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Loman's attempt to impress a new neighbor with his magical shenanigans fails to cast a spell and brings about an unforeseen consequence. This quirky comedy references several of your favorite fantasy stories, from Alice In Wonderland and Mary Poppins to The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter.

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Mission Statement

Our project addresses ageism, diversity and gender inequality. Our cast is fifty percent male, fifty percent female. We include people with years of invaluable experience, also known as seniors, and people from diverse backgrounds.

The Story

The Story

THE BOOK CLUB is about Carol who moves into a new neighborhood with a desire to make friends.  She decides the best way to meet her new neighbors is to invite them to a book club, so she starts calling them to set it up.

As the phone conversations go on, each neighbor abruptly cuts Carol off as soon as they hear the name of a particular invited guest.

Carol doesn't understand why.  Then, Loman arrives.

Carol soon realizes why the other Book Club guests cancelled, as she gets a huge dose of Loman's personality and antics.

This leads to a new quest for Carol: How to get rid of Loman.

Will Carol succeed in ridding herself of Loman?  To find out, please help us produce it!


Genesis of The Book Club

Hello everyone! I wrote the screenplay for THE BOOK CLUB and submitted it to the We Make Movies ( Film Challenge in 2016.  There were 43 submissions for the challenge, and THE BOOK CLUB was one of 6 finalists.  I was the ONLY female writer to make it to the finals.  Here I am with some of the other finalists.

Part of the contest involved a staged presentation of the script for a live audience.

The script was enthusiastically received by a diverse audience who enjoyed its cleverness and humor, many of whom are looking forward to seeing the completed film.


I wrote the screenplay for many reasons, the foremost being a lifelong love of books and reading. I'm also a huge fan of comedy movies and stories that involve some sort of fantasy, either real or imagined. As a professional actor and writer (, I enjoy creating offbeat and intriguing characters both on the page and when performing. Frequently appearing with various improv groups in Chicago and Los Angeles has helped hone my talents as an actor and comedienne. I’ll be playing Carol in the film.


The Producers

We have wanted to produce THE BOOK CLUB ever since the contest ended.  Robert DiTillio, actor and writer (, will be playing Loman in the film as well as co-producing.  A previous project we produced together was an entry for the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest called DORITOS ON THE RUN.

We're very proud of this spot which has terrific production value in set decorating, make-up, lighting and camera work, as well as great acting.  And we liked the spot so much, we cut together a second commercial, DORITOS TAKE A BREAK, with some of the remaining footage, just for fun!

We will use the funding we receive to bring this same high quality production value and attention to detail to the making of THE BOOK CLUB.  


Another contestant in the 2016 We Make Movies Film challenge was Christina Gray ( who produced her own award-winning short film, HAPPY HOUR, in 2016. 

Christina was familiar with THE BOOK CLUB from the challenge and we were thrilled when she approached us about coming on board as a third producer.  We, of course, said yes immediately.  With Christina's skill and expertise, we have a powerhouse producer team for THE BOOK CLUB.  


Now Is The Time!

THE BOOK CLUB is a passion project for Robert, Christina and myself.  We have an interesting, entertaining, fun-filled and surprising story to tell.  We have already secured a lot of the pre-production necessities such as locations, the entire cast, some of the crew and equipment and, of course, the director, Curtis Bechdholt.  As our Seed&Spark campaign runs, we will be adding crew positions and starting our pre-production as well.  We'll keep our donators informed each step of the way so that you can follow our progress and get as excited as we are about the project!  With your help, we will create a delightful film for audiences of all ages to enjoy.  Thank you!


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Costs $400

A private house with a living room and spaces to double as other character's homes.

Equipment Package

Costs $745

Includes Arri Alexa camera, lighting kit and sound recording equipment.

Cast & Crew

Costs $3,200

We have to pay our talented people.

Craft Services/Food

Costs $300

A fed cast and crew is a happy cast and crew!

Post Production

Costs $2,200

Got to assemble the footage in an exciting way.


Costs $155

No one will get hurt, but we'll be prepared just in case.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Christine DiTillio - Producer/Writer/Carol

Christine DiTillio received her early training in Chicago where she enjoyed a prolific theater career. She also studied improvisation with Josephine Forsberg at Second City, Chicago. As a member of the comedy troupe, Just Kidding, Christine contributed as an actor and by writing many of the skits and sketches they performed at the various comedy clubs in and around Chicago. The troupe enjoyed a long run on WCFL radio as well. Since moving to Los Angeles she has been working in independent films, plays, with various improv groups and in web series.
Attack Of The Film Festivals, in which she parodied the late Loretta Young, won Best Comedy Short Film at the Burbank International Film Festival. You can also see her as Rose in Episode #3 of "Subletdowns" on Funny or Die ( Christine is an actor/writer member of the film collective, We Make Movies. She wrote The Book Club for their short film challenge. It was one of the six finalists.

Robert DiTillio - Producer/Loman

Robert DiTillio started acting in New York City doing off-off Broadway plays, independent films, soap operas and rap music videos. In Hollywood, he has made guest appearances on TV shows such as NYPD BLUE and BABYLON 5, among others. He was a prizewinner on AMERICA’S FUNNIEST PEOPLE for a sketch that he co-wrote. Stage work in LA includes the critically acclaimed hit CRAPPIE TALK, performing at The Comedy Store with his improv group ARE YOU TALKIN’ TA ME?, with the sketch comedy group LAUGHTIVISM, and recently at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Robert has appeared in several feature films over the years, including a punk rock/goth version of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, DRAGON FIGHTER with Dean Cain, THE STRAUN HOUSE with Karen Black, the rom-com THE OLIVIA EXPERIMENT and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 3D.  He has appeared in numerous web series and was nominated as Best Actor in a Comedy Web Series for THE ROSE CHRONICLES.  Notable short films: TIP TOE (2015 Cannes Film Festival), ATTACK OF THE FILM FESTIVALS (Best Short Film Comedy-2015 Burbank International Film Festival), HAPPY HOUR (multiple comedy awards). Catch Robert on demand anytime in the Amazon Prime series THE HEAT OF THE BEAT.  Robert is represented by THE POLYGON GROUP TALENT AGENCY, Burbank, CA.

Christina Gray - Producer

Christina started out acting in the local theater of her hometown in Texas. Now a seasoned SAG-AFTRA actor in Los Angeles, Christina also works as a writer with numerous screenplays of various formats and genres to her credit. She has also done advertising and marketing copy work, including scripts for sales, industrial and educational videos.

Christina has run an internationally successful script consultant business for more than a decade at where over the years she has worked with agents, producers and writers of all levels - critiquing, editing and proofreading screenplays. More recently, Christina has expanded her business to include manuscript editing. Christina is also a script supervisor and has recently done work as a 1st and 2nd AD and production designer.

In 2016 Christina co-produced her first short film called “Happy Hour,” which she also wrote and starred in. The film won several awards in the festival circuit and was created under the umbrella of the production company “Chicks Who Make Flicks,” with the main goal of creating an environment that supports, encourages, and celebrates talented female filmmakers.

Curtis Bechdholt - Director

Curtis Bechdholt began his acting career as a teenager in Vancouver. After a few roles and many years later Curtis found himself in Los Angeles where he has been an acting coach ever since. Along with coaching Curtis has started directing film. His first project is a short, Tony and Louise, that premiered at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival.  He is very excited to join the team at The Book Club!

Sharon Spence - Kim

Sharon Spence has been accused of finding most situations wildly amusing, whether in English or in Spanish. Recurring on "Pretty Girl Parking" and "Roomshare" web series,  as Crash's mom in "Crash - the Animated Series". On Funny or Die as Aunt Delia in "4Play Holiday," in production for "The Label," "Jane," and "In-Security. " Appearing in June in "Thanksgiving," an original dysfunctional family comedy premiering in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  Just call her curious; she likes to see what makes a character tick and then do that. Acting for a while now, doesn't intend to stop anytime soon.

Tehana Fatima Weeks - Lindsey

A multifaceted enigma - random, straight-laced, fun-loving, idiosyncratic, sometimes zany, sometimes refined, Tehana Fatima Weeks is all of that and so much more. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and began acting at a young age in school plays. At the age of 11, she attended Houston’s Ensemble Theatre Summer Youth Program.  Tehana continued acting throughout her academic career, and after High School, attended Carnegie Mellon University where she minored in drama.  Upon graduating, she attended the Stanislavsky Summer School in association with the American Repertory Theatre and Harvard University.  Back in Houston, she performed locally for about a year, before moving to Los Angeles where she attended the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios.  Today, Tehana is an actor and filmmaker in Los Angeles.

Sean Michael Boozer - Gary

Sean Michael Boozer is an actor/writer/director from Phoenix, AZ and Northern Arizona University Grad with a degree in Eng Lit.  Sean Michael has had long running MainStage shows at The Second City and iOWest as Greene Boozer Elixir and The Pack Theatre in Color Collective, stage has provided a Drama Critics Circle Award, Fringe Show and Improv Actor honors. Sean Michael is a Second City Directing Alumni and Teacher and also a fancy TV Academy Member, SAG-AFTRA Delegate and Reluctant Producer. “In between gigs” Sean Michael taught high school and is a big advocate of children and arts education, continuing to mentor with Young Storytellers while teaching at the SAG Conservatory at AFI. Sean Michael’s more recent TV/Film credits include Station 19, Teachers, General Hospital, Vital Signs, The Shield, The Dancer and Preacher Six slated for 2019 premiere.

John Bigham - Don

John Bigham was raised by feral cats in a holler in Indiana. Upon learning human language through his innate skills of imitation it dawned on him that acting was probably a suitable pursuit. His quest led to NYU, studying with Olympia Dukakis , receiving the MFA and awards for acting in both live and filmed productions in New York including a best actor award NYU film festival. Many play and film roles later, the adventure continues. He has enjoyed appearing in the films ‘TRIAL AND ERROR’ with Charlize Theron and Jeff Daniels, ‘ANGEL’S DANCE’ with Jim Belushi and Sheryl Lee, ‘KING OF THE ROAD’ with Miles O’Keefe and Patrick Gorman, the web series ‘SWEET CAROLINE’ directed by Zack Van Eyck with Carolyn Meyer, and many more as well as a large number of wonderful roles in live theatre. John is thrilled to be a part of this delightful film and to be in such amazing company!


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