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Your support for this project will not only allow us to make a high-value film about a hot button issue, but it will raise awareness and continue the ongoing conversation about the safety of our food supply and the plight and passion of the American farmer.

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Mission Statement

Our story shines a light on the struggles of farm families across the US. As filmmakers, our project creates a professional environment for everyone involved to learn, grow and excel in an environment of love and acceptance regardless of color, gender or sexual orientation.

The Story


We have significant interest in our feature length film from Hollywood.  They want to see what we can do with a short film before committing to our feature.  Our intent is to submit our completed short to the higest level film festivals around the world and garner interest and awards for our work and use this as a calling card for the funding and production of our feature film.


Making a very good film is expensive.  We believe our budget goal will allow us to create a compelling short film that will compete at the highest levels in festivals.  More budget means higher quality - so PLEASE consider donating past our goal amount. Your donation is VERY important to bringing this story to life!  


No one has created a narrative film with compelling characters and a story inspired by actual events that explains what a GMO is and why there is such a crisis.  We have researched and interviewed farmers from across the country and woven a beautiful drama about the simplicity and beauty of farm, family and faith.  


“The Seed” is a high-value, issue-driven independent motion picture inspired by actual events.



A small town, Texas corn farmer must suddenly stand against a powerful multi-national GMO seed corporation and risk the loss of his farm.


This true-to-life, character-driven story gives a touching portrayal of “Buck Conner” - a man whose values are put to the test in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and is perfectly positioned to be an entertaining piece of cinema with a strong, current-issue message.



Ever since the commercial introduction of Genetically Modified Seeds in 1996, hundreds of farmers and seed dealers in the US and Canada alone have been accused and harassed over alleged patent infringement of GMO seeds in what seems to be a corporate drive for complete control of our food supply. To this day, farmers, organizations, activists and citizens around the world are fighting these policies.

Many people have heard of GMOs but don’t really know much about them. “The Seed” does a truly amazing job of presenting this complicated issue from the POV of the American farmer. Our goal is to produce an entertaining and inspirational motion picture with mainstream market appeal.



• Farm Aid

• The Organic Consumers Association

• The Organic and non-GMO report


• Millions Against Monsanto Toronto

• The Weston A. Price Foundation

• Moms Across America

• Kids Right to Know

• GMO Free Los Angeles

• Moms For Safe Food

• Shiv Chopra - 

The Canadian Council 

on Food Sovereignty and Health.

• Toronto NON-GMO


• GMO Free NJ

• GMO Free New York

• Citizens for GMO Labeling

• GMO Free Vegas

• GMO Free Georgia

• No GMO Manitoba

• End All Disease

• Homeopathy Heals Me

• GMO Free Massachusetts

• Label GMOs

• GMO Free Southern California

• Collective Evolution - see their article on our film:  The Pro-Farmer, Anit-GMO Mainstream Movie

• GMO Free Alaska

• GMO-Free New Mexico

• GMO Free Pennsylvania

• Moms Advocating Sustainability

• Need To Know GMO – Pennsylvania

• GMO-Free Santa Cruz

• Eat Local Grown

• Sustainable Pulse

• The City of Hutto, TX


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Picture Quality

Costs $6,500

Image is everything. If you're making a movie your image has to look good. Help us tell this story

Sound Quality

Costs $2,000

Ever watch a movie and the sound is bad? It won't happen here - I PROMISE. - please donate now!

People Are Everything

Costs $8,000

A film set can be chaotic. Having a dedicated team of professionals is essential - we got that!


Costs $2,000

Having talent that can embody the characters and tell the story honestly will make or break a film.


Costs $3,000

Making a movie is a dance with a lot of creatives ALL doing their part. Makeup&wardrobe is vital!

Feed The Machine!

Costs $2,000

A happy crew is a well fed crew! We will be shooting in August in Texas - must have LOTS of water!!

Location, Location, Location

Costs $1,500

We expect a lot of locations to be donated but there are a few that might not.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

David Christopher - Story Creator, Producer, Actor:

David is an entrepreneur with a diverse background in entertainment and business. David trained at the famed Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in NYC and is an award winning actor, has produced multiple short films and live IP broadcast shows, and is in development on his first feature film, The Seed.  David was a part of the Grand Jury Award nominee documentary, Holy Hell, at the Sundance Film Festival 2016.  David is the Co-founder, Producer and Host of Austin Music Live, a live music show for television that features the best of the Austin music scene.  David has an has an extensive background in production, marketing and business development. David is a proud father and a veteran of USAF.

David Christopher's Website


Charlie Wiedman - Writer, Producer, Director:

Charles is an award-winning writer/director who formed RuffHouse Studios in 2003 to create opportunities for telling stories from a highly creative point of view that entertains and inspires. Charles wrote, produced, and directed "The Sinner" which was filmed in Austin and released in 2012 as a feature film. He's produced, written, and directed dozens of short films and client videos, and has 18+ screenplays under his belt. He won two Telly Awards and an Aegis Award for “The Buckleteers!”. His short film “32 Governor’s Hill” won at the BloodShots 48 Hour Filmmakers Competition. He's best known as the creator and designer of “Lunch Money”, a collectable card game distributed internationally by Atlas Games, and winner of the Origins Award from The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design. Charles is also an actor; appearing in The Leftovers on HBO, 2 seasons of Queen of the South as Det. Denny Villalobos on USA, and USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, along with dozens of short film and theatre credits. Charles is currently developing, and writing a cable television series - soon to be announced.

RuffHouse Studios


Robert Calder - Producer and Director of Photography:

Robert created Zodiac Studios in 2001 to encourage a creative place for the development and production of motion pictures, episodic shows, and other new media content. Zodiac Studio has a robust corporate division to produce, capture/record, and edit for a diverse corporate clientele. Zodiac Studios has established itself as a leader in the live IP Broadcasting vertical in Central Texas. Robert is known for his technical expertise, inventory of the latest equipment and his creative directing of shows and events. Under his leadership, Zodiac Studios has produced a number of feature films, documentaries and provides a fertile training ground for aspiring directors, producers and editors. Robert is the Co Founder, Producer and Director of Austin Music Live.  Robert has technical directed major music shows including: Other Voices, Amazon (with Blue October), Willie Nelson’s Picnic, Austin 360 Amphitheatre and SXSW 2017 Radio Stage hosted by VuHaus.





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