The Pet Peeve Police

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Sarah Delpizzo

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We would love to be able to make a series that calls out society for it's bad habits and create a positive influence by making people think twice about their actions; using comedy as our weapon. Wouldn't it be great to feel validated when you see us taking care of a pet peeve you can relate to?

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Mission Statement

Everyone has a pet peeve; race, sexuality, ability, gender aside. Respect to all of our fellow human beings, no matter personal beliefs should be a given. We realized people are so caught up in their own world, that they neglect to see how their actions affect other people. We aim to change that.

The Story

When two women are fed up with the inconsiderate people of this world, they decide to take matters into their own hands and become vigilantes in the process. 


#RiddingThe WorldofInconsiderateDouchesOnePetPeeveAtATime


Don't you just hate it when people don't consider their actions? We do too! The idea for The Pet Peeve Police came one day to Sarah when she was fed up with having to deal with numerous inconsiderate people. She then called Melissa and said I think I have a great idea for a series and we should do it together. Melissa was all "Hell yeah! Let's call these douches out!"

The Pet Peeve Police were born! 



In addition to each episode featuring a hilarious and relatable pet peeve, the episode will also feature pop culture references and homages to famous films/TV. We are stoked to be able to involve and interact with our audience on social media when they discover the references.



  We have already shot and completed the first episode of the series, and have 7 more episodes we need to shoot and edit to complete season one. With your help our Pet Peeve Police dreams can become a reality!





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Set Photographer

Costs $600

We would love to have an on set photographer to capture all of the BTS and special moments.

Craft Service for Crew and Cast

Costs $1,000

People are happy when they are fed. So we are trying to keep our crew & cast happy and not hungry.

Hair and Makeup Stylist

Costs $850

We will need a hair/makeup stylist that can help make sure everyone on camera is camera ready :)

Paying our Crew

Costs $11,000

We appreciate our crews time & talents. But, that time & talent isn't cheap! Plus, they have gear!


Costs $3,000

Insurance so that everything and everyone is safe :)

Props and Set Dressing!

Costs $350

Gadgets and Gizmos for the Pet Peeve Police- Foghorn Lasso and many more!

Art Director

Costs $1,200

Art Director to come and transform places- Pet Peeve Police HQ, Sensei's Laire, Childhood bedroom

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Sarah Delpizzo is the co-creator, co-writer and lead of The Pet Peeve Police. Sarah has always loved acting and the art of filmmaking and believes that stories can change people's lives. She grew up dancing, doing theater, and making films. It was only natural for her to go into the entertainment industry to follow her passion of acting and filmmaking. She received a BA in TV/Film Production from Hofstra University, and continued to study acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse in NY as well as, UCB NY before moving to LA. Sarah continued to study her craft by attending a 2 yr Meisner program at The Ruskin School of Acting where she is a theater member. Since then she has worked on numerous films and theater shows that have been featured in festivals. As for her work behind the camera, her credits include producing a feature documentary, web series, and shorts, as well as, working at Bloomberg News, being a development coordinator, and currently an entertainment columnist for My LA Lifestyle magazine. She was recently informed that her feature film Croi Briste is a finalist on the WIF/Blacklist feature screenplay lab.


Sarah is a firm believer in the concept of the best way to create peace and bring people of different cultures, religions, politics etc is through artistic endeavors. She is stoked to work on this series and shed a comedic light on everyday pet peeves.  

Biggest Pet Peeve- People giving unsolicited advice. 



Melissa Graver is the co-creator, co-writer and co-lead of The Pet Peeve Police. Melissa's interest in acting started at a young age, although it wasn't in front of the camera, it was behind the scenes helping in school productions; at the time she was too shy to be on stage. In high school she joined PACE (a performing arts program), but acting was still more of a hobby. It wasn't until seeing Spring Awakening on Broadway and being so deeply moved by the talent, that she realized she wanted to pursue acting professionally; which prompted Melissa to take her first acting class and the rest is history.


After graduating college with a degree in Psychology and a Theater minor from the University of New Hampshire, she got accepted to the prestigious William Esper Studio in NYC where she completed a Two-year Meisner program in acting. She's also studied improv at Upright Citizen's Brigade and The Groundlings.


Melissa got her first role in the indie film, The Winning Season, joined SAG, and moved to LA where she's been doing commercials, TV, film, theater, voice-overs, and web-series galore ever since.


Melissa's love of acting naturally transitioned to a love of writing and filmmaking. She wrote, produced, and acted in her first short film, Code Name: Tuffin that got accepted to festivals AND coincientally was her first team-up with Sarah. You can also see Melissa in the comedy feature, Why Him opposite Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally and most recently she's once again lent her voice to Earbud Theater's ( After The Haunting.

Biggest Pet Peeve- Unnecessary fees, particularly from ATMs/banks.



PJ Germain is a multi-talented, award winning filmmaker residing in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in New York to a culturally diverse French-Haitian / West Indian family, P.J. began developing an eye behind the camera at the ripe age of 4, watching a host of American and Foreign films with his parents and shooting stop motion movies with a VHS almost camera twice his size.

   P.J. received a B.A. in Film from Hofstra University in New York and migrated to Los Angeles, where he spent the following years directing music videos and contract short docs for various networks. During that time, P.J. found work in post production on the films Avatar and Piranha 3D. P.J. received an M.F.A. in Directing from the American Film Institute Conservatory, concentrating on directing actors using the Sanford Meisner technique.  P.J. was the recipient of filmmaking grants from Kathleen Kennedy and the LucasFilm Foundation, Deluxe Laboratories and the Panavision to make his AFI thesis film, Ghost Light, a 35mm sci-fi folktale starring Abraham Benrubi, Mary Goodchild and Jordan Thompson. Ghost Light went on to become a festival favorite, playing in over 100 cities internationally, garnering numerous awards and recognition in the 2014-2015 festival circuit.
Currently, P.J. has found himself producing the horror feature film Yin Gateway for writer/director Jack Bank, due out in 2018, while also developing his feature directorial debut. 

Biggest Pet Peeve- When people walk diagonally across the cross walk.


Director of Photography 

Jeff Billings is a Los Angeles-based Cinematographer whose roots in filmmaking started in New York—after graduating from Hofstra University's BA in Film Production program—and working at a specialty lighting rental house and as a set lighting technician on independent features. After migrating to California, Billings had the opportunity to work with Oscar-winning Cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski, as Camera Production Assistant on Funny People (2009). Jeff attended The American Film Institute Conservatory MFA in Cinematography Program where he honed his visual storytelling skills. Since then Billings has been working as a Director of Photography, Gaffer, and Colorist—lensing, lighting, and finishing films, television, commercials, and music videos. Jeff has always been fascinated with the history and future of film technology and storytelling. (

Biggest Pet Peeve- People driving slow in the left lane.



Sabrina Cooper was born and raised on a tiny reservation in the middle of Louisiana, Sabrina, is a true southern girl at heart!  At the age of 13, she became a professional dancer which continued through her high school years. Being from an area, which is below poverty level, she knew that college was not an option for her, so the year after she graduated high school she opened her first dance studio at the age of 19.  In the end, she didn't let her hardships stand her in her. Sabrina not only enrolled herself into Full Sail University, but was also accepted and attended AFI's producing fellowship program. 


We should mention here that Sabrina was born without a left hand. She would be the first Native American “handicapped” woman producer in Hollywood!  She is a unicorn in the bright lights of Los Angeles!  She currently owns her own production company called Black Castle Productions where she develops feature films and TV shows.

Biggest Pet Peeve- When people are late.


Social Media Guru

Darius Washington doesn't really have a hometown having lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida before landing in Los Angeles, California. 

Washington has worked in just about every role in advertising for 12 years for several companies, but always wanted to own his own ad agency. In 2014 while working for social media agency, one of his tumblrs made the official Best of Tumblr 2014 in the category of Architecture. After being recognized, Washington saw it as a sign to take a leap of faith to finally go for it! He then launched D Hollywood Agency in 2015 and has numerous clients including cult horror film actress Lisa Wilcox aka Alice Johnson from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5.
Biggest Pet Peeve- Self-entitled experts or fakes
Poster Photographer and Designer

Allen Zaki is a native to California Allen currently resides in Los Angeles and shoots as a local in LA and New York. He discovered his passion for photography while exploring the Great Barrier Reef & Sydney Opera House on a trip to Australia. On set he is about collaborating with his clients and bringing new ideas and concepts to the table. Give him your coffee order and we'll meet you on set!
Biggest Pet Peeve- Chewing with your mouth open and smacking your food.
Steven Lamar Moore is an award winning film composer who scored the film “Caged” which has been selected to eight film festivals winning the “Best Drama Short” award in the Vancouver Lift Off Film Festival. Steven has also composed and produced his jazz instrumental album “Feel. Good. Cool.” which was released in June 2017. His most recent work as a film composer is the upcoming film kings which is scheduled to be released in 2017.
Biggest Pet Peeve:
When I order food, “do you want me to order something for you?” And she responds, “No. I’m not hungry”. But as soon as I get my food she asks, “Can I have some?” 


Current Team