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Hel Gebreamlak

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After experiencing a high profile incident of police brutality, a woman, ignoring signs of her crumbling mental health, keeps holed up in her apartment until her cute, new neighbor invites her over to a raucous party that ends when the cops show up. Will this destroy her chances for a new start?

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The Story

Kizzy is a gay, black activist who really wants to prove that she is unaffected by the police violence she survived. She was the person who was supposed to change the system, not fall prey to it and “let” it change her. At the behest of her sister, Kizzy sets out to prove how she has overcome this, and accepts an invitation to a housewarming party at her new, white neighbors' place. 

Set in the Pacific Northwest, The Noise Made by People captures how it can feel to be a minority, surrounded by good intentions but little understanding. Although, there is a world of injustice to rightly blame for what has happened (i.e. the officers for abusing her, the DA for not prosecuting, the media for its callousness, etc.), by the time we catch up with Kizzy, the next move is hers to take.

This isn’t a ticking time bomb story; it’s one of erosion. Kizzy is a person with untreated PTSD, and her form of self-medication is beer and firearms. 

I remember in the ‘90s how black folks in my community would often point to Rodney King to illustrate the tension between police officers and the communities of color they are meant to protect and serve. That incident was the go-to example because it was on tape, and it couldn’t be ignored. Now, we live in a time of smartphones and constant surveillance, and there’s a new Rodney King every week.

The Noise Made by People has been a way for me to explore what happens to a person who has experienced this brutality once the headlines disappear and their life becomes a footnote in our collective conscience of “unfortunate” circumstances. What happens to the people in the aftermath of a newsworthy story? We’ve seen films about police brutality, but rarely do we meet a character (and stay with them) after it has happened.


–Hel Gebreamlak



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Costs $1,500

We can't make this movie with out hiring some professional talent to bring it to life.

Set Design

Costs $500

Our main character lives in an isolated world that must be fully created by our production design team.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $150

We need to equip our hair and makeup artist with the kit she needs to transform our actors into the characters in the story.

Craft Services

Costs $470

Feeding the cast and crew means feeding their creativity. A hungry crew is a sad crew.

Festival Costs

Costs $250

We want this film to reach a wide audience. Submitting to film festivals does have a cost, but it is one we feel is worth it.

Digital Cinema Package

Costs $400

In order to distribute this film to festivals and other venues, we have to package it in a format that is suitable for theaters.

Set Operations

Costs $200

Printing costs, communication devices and other set supplies are necessary for the set to run.

Police Vehicle

Costs $200

We need access to a police car, or the materials to create one with a little movie magic.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Hel and Highwater Productions is a collective/collaboration of 23 experienced, student filmmakers at various stages of their careers who bring a wealth of experience, talents, personalities, as well as professional experience to this project, and wish to take it to the next level. The script is what brought us together.

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A low budget production can come with limitless imagination! And, our aim is to produce a film that captures both our passion in alignment with that sense of purpose. Filmmaking can be a powerful tool for change when it is shared.

Our school has provided us with a professional camera kit, lighting gear and sound equipment. The crew has self-funded a portion of the budget. And, we are working with the advisement of longtime, industry professionals.

We ask you to join us to share in this incredible process in making a professional, SAG-AFTRA short film.

We really appreciate all your support.

Current Team