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THE PRINCIPAL’S ASSEMBLY reminds us that healing from tragedy begins with looking at ourselves and facing our tormented truth. This is a poignant story about a woman who comes to terms with how to reclaim her life after loss.

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Mission Statement

Compelling roles for older women are in short supply. Yet their life experiences weave a tapestry of stories to share. We believe that giving opportunities to women of ALL ages should be the new norm. We also believe in creating jobs by creating art. This resonates even more during a pandemic.

The Story

An idea from over 25 years ago about a ripple effect is now making waves. A community rocked by tragedy and one woman's quest to make sense of it all while trying to remain an effective leader is now, finally, being told.

A global pandemic grinds the industry to a screeching halt— no productions, no jobs, nothing left to binge-watch. It's time for an old idea to be brought to life. It's time for a performer to perform. . . It's time to CREATE.  And it's time to create more strong roles for women, especially women in their 50s.

It's time to finally get back to work and create together, while also creating jobs!

We take COVID safety very seriously. We've got a top-notch Covid Compliance Officer, tons of PPE, and our lead producer, Jordan Ancel, is well-seasoned in producing Covid-safe projects during the pandemic.


Executive Producer and star, Pamela Jayne Morgan, has been a performer all  her life. She was even inducted into her high school's Drama Hall of Fame. As we know, roles become fewer and farther between for women in their 50s. So, she decided it was finally time to create a project with a strong starring role for herself, and meaningful leading roles that other women could embrace and embody.




Developed by Pam and her friend, writer Seth Chitwood, THE PRINCIPAL'S ASSEMBLY was finally born, garnering excitement from Pam's inner circle of filmmaker and actor friends. The idea of that ripple effect created waves of excitement, and now the film will be on it's way to the world.

We believe in tackling important, socially-relevant issues.

This film is a glimpse into trauma, addiction, mental health, and those first tentative steps towards moving beyond tragedy. This story is a portrait of re-assembling one's life with the help of community.

We look forward to playing at as many festivals as possible to shine a light on these important topics and broaden our message.




 "When Pam approached me about her idea, I knew knew I had to partner with her to bring this to life. The issues this story addresses, the silent pain that many feel and never reveal to anyone, and the message of hope are important to bring to light. I truly believe that as a filmmaker, telling stories about the human condition can help people."




Independent filmmaking is a team effort, and THE PRINCIPAL'S ASSEMBLY is no exception. Your contribution will help provide paying jobs to our talented cast and crew, many of whom have been affected by the pandemic due to the industry shutting down.

You can help breathe life into this project.


Pam's extensive career includes radio voice-overs, "corporatainment" producer, theatrical dance studio owner, co-founder of a non-profit performing arts organization for children and teens, and children's theater director. Recent projects include Law & Order:SVU, CodaJohn and the Hole, and Goodbye Honey, for which she won Best Actress awards at the 2021 Garden State Film Festival and the 2020 NOLA Horror Film Fest. Pam was also honored in 2019 by Boston's Imagine Magazine. Avid reader, dog lover, wine enthusiast, diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan, beach goddess.

IMDb | Pam's Website

Jordan Ancel is a multi-award winning producer and director for the dark comdey GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS (streaming on Amazon Prime) and Frankie & Jude: The Search For Jude. His latest stage production, Melissa Center is… Marrying Jake Gylenhaal, produced during the Pandemic, was the first of it’s kind to be a multi-cam live-stream from a theater raising thousands of dollars for charity through ticket sales to help artists affected by the pandemic.


Seth Chitwood graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory with a Master's Degree in Screenwriting. He is also the Creative Director of the indie production company, Angelwood Pictures. Check out his series LUNA, THE WITCH on Prime Video!

Born in Boston, Marilyn Busch is an award-winning stage, film & TV actress as well as an audiobook narrator and voice over artist. She appears opposite Marlee Matlin in the film CODA, which won this year's Sundance Film Festival, and stars in the upcoming feature film Everything I Had Known About You, due to hit festivals in 2022.  She will also appear as a co-star in HULU's new limited series Dopesick, directed by Barry Levinson. Marilyn can be seen in a recurring role opposite Chris Evans in the Apple TV+ streaming series Defending Jacob, Showtime's Brotherhood, and on Netflix in The Polka King opposite Jenny Slate.

As an actor Anna Rizzo has worked in television, film, commercials and theater. Some of her credits include the feature films, On the Seventh Date, for which she received five best actress awards, and The Wrong Todd, which, after a successful festival run, is now available on Showtime; and, in an actor rite of passage, has appeared on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Sal earned the 2016 Best Supporting Actor Award from the Nice International Film Fest (France), for the feature, Second Chance, and was also given the 2016 Rising Star Award by the Long Island International Film Expo. Recent film credits: One Moment, opposite Danny Aiello, Gotti, opposite John Travolta. TV credits include recurring roles on Billions, Blindspot, The Americans, The Get Down, The Daily Show, and Royal Pains


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We're excited to shoot at Pam's alma mater as long as we can pay their facility rental fee.

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Let's help feed our amazing cast and crew. It's hard to make a film when you're hangry.

Cast & Crew

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Although we love free stuff, we absolutely must pay our amazing cast and crew for their hard work.

COVID Compliance

Costs $300

The set must be as safe as possible. We'll need essential PPE & a professional per Union guidelines.

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All professionals in the industry with an impressive list of credits both in front of, and behind, the camera, we've pulled together a stellar cast and crew. We'll be adding everyone shortly.

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