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A former hand model struggles to cope following a horrific auto accident and the amputation of her once-valuable limbs. However, her wealthy girlfriend has paid for an expensive surgery: a double hand transplant. But these new hands of hers maybe still belong to their previous owner....

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Mission Statement

This project is committed to equitable hiring practices including having women, persons of color, and LGBTQ+ folks in major production roles. As this is a film about two queer women, the maxim "Nothing about us without us" is a guiding principle we intend to respect.

The Story


Sonia grieves. A formerly successful hand model, she now struggles to adjust to life following a horrific auto accident and the amputation of her once-valuable limbs. However, her wealthy girlfriend has paid for an expensive surgery: a double hand transplant. As Sonia mourns her old life, she begins to realize that these new hands of hers may still belong to their previous owner...


A tragedy. An opera. A melodrama. A gothic magick trick of parabolic proportions. The story of Sonia and the Hands isn’t just one of genre-driven horror thrills. It’s a treatise on feeling alien in one’s own body. It’s a meditation on self-serving codependency. It’s an exorcism of deep hurts and Devils-on-the-shoulder.... Here is the stuff of which bad dreams are made.

The film is stylistically influenced by a number of disparate yet spiritually-related films and filmmakers — the constructionist suspense pictures of Alfred Hitchcock; the hot-blooded melodramas of Douglas Sirk and Pedro Almodovar; the delirious highs of Cronenbergian body-horror; the operatic histrionics of Italian giallo; and the meticulous chamber-piece tensions of films like BOUND and PANIC ROOM.

For me, this project fulfills two particular desires as a filmmaker: 1) to construct a genre-driven exercise in pure cinema with commercial appeal, and 2) to provoke thought around issues like PTSD, depression, dissociation, codependency, and body dysmorphia. 

Horror cinema holds a mirror to our individual and collective fears, anxieties, and struggles. I believe that through such a recognition, a shared catharsis between artist and audience can be found.


SONIA (30) 
A mercurial and depressive former hand model. She mourns the loss of her limbs.

Sonia’s dutiful yet exhausted girlfriend. She is a wealthy and fairly famous film actress.

Why do we need your help?

We have a fundraising goal of $8k with a stretch goal of $12K for production. We believe in this project so much that we are investing in it ourselves but need your help to bring this movie to life!

By making a pledge, you will be directly contributing to talented cast and crew being compensated fairly. You will also be affording us the equipment and shooting days needed to propel the style in a more polished direction.

Additionally, contributions will aid us in preparing for the intense physical elements of the story. The production will be employing a professional stunt coordinator to choreograph the action and keep our performers safe. The ability to afford valuable rehearsal days will be vital to this film's success.

Your support will also help provide any fiscal buffer the production may need for maintaining COVID safety protocols. We want to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable on set!

So, what do you get if you make a contribution?

On the this page are a number of incentives for contributing to the project. These can range from a copy of the film’s poster to an executive producer credit — depending on how much you contribute!

What's the distribution plan?

Upon completion, the film will be submitted to domestic and international film festivals for consideration. Our goal at these festivals is to seek financing and ultimately expand THE HANDS OF ANOTHER into a feature film — effectively making this short film the proof-of-concept. 

Once the film has finished its festival run, it will be made available online to the public for free!


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About This Team

Steven Cady

Steven Cady is a screenwriter and director based in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in South
Dakota, he’s been deeply interested in movies from an early age and first started making short
films as a teenager. Steven has attended both the New York Film Academy and the Northwest
Film Center, and he has directed numerous shorts and music videos. With this short film
serving as proof-of-concept, he plans to ultimately expand THE HANDS OF ANOTHER into a feature-length film.

Briley Jozwiak

Briley Monet Jozwiak is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. She has been a working artist since 2010 most notably as a dancer currently working with push/FOLD. When she returned to the PNW in 2014, Briley began modeling and acting. She has since worked on film sets in various roles including assistant producer, movement director, and production designer. Among her many passions, Briley also runs her own business, Counterpoise Pilates, dedicated to the exploration of the mind-body connection.

Steven Bishop
Director of Photography

From a young age Steven Bishop has strived to entertain people through film. Whether that’s in front of the camera or behind the lens, he brings his A-game to every shoot. Most of Steven’s work can be found online, but he has had work play at festivals and also the Hollywood Theater at the PDX airport. When he’s not creating, he’s also helping other filmmakers with their visions. He provides such services as VFX work, acting, and being a solid director of photography. He also works at Portland Community College in their PCCTV department and as an assistant in the Video Production classes.

Production Designer

QU is an AAPI multi-disciplinary artist whose formal background is in interior design and photography. Going on her third year as a full-time freelance artist, she works in the commercial creative production industry creating sets and interiors, styling objects and wardrobe, and offers spatial consultation to businesses and personal interiors. Her work lives in a colorful realm, as she pushes herself to explore different color ways and discover the balance between subject and object.

Rachel Mossey
Casting Director

Rachel Mossey is a casting director and owner of Weeble Mountain in Portland, Oregon. She casts a wide range of projects for film, photography, and commercials. Rachel specializes in casting through a social justice lens, both by increasing representation of diversity and by creating a more affirming casting process for talent. Her passion is creating more responsible media and opening casting opportunities to underrepresented talent. Her work in casting focuses on both casting more diversely and supporting her local independent filmmaking community.

You can follow her work on social media @WeebleMountaincasting

Molly Preston

Molly is a Portland, Oregon-based director, producer, and editor, with a range of features, short films, commercials, and music videos under her belt. Evolution of Evil, a feature film that Molly produced and edited, can be seen on Amazon Prime, and the most recent feature that she produced, The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Remake), is currently in the festival circuit. Molly is currently in post production for her first feature film Freedom, WI.

Keith Cox
Stunt Coordinator

Keith Cox is a stunt coordinator known for his work on Hunters (2020), Dreamin' Wild and Grimm: Meltdown (2013). He has been married to Crystal Cox since February 14, 1998. They have three children.

Zach Smith
Make-up Special Effects

Film Enthusiast, Makeup Artist, Actor, and Creature performer Zach Smith has been a working artist since 2013. After a stint apprenticing with Emmy winner Thomas Surprenant from 2016-2019 Zach transitioned to working in film, television, theatre, and photo shoots in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to his own creations he also assists and models for other talented artists that work in the area. Most recent released work includes, Lorelei (2020) with Jena Malone & Pablo Schreiber and Jason Rising (2021) with Adrienne King and Amy Steele.

Current Team