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Our film is a narrative short film inspired by one of the most significant documents in UFOlogy. We aim to give a life to these words so undeniably, even skeptics will learn something.

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Mission Statement

We are independent artists who create music and film focused around the UFO topic. We would like to help remove the stigma around the subject with our art. Based on personal experience and research, we believe this topic is world-changing.

The Story

The Memo is inspired by the Wilson Davis Memo.  Known well amongst the UFO community, this document was discovered in the estate of late astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  It depicts a meeting between a retired DIA director and a DOD scientist.  The two met in 2002 in Las Vegas to discuss the many aspects of the UFO topic.

The real memo that inspired our short film can be read HERE.

My Dinner With Andre meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Our story begins with an eager scientist, hungry for answers, finally getting the chance to meet with a former admiral who seems to have the answers he's searching for. 

It will take place in a conversational setting while revealing surprising details of our own secretive Special Access Programs within the US government.

Intercut with our conversation taking place in the safety of a car, we see flashbacks of the events being described. 


We are both artists and muscians.  We met due to our common interest in the UFO topic!  Once we met, our creativity took off and we began our first film.  That film is Experiencer: The Zachary Humway Story.  We had no funding, but we won the Oregon Documentary Film Festival of 2022 for Best Short Experimental Documentary.  We continue to do this work because it is truly what we love. 


I've had an interest in this topic since as long as I can remember.  In around 2019, this passion increased.  I can best describe it as a shift in my own consciousness.  It is a dream come true to do this type of work.


As a child, I heard the story of my two aunts seeing a massive craft in the desert.  My imagination ran wild with the possibiltiy of extraterrestrial life.  Then, in 5th grade I saw Out of the Blue. This film cemented the credibility and importance of the topic in my mind.

There is no better time to make this film.  The National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 offers protection for UFO whistleblowers. This is historic legislation and progress is being made everyday on this topic. We run a Youtube channel, Strange Light Studios, where we report on the current breaks in information regarding UFOlogy. We want to make this narrative short film because while news is interesting to some, film is interesting to all. The Wilson-Davis Memo being released to the public was a MAJOR breakthrough for our community, and when we saw that, we knew we had to jump at the opportunity to make this film. 




Once we've attained our funding, we will quickly go into production. We are looking at two days of shooting with several days of prep and wrap/post. While we could make this film with no budget and do everything ourselves, we want to create the best possible film. To do that and do so efficiently, we knew we'd need to raise money to hire professionals in the industry. We plan to submit the final product to as many film festivals as possible, so we can reach the widest possible audience. 


People work tirelessly and thanklessly in the field of UFOlogy only to be discredited widely. We want to give back to that community and create a platform for spreading knowledge to people who maybe would never come into contact with this kind of information. 


Majority of our funding is going towards paying the team, and creating the world. It takes a lot of hands to make a movie happen! 


We would tell you more about the film, but NO MORE SPOILERS!



Safety is very important to us. We will be taking precautions needed to keep everyone in our cast and crew safe. Fortunately, most of the filming will take place in a car, so the crew can maintain distance. 

All of our cast and crew will be vaccinated. Testing will be made available for everyone along with the needed care.




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The Admiral & The Scientist

Costs $2,000

We need top-tier talent to pull off this dialogue driven short film!

Post Production

Costs $2,000

Editing, color grading, post sound, marketing/distribution (festival submissions, baby!)


Costs $6,000

You get what you pay for. We are looking to hire experienced crew!

Catering + Crafty

Costs $1,200

The quickest way to boost morale with your crew on set is to feed them well.


Costs $2,000

Rentals, expendables, all that jazz

The Look and Feel

Costs $3,800

Early 2000s cars, clothes, and set dec to sell the period piece.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Walt Peterson and B Harris are the creators behind Strange Light Studios. Together they create short documentary films as well as Youtube videos covering UFO news. Their documentary, Experiencer: The Zachary Humway Story won Best Experimental Short Documentary at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival in 2022. Their interest and knowledge on the subject of UFOlogy is the driving force behind this film.  

Molly Wheat is a native of Central Arkansas. She worked as a photograper and videographer for years before transitioning over to film. On larger-scale productions she can be found working in production or as a 2nd AD, but when she isn't busy doing that, she's writing, directing, and producing her own works. Her short films have played at festivals all over the south, as well as in New York City and Venice Beach, CA. In 2021 her short Call Me When You Can won Best Independent Film at the Rogers Film Festival, and in 2022 it won Best Microshort at the Made in Arkansas Film Festival. In 2019, in addition to a multitude of awards, she was honored to be the first woman to win Best Directing at the Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project. 

Recently, the three of us collaborated on a short film called Being in Love, which we hope to debut at a festival very soon. 


Current Team