The Boy Under the Moonlight

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The boy Under the Moonlight follows Henry Carr who does his best to avoid failure, but there's one thing he can't succeed at, finding his major. This story is essential as it connects with the hearts of many college students who struggle to find their passion and purpose in life.

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Mission Statement

Being in college is meant to be some of the best years of your life, but they are also the most confusing. The Boy Under the Moonlight is my way of expressing a common problem faced by students, which is finding your purpose, and the importance of those in our lives that push us towards our purpose

The Story


The Boy Under the Moonlight takes us on the journey of Henry Carr, a sophomore in college who has always lived with the world on his shoulder as the child of a hard-working single mother. Expected to be great and break a familial legacy of failure, Henry finds himself at an impasse when he still cannot figure out what he wants to do with his life until one day when he meets someone who can change his life. Will Henry find his calling? Or will he fall flat yet again and accept the legacy of failure looming behind him?

The tone of the film follows slow pacing to encapsulate the often slow and grueling process of trying to find one's purpose. The color palette I am aiming for in Filming is that of a more drab and serious color code. I draw a large inspiration from The to all of the boys I've ever loved in terms of the look of the film color-wise. 


Henry Carr - A man afraid of failure, he grew up in a single-parent home where his mom was unable to follow her dreams as she found her dream only after having Henry and having Henry's father walk out on her. He is unable to find his place in the world and fears that he never will.

Luna - As a woman of color she is often overlooked, she has so much creativity and positivity that it can sometimes be sickening. She tries to see the good in people especially after she almost lost her sisters in a car accident, she uses that pain to connect with people afraid to open up and she's someone that I (The Director) Wish I had growing up as a friend.




Ultimately your donation can help us put the final pieces of the puzzle together on our set. As per Covid Protocols, we intend to require all of our cast and crew to be vaccinated and boosted to help derail the limits that the pandemic has placed on independent film sets. We have already pooled some of our own money into this project to assist with health and safety, in fact, our first purchases were wipes, masks, and sanitizers.


Your donation will provide us with set pieces that will make scenes stand out and feel real, feel like you are there so that when you watch this film, you not only feel a sense of contribution to the film but you feel a sense of connection to the film because that is the goal of this film, to connect to those who feel lost about their purpose. The one thing that I promised myself while writing this film is that I (The Director) would reach deep into a place in my heart that secretly fears purposelessness and prove to myself that it works out in the end and I make that same promise to you.


When we finish this project we plan to screen it at many local film Festivals in the Queens area as well as a few NYC festivals. The Project will be available on our YouTube Channel JM_Films The best way for you to get involved is by your support and contribution to our mission and goal which is digging deep and using that basis to build and spread information


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Transportation and Food

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Getting to set can be costly, and a fed crew is an efficient crew.

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We want this film to reach many people, and Film Festivals are perfect ways to do just that!

Set Pieces, Props, and Locations

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To make this film come to life we will need some Props, as well as some paid locations.

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About This Team

Director: Justin Marceus  - I am currently an aspiring Director at St.John's University (Major in TV&FILM) and I have been working on Filmmaking for the Past 10 years Experience: I have worked with Adobe Premiere and other color grading software for about 7 years, I have worked on a few official production pieces such as a feature script obtained official copyright. I have worked on a few short films with St.Johns Alumni, one of which gained admission into a well-known Film Festival in Queens. I have spent a lot of my efforts honing my cinematography skills and understanding of the cinematic color


Producer: Max Czerski - Currently a Television and Film Major. Proficient in premiere, avid, screenwriting, and a promising student director that isn't afraid to push boundaries and take risks to establish his creative vision.


Art Director: Koda Blue - Currently a Television Film Major at St.Johns University and the rising president of the Official Television Club at St.Johns. she is such a breath of fresh air to any set she is on and is a very humble and open ear. She always is able to take a simple shot list and turn it into a creative and excellent storyboard as well as being able to take pieces of the Actors and mesh them with the core of the characters to make them feel and look more authentic.

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