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"The Moth" was written to ignite people to focus on their purpose rather than their fears. Ray is a character that embodies the part in all of us that craves predictability and safety. The story is a reminder about the importance of taking risks in exchange for fulfilling your passions.

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Mission Statement

We are proud to announce 90% of our department heads: Producer, Director, DP, Gaffer, Set Design, and Stylist are women with diverse backgrounds.

The Story

The Moth is a drama/fantasy that follows Ray and his peculiar encounter with a purpose-filled Moth. 

Ray is a character who's lived a very practical, predictable, and safe life. He decides to go on a camping trip to escape from his routine. While on the trip, he takes extra precautions to make sure everything goes according to plan. Things take a turn when he unexpectedly comes across a Moth whose temperament contradicts his own. The story is about the emotions that are provoked from Ray and the lessons he learns from the Moth.


Director's Vision

I am truly excited to tell this story. A year ago, Ric had told me a folktale about a conversation between a man and a moth to which I immediately sat down and wrote the first draft of the script. The idea of a man finding inspiration from a simple-minded insect was moving to me. I believe that we can learn a lot from nature, animals, and other things that may look different than us. Ray, the main character in our story, was written in a way that everyone can relate to. He represents the part of us that lets our fears grow louder than our intuition and passion. When Ray comes in contact with the Moth, he is reminded of the power of his own vulnerability and life in the present.

I hope you are inspired by the story and are able to connect with its unique message. I truly believe that the theme of The Moth is so important to share to the world because it is a reminder to trust yourself and stay the course of your mission.

-Yumi S.




A Letter to You:

We are young filmmakers who are actively pursuing our passions in visual storytelling. As independent filmmakers, we have worked on short films together and projects of our own & have learned a lot throughout our individual filmmaking journeys. Based on our past experiences, we believe this film will be a showcase of our accrued knowledge and talents! 

It would mean a lot to us if you were able to help us with the costs of budgeting The Moth. We have put in a lot of effort into preparing for this film and have gathered quality resources and people to make this fantasy/drama short come to life.

We are fortunate to have some resources already secured, but we do need to raise additional funds to cover the fees for assets in order to begin shooting. With your generous donation, you will be able to help us obtain all the needed resources to share this visually moving, heartfelt story to the world. Your donation is supporting every cast & crew member's momentous dreams in becoming accomplished filmmakers.

Thank you so much in advance!


-The Moth Team


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Seed&Spark or on Instagram @themoth_film. Thank you!


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Cash Pledge

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Film Festival Submission Fees

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Please help us enter the film into multiple festivals!


Costs $350

This is how much we'll need to hire specific crew members for production and post-production.

Camera & Lenses

Costs $350

This is for a lens adapter and software update for the camera.

Lighting Purchases

Costs $100

We'll need battery cables for powering lights & various gels.

Production Design

Costs $200

We'll need to buy a variety of new camping gear for Ray's campsite along with his props.

Catering & Craft Services

Costs $200

We'll need to feed our cast & crew on set!

Tom Pickard Insurance

Costs $150

Upgrading existing insurance to cover the total value of rented out equipment.

About This Team

Our team is made up of student filmmakers and graduates from College of the Canyons, California State University Northridge, and The Los Angeles Film School. Many of us have worked together on multiple short films during school and have on-set film experiences outside as well. With our knowledge and experience, we are ready to showcase our accrued talents on The Moth.



  • Yumi Shin, Director/Writer. Yumi is thrilled to be able to tell this story and work with her wonderful cast & crew. She has experience on-set of both student and professional productions. She previously directed a romantic/horror film titled "Dead Wrong" last year. Yumi has an AA in filmmaking at College of the Canyons and is graduating with a BA in Entertainment Media Management at California State University, Northridge in May.


  • Haydee Martinez, Producer. Haydee is a young Latinx who is excited to produce The Moth.  She has produced a variety of different projects throughout her education such as a cooking show, talk show, and sitcom. Haydee is graduating with her BA in Television Production at California State University, Northridge. 


  • Ric Keyes, Director of Photography/Writer. Ric is eager to be a part of this production. She has worked on-set of both student and professional films. Ric's background in the Camera department ranges from Camera Operator, First AC, Steadicam Operator, and more. She is excited to craft the stylized shots for The Moth and believes this film will display her expertise in cinematography.

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