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Inspired by Rebecca's personal experiences, this story explores a family meeting in the Udoewa household where a grandmother and granddaughter are forced to face their fears about growing old and growing up.

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Mission Statement

THE FAMILY MEETING marks the directorial debut of Rebecca Usoro, as she boldly sets out to reimagine the experiences of not only Nigerian-American children striving to find their own place, but every kid out there who believes there's more to the world than what's in front of them.

The Story

We are encouraged and INSPIRED by the support this project has recieved thus far. THE FAMILY MEETING has currently raised $30,000 (75% of our budget) and we are looking to raise our remaining $10,000, through Seed & Spark, to ensure this projects completion. 

We plan on shooting in late November in Pasadena and Santa Clarita, CA. 

This short film is a proof of concept for a feature we plan on making next year, titled IKWA OZU. More about our project below. 


Every year, my father puts together an annual family meeting… and treats it like we’re

Lately, he’s been doing it on Christmas Day — a day no one has any scheduling conflicts. He posts an announcement on the kitchen table, prints out agendas, and for an hour or two every Christmas, we run through everything that needs to happen for my Nigerian immigrant family to be healthy, wealthy, and wise for the following year. My family’s annual family meeting has become legendary to those that know me.

I didn’t realize my family was so full of clear, vibrant characters until I started writing about them a few years ago. I didn’t even think our family meeting was special until I started posting the agenda on Instagram. I just spent every year terrified that my artist / creative lifestyle was going to get absolutely ROASTED during the “state of the family” portion. But as soon as I started sharing my story, people would come to me — whether they were Nigerian, a fellow artist, a person of color, or a parent — and tell me how much they related to me and my family. It always made me feel less alone. And it’s why I’m so excited to make this short film.

THE FAMILY MEETING is part of a larger project so my intention for the short is the same as my intention for the feature, both visually and thematically. I want the audience to be swept up in the beauty and majesty of Leah’s dance dreams yet pulled back down to earth by the grounded nature of the meeting. I want this to be a film where people laugh and grow emotional while they’re watching. And I hope that by seeing my own personal story, audiences walk away with the realization that the immigrant experience is complex, but not so different from their own. “The Family Meeting” is a reminder that the most difficult parts of life — whether it’s growing up or growing old — are best experienced with the ones you love by your side.


THE FAMILY MEETING is a comedy with a grounded, realistic tone. The humor is rooted in the characters and their different point of views and personalities. The heightened elements of the film are balanced with the authentic family dynamics and the nuanced themes of responsibility, upward mobility, identity, and the immigrant experience. There is a natural dichotomy to the idea of having a family shareholders’ meeting on Christmas, so the film will weave the humorous and serious beats together to create a story that’s as funny as a big comedy and as moving as a serious drama.


We feel that with the current tumultuous climate and everything that’s happened these past two years, a film discussing identity, living life to the fullest, and being comfortable in your own skin, is as timely as ever. It touches on family, self, and changing our own perceptions of the world through sheer grit. 


This project has been an incredible journey that we hope to share with the world in 2022! At the moment, donations are so meaningful in getting this project across the finish line (we're so close!). We completely understand that not everyone is able to donate, and there are other ways to support!! In the meantime, reposting our social on your channels is a great way to help. 

We so appreciate everyone's love and support! Thank you for helping make this project a reality!!



In order to ensure we are being as safe as possible leading up to and during our shoot, we have hired a Covid Compliance Officer (CCO). In addition to our CCO, we're making sure we have PPE and additional safety measures throughout the shoot. Lastly, we'll be testing cast and crew once before we arrive to set and multiple times throughout our filming. 


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Costs $1,000

An incredibly beautiful heart-felt & energizing score will help this film hit all the right notes.


Costs $3,000

We will mainly use 1 location for this project, thus we need to ensure it's the highest quality.


Costs $2,000

We want to ensure everyone is safe, healthy, and protected at all times.


Costs $3,000

The feeling we get from telling this story is what we want to make sure is illustrated in the edit.

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We want to have options for when we cut our project together! Data lets us do that!

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About This Team


Rebecca Usoro | Rebecca is a writer, director, actor, and dancer based in Los Angeles. A graduate from the John Wells Division of Screen and Television MFA program at USC, Rebecca writes comedic, heartfelt stories about people who want to follow their dreams, but are at odds with their families and the multiple identities they inhabit. 

Her feature, IKWA OZU (“The Celebration”), about a dancer within a strict Nigerian family, will be her feature directorial debut. IKWA OZU is produced by Susanna Fogel, Margaret Riley, and Uzo Aduba. Rebecca also created TIGER BABIES, a coming-of-age comedy television show in development with Jessica Rhoades at Pacesetter Productions (STATION 11, UTOPIA, SHARP OBJECTS). 

Rebecca has multiple projects in development with Netflix Films, Aggregate Films, Will Packer Productions, Alloy Entertainment and Paramount Pictures. She is currently working as a writer on a television series with Netflix Animation Studios.



Ogechi Echebiri | A native of New York City, Ogechi developed a curiosity for people and the world that led her to Los Angeles. There, she attended the School of Cinematic Arts where she honed skills in writing, directing, and editing. She has enjoyed producing and editing short films spanning genres with story as her motivation, always, with an ardent focus on the human experience.

Leo Blumberg-Woll | Leo is a producer focused on impact storytelling. Leo was born in Maryland and is now based in Los Angeles, where he also works for Represent Justice, a non-profit dedicated to using the power of media to engage audiences in reimagining the justice system, and creating real demand for change. 

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