The Rise of Hope

Nashville, Tennessee | Film Short

Action, Sci-Fi

Sam Jones

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A cargo pilot must wrestle with his own beliefs after an old friend recruits him to help save her people from an oppressive regime. The Rise of Hope is an action sci-fi film that balances high intensity with an intimate look at human connection and the sacrifices that come with leading a revolution.

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Mission Statement

The Rise of Hope tackles topics ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement to immigration to oppressive leadership in a way that can show how we call be allies in this cause against tyranny and racism. This film is being created by a diverse group of filmmakers from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Story

The Rise of Hope balances sci-fi action with social commentary. Representation and diversity in these films are often lacking. My team seeks to fill that void. We are all young filmmakers in our 20s that recognize the era in which we are living, and we wanted to use our talents to make a statement. The Rise of Hope is not some class project. It is a passion for change that we all share. 

For my team and many others, we have watched the injustices that have occured in our lifetime, but most specifically, the inequality of the last several years that has been brought to light by the Black Lives Matter movement. We are a team of diverse individuals that want to work together for the equity of all human beings.

The story of The Rise of Hope follows a cargo pilot named Dak Reiper that must learn what it means to be ally to his friend, Wei Shin. Her people have been oppressed by the oppressive Galactic Legion regime for hundreds of years, and the revolution is now beginning. We felt that this story accurately represents our day and age with a certain subtlety and nuance that can be enjoyed even at surface level. 

We need your help in order to fulfill our vision for The Rise of Hope. With your pledge, you'll be helping us tell this story and hopefully starting conversations that incite the beginning of a lasting change. When this campaign is successful, your contributions will help us secure locations, create props and wardrobe, and hire actors to portray these diverse characters.

During these times, we also understand the importance for COVID safety protocols on set. That's why our team will be placed into pods during filming. Actors, the director of photography, the director, and any others in close contact with actors will be one pod while the various departments will also be in their own pod. Everyone will be masked and asked to quarantine two-weeks before filming. During principal photography, everyone will be asked to either be at home or set. That's it. As a final precaution, we will be implementing temperature checks every morning and after lunch.

Thank you in advance for supporting us in whatever way you can. My team and I are forever grateful for your help in making this film a reality.


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Costs $2,500

This is our locations budget for the green screen studio as well as two other locations.


Costs $500

With three principal roles in this short, we want to make sure we are paying our actors fairly.


Costs $300

With it being a sci-fi short, the wardrobe is fairly specific.

Camera Rental

Costs $400

We are hoping to rent a specific set of lenses to use on a Canon C300.


Costs $300

Like wardrobe, the props are fairly specific for science-fiction.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

My team is based in Nashville, TN, and we are incredibly excited about this opportunity to create The Rise of Hope. Our crew comes from diverse walks of life, but we have all partnered together to create this film in the hope that it will open up a conversation about what it means to be an ally to the oppressed and how we can invigorate hope in each other. 

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