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If tampons and pads are considered a "luxury" tax item in some states then shucks we might as well all start FREE BLEEDING! What would they say then?? We are the ones paying thousands of dollars to hide something OTHERS are so disgusted by! Things need to change, NOW!

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Mission Statement

I am an award winning film production student at a top film school, LMU. Film has an incredible power to influence people's views and I want to use that to make a point about a very real issue. Let's change the narrative of periods!

The Story

Lets say it together...


Periods are one of the most normal things in the world, if not the most normal. A whole lot of this world wouldn't be here without them, including us humans! 

I mean, the fact that I even questioned using the phrase "bleeds from their vagina" shows you how tabu it is to talk about this stuff. How even I am worried what people think- when thats the whole point of my film: to stop all this shame around periods.

Not only is period stigma just freaking annoying, its dangerous! 

So many lack proper education and resources to manage their periods. People miss school. People have to choose between buying food and period products.

We can do a whole lot better.

With this film I hope to spark some of that change. A change that will make people feel comfortable talking about periods (and saying "vagina") and those who menstruate empowered in their bodies, and to show all those without periods that they need to get with the freaking program! We are done feeling ashamed of our healthy reproductive systems!

This story follows Mina! A college student.

Mina is fed up with the pink tax and period stigma. She presents to her school all the benefits of provididng free tampons but the Chancellor quickly dismisses her. But don't worry, Mina doesn't stop there. She starts a peition. Many people are still hesitant to discuss the issue and an encounter with a rude guy reminds Mina how many people still see periods as something disgusting and wrong. The quiet fire in Mina blazes and she gets an idea. 


Cue awesome montage of crazy free bleed antics as the word of the movement spreads around campus. It soon grows beyond her hopes and even spreads to the nation! You're not going to want to miss this film!

Mina can get fired up when it comes to things she is passionate about. She is smart and motivated but doesn’t always take time to calmly plan things out. Her intense attitude can intimidate people but it comes from a place of deeply caring about others and things she feels are unjust.

Her character will have some similarities to the following characters. Including funny remarks to camera like Fleabag. 

As the movement spreads and grows we are taken on a crazy journey of some of these over the top visualizations of the protest, with different film styles, genres and movie references to really drive the point home! 

With bright red blood like Kill Bill!

This film is here to make a point, and if that point has to be shoved in their faces? So be it!

I want to tell this story for all those who menstruate. I have been made to feel so ashamed. I have spent hours overthinking. 

Being reprimanded for talking about my period when boys are in earshot.

The amount of times I have stopped what I am doing, worried I am leaking blood. The fear isn't ruining my favorite pants but the ridicule I'd receive from my peers. 

Yet here I am posting a video with fake blood streaming down my leg on a crowded LA beach.

Why? Because this time I had a cause. I can take the stares. In fact I never felt more empowered. 

I want to live in a world where people don't have to hide their tampon in their hoodie sleeve on the way to the bathroom from class like its contraband.

A world where people don't censor their conversations about periods to cater to men. Like we have to protect them from our uncleanness. 

At the end of the day, periods are a mark of our miraculous power and they could be recognized as one of the most empowering, bad ass processes the human body is capable of.

I love the saying "Anything you can do I can do bleeding"

I mean come on, how badass is that?

Period poverty affects millions. People miss days and days of school because of their periods.

Not everyone has almost $10,000 to spend on period products in their lifetimes.

Periods have been around since the beginning, so why is it taking this long to be comfortable with them? 

The overwhelming support and encouragment I have recived to tell this story has been incredible. People want this message out there and with your help we can do that!

With your help we can get people talking and changing.

(LMU still takes Covid seriously and the SFTV program has guidelines in place for all productions to follow to make sure we are still being Covid safe as we make our projects.) 

The only way we will reach our crowdfunding goal is if we reach beyond our networks.  If you’d like to be a part of stopping period stigma and supporting female filmmakers, YOU can make the difference in our success!

Please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, however you want!  We can't do this without you!

Here are some examples.  Feel free to copy and paste!

Help filmmaker @GraceStromatt fight against dangerous period stigma and challenge the pink tax by supporting her upcoming short film @TheFreeBleedFilm on Seed&Spark at 

I just watched THE FREE BLEED promo video and you should too, wowza! Join The Free Bleed movement!  Join them on Seed&Spark at and @TheFreeBleedFilm on instagram

Axe the tax! Support @TheFreeBleedFilm with their majority female and non-binary crew with their hilarious short film to fight against the pink tax and period stigma. Pledge at Seed&Spark 



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Set Building and Props!

Costs $475

A lot goes into building the crazy world of the story!

Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,275

I need to feed my hard working crew meals each day and snacks!

Location Rental

Costs $250

Filming at a store where she buys tampons is a vital story beat!

Costumes, Makeup, Blood and Clean up!

Costs $475

Theres a lot of blood... and a lot of blood stained things. And It's gonna get messy.

Festivals and Marketing

Costs $300

Film festival entry fees add up fast!


Costs $310

Always have to factor in 10% of budget because in production it alwaysss costs more!


Costs $330

Hard drives and SD cards are expensive

About This Team

I have a beyond incredibe team of talented students who can't wait to bring this project to life! The support from friends and peers to work on this project has been so moving. 

Haley Salcido-Gronski is our amazing Director of Photography. Haley is one of the most hard working people I know with a firey passion. She stands up and speaks out when she sees something unfair. 

Nikki Ghalili is my producer alongside associate producer Una Smoole. They are my badass no nonsense team that are making this project happen. With them on my side I know this film is going to kick ass. 

To see bios of all of our fantastic crew check out our instagram! @TheFreeBleedFilm 

Current Team