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Moez Solis

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We are excited to bring THE MENTOR to fruition because of our talented cast and crew. We are far along on the journey and at the finishing stages of post-production. We are working on audio, coloring, and festival submissions.

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Mission Statement

Female African-American lead with Mexican-American and African-American supporting casts. Our crew, from director to mask maker to production designer, as well as bands and composer, hail from diverse backgrounds.

The Story


THE MENTOR is about a wanna-be filmmaker that persuades a reluctant film director to mentor her for a day when suddenly they are both kidnapped by an enigmatic gang. It's a dark comedy thriller that follows the plight and survival of two disparate Oakland filmmakers and is writer-director Moez Solis’ feature narrative debut. 


The Mentor was a fun shoot because our crew and actors were superb. We couldn't ask for more, and they were great sports. Sure, we had issues like going severely over budget, physical threats, hiring security guards, guns, a groin shot, extortion, property destruction, military airspace violation, loss of footage, death, firings, illness outbreak, rotting raccoon carcasses, and emergency evacuation - but this is all normal. Right? It's normal, right?


I am grateful for our cast and crew who worked at our indie rate. This movie is not possible without the work, craft, and contribution of these people. However, it's not enough. That's where you, the audience, strays, friends, and family come into play. We need you to join the party. As for an incentive, check out seeing the movie before the premiere. Join and follow us, pony up $2, or go for gold and become a producer. And yes, in case you are wondering, it's a total cheat to grab your IMDB credit so late in the game. However, that's how we roll, for now. This opportunity won't happen again.


Here are our primary concerns:


Colorist - $1700

A colorist doesn't just bring the final touches to a movie but is a key collaborator who makes the cinematographer's hard work pay off.


Audio - $1500

"It's all about the audio." - Mr. Raven.


Festival Costs - $1800

Applications and fees.


Check out our new snazzy movie poster:



Take a guess, were these before or after the rotting carcasses and extortion incident?






If we are able to hit our initial fundraising goal of $5,000, we will go for our Stretch Goal of $11,000. These additional funds allow us to make a final payment to our colorist, audio engineer, and cover film festival cost such as a DCP (to play in a movie theater) and publicity.


Super-super thanks and love. 


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,700

It's the final step to making the picture look awesome.

Sound Design

Costs $1,500

"It's all about the sound design." - Mr. Raven

Film Festival Fees

Costs $1,800

Let's see if we can get this into some festivals. See it on the big screen!

About This Team

and Key Creatives

Moez grew up with a tight crew of Bay Area friends staging punk shows and destroying relationships with pizzerias, fraternal organizations, libraries, and bowling allies gracious enough to give kids of all ages access to music. His first film project was The Games of These Divers​, an anthropological documentary which presents the illness narratives of Miskitu Indian lobster divers suffering from decompression sickness. He has since migrated into writing and exploring characters from marginalized communities and their identities within current American power structures. The Mentor​ is his first feature narrative.

Matt’s recent movie, Mine 9, won best dramatic feature at 2019’s Cinequest and is currently in its theatrical run. He is credited with over a dozen national and international feature films, more than 30 short films and a multitude of television, documentary, commercial and music video work. Boyd’s other recent work includes Spaceman, starring Josh Duhamel, Ernie Hudson and W. Earl Brown, directed by Brett Rapkin and released by Orion Pictures. Critically acclaimed films include Beautiful Something, The After War, The First Session, Strapped, Pass the Salt, Please and Power Poison.

Kate is an editor with over fifteen years of commercial, VR, documentary, music video, and narrative work. She holds a graduate degree in Video Editing from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Passionate about filmmaking, Kate thrives on the creative process toward impactful and compelling storytelling. Her work plays on Jumbotrons to Modern Art museums and everything in-between.

Alana works as an art director and provides services from graphic designs to set designs. She owns and designs under the Alana Louise Design Company. She recently worked under multi Emmy Award-winning set designer Malcolm Rodgers as well as The Walt Disney Company. The Mentor is Alana’s first foray into the world of feature narratives.

Joseph is an artist working within many mediums of expression. Skateboarding, Punk Rock and the early Surrealists lent a crutch during his youth while today his painterly marks reflect a natural beauty. He grew up in San Jose CA and attended the San Francisco Academy of Art. He continues to tour nationally and internationally and has moved back to his hometown of San Jose CA where he continues to paint and is working on a new album titled “Release Me”. 


Joanne Butcher is an international speaker and Filmmaker Success Mentor, with 20 years of training in film finance, fundraising, scriptwriting, distribution, and exhibition. She served as Executive Director of the Alliance Cinema on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, IFP/Miami and as a founder of IFP/National. She collaborated for 9 years with the Brazilian Film Festival and served on their Jury. Joanne served as the global marketing curator for YouTube’s UK Movie Channel and has raised millions of dollars from companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Cisco, and foundations including the Kresge Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and many more.


Brandi is an actor, writer and artivist whose work has been featured on TV and showcased at various film festivals. Muted, a short film about media discrepancy when a child of color goes missing, which she wrote, produced and starred in alongside Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy) and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Major Crimes), was acquired by HBO and selected for the Ryan Murphy Half Initiative Program. Most recently Brandi was featured on CW’s Dynasty and can next be seen in her latest short film Aloha, currently on the film festival circuit. The Mentor is Brandi’s first feature film.

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