn home. When he's not onstage in projects like "Death of a Salesman" or "Les Liaisons Dangereuses," or appearing in short films, he sometimes catches himself on a bus ad for a water park. 

DANA GOODKNIGHT will appear as Candy. Dana is an actress based in New York City whose film credits include: "Imperfect Goddesses," "Broken Lillies," and "Marcy." She has studied with The Barrow Group and holds a BA in Theatre from SUNY Albany. 

JASON BISZICK plays Jake's brother and best man, Don. Jason is a BFA Theater graduate from the University at Buffalo, and has lived and performed in New York's Capital region for the past 15 years. He and Andy worked together on the short film "Looking" a few years ago, and Jason reprises his role of surly best man Don from February's staged reading of "The Best Man's Privilege."

SHANNON SPOLLEN is a teacher in the Capital District area with an affinity for a good book and an even better meal. Though she has little experience in theatrics (aside from those at the front of the classroom), this is her second appearance as Jen, having originated the role at our staged reading in February.

MATT PINCHINAT takes on the role of Mac. Matt is a teacher by profession, a rapper (in his head) by craft, a basketball player by heart, and an actor in his dreams. He also appears as the Pastor in our Pitch Video.

JALISSA WATSON will play bridesmaid Sue, who is happily married to Mac. Jalissa has appeared in many theater productions in the Capital Region, having worked with Capital Repertory Theatre and many local community theatres. She is very excited to be a part of this project.

CASIE GIRVIN plays Candy's maid of honor, Gail. Casie is an actor, singer, gymnast, and teaching artist based in NYC. Favorite credits include 'Dianne' in 2 "Anxious Bisexuals," 'John Webster' in "Shakespeare in Love," and 'Despina' in "Cosi Fan Tutte." 

AVERY MAYCOCK will appear as Stan-O, the single-and-loving-it groomsman, and will also serve as First A.D. and post-production supervisor. Avery has directed film projects on three continents and has worked on a variety of independent and large-scale films, from William Fichtner's "Cold Brook" to Michael Bay's "The First Purge."

OLGA N. BOGDANOVA, playing an angry bride driven to desperation, is a bi-lingual (Russian and English) classically trained actress, dancer, and performer. In addition to her experience stage combat, dance choreography, and costume design, she also provides her services to film productions as a Russian Dialect Coach, is an accomplished athlete and twice National Champion with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), and has a Master's Degree in Public Administration.

MICHAEL BARKOWSKI will play a best man - at a different wedding - trying to get away as the angry bride grabs him from behind and hurls him to the ground. Mike is a longtime martial arts practitioner, instructor, actor, and stunt performer. He is a big fan of action movies, watching  football, concerts, going to the gym and spending time outdoors.

Current Team