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Daren Taylor

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Kaiden is one of the last remaining Vessels, individuals that can tap into the magic of The Spring. Struggling to survive in a world that would rather see him dead, Kaiden uncovers a dark secret about The Spring that could save his people from extinction, or destroy civilization as we know it.

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Mission Statement

The Spring was created from a desire to find unity in the face of division. By celebrating the diversity of our collaborators in front of & behind the camera, & by showing a different model of what it means to be “super,” we can inspire a new generation to feel empowered by what makes them unique.

The Story

The Spring is an episodic, fantasy action-adventure series we’ve been developing for the last three years. We've combined dance, martial arts and stunts, to create a system of magic that is summoned through movement.  


A year ago, we decided to film a proof of concept, to see how our ideas looked on camera.    



We love how it turned out, and now, we are ready to make even more!


With your help, we will create a short film that tells the main story that shapes Kaiden into the leader he must become. But that's not the end of the story! Through our stretch goals, we will be able to delve into the wider world of The Spring narrative, and explore the origin stories of other Vessels in their struggle to understand the mysteries of The Spring.


In the end, we will create a series of six short films that will act as the foundation of a larger story we want to tell.


We’re big nerds! We love fantasy novels, anime, video games and comic books. 

But when we looked at movies and TV shows, we saw that most magic and superpowers all kinda looked the same. The actor holds out their hand, and the VFX artist does all the heavy lifting. No connection to the body. No cause and effect (well, except maybe a nose bleed!). So we said… 


This is our chance to tell an original story made specifically for the screen, in a rich and deep world where movement is magic! To tell our story, we’ve gathered some of the best dancers in the world to help us create the magic of The Spring, and we can’t wait to add even more to our team!


Our team has worked on projects you already know and love, and they’re bringing their experience and desire to do something original with The Spring. We couldn’t be more excited!






A year ago, we decided to use our own money (and lots of favors) to film a proof of concept (awesome right?). As a result, we were fortunate enough to pitch The Spring as a TV series. Everyone loved our idea, but because it wasn't based on something else and didn't have a proven audience, there wasn't much interest.


But we knew there was an audience out there that was hungry for something unique, original and magical. We know that with our team, we can make this without waiting for someone to give us the green light. So we decided to call in our other favors, hit the studio, and make this project with YOU!  


Every dollar you contribute allows us to build this world together, with the ultimate goal of producing a full series of six short, action-packed films! We’ll keep you posted on how the project is going — with behind-the-scenes looks at stunt rehearsals, movement training, production meetings, filming and everything in-between. 

As a backer, you are part of the community that brings The Spring to life, and we will keep you informed and updated on every part of the process. We couldn’t do this without you!


DONATE if you have the means to! Backers will get updates along the way, receive some awesome incentives, and be the first to know when the films are ready to be screened. 

SHARE with your family and friends. If they love fantasy, action, comic books, dance, martial arts, Game of Thrones, awesomeness… then they will THANK YOU for sharing this with them. Everyone wins! Help us help them by spreading the word!


Making a good fantasy action film is expensive, however we know how to make those dollars count! Here is a breakdown of how your contribution will be used. You can also head to the "Wishlist" tab for more details and to contribute to a more specific item!




We have so many stories we want to tell. Six to be exact! Each time we hit a new goal together, we'll share our new crowdfunding goal with you! This means ORIGIN STORIES for each of our VESSELS, and some exciting micro films that will reveal more of the world of The Spring. These perks unlock for everyone (backers or not!).  



This has been a passion project for us for years, and we are so excited to be sharing it with you. You have been amazing! From the moment we released our first photo announcing this project, we have been blown away by your response. 

Thank you so much for the love, encouragement and support you have already shown. We could not do this without you!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We can’t wait to show you what WE made together. THANK YOU for being a part of this journey!


The Spring is coming...



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Costs $15,000

The people that make this come to life!

Locations & Permits

Costs $8,000

Need places to film and permits to allow us to do so!

Original Score

Costs $8,000

Original story, original score. Rene can’t wait to blow your minds.

Production Design

Costs $10,000

We’re building our world from scratch to create an authentic, fantasy experience.

Sound Design & Mixing

Costs $3,000

Great stunts and effects need great sound to really make us believe!

Editing & Color

Costs $10,000

Need someone to put it all together!


Costs $10,000

With intricate, subtle effects, the magic of The Spring will come to life!


Costs $8,000

When you have an action project, you need professionals to teach you how to fall properly!

Insurance & Permits

Costs $3,000

Need to have things insured

Catering for Cast & Crew

Costs $2,000

Gotta feed our troops!


Costs $3,000


Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Our team has worked on the projects you already love, and they’re bringing their experience and desire to do something unique with the spring, it has us excited!

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