Persephone // The Veil Between

Baltimore, Maryland | Film Short

Drama, Thriller

Lucas De Britto

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Persephone attends a Halloween celebration at a friends' house. There, she meets no one less than Death himself. // The Veil Between is an upcoming short film adapted from the Persephone and Hades myth. Set in Baltimore, it features a diverse, multicultural, cast and crew.

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Mission Statement

In this retelling of the ancient myth, our Persephone is a woman of color, and the people playing our Gods are Black and live in Baltimore. This is a diverse crew: more than half of us are women, most are people of color, and our director/co-writer is Brazilian and proud.

The Story

The Veil Between comes from an ancient saying that during Halloween night “the veil between the worlds is thin”. Here's an illustration of the concept:



A headstrong woman seeking separation from her controlling mother attends a ritual that transforms her definition of independence.


The circumstances in which we have been living in the last few months have pushed many people to re-evaluate how they spend their time and the dynamics behind their relationships. This film is about connection, and how sometimes we have to change many of the concepts we carry with us in order to find what lies ahead — the true beauty and importance of our relationships. We could say this film is about:

  • Family dynamics. It is a mother and daughter story, a story about codependence and acceptance.
  • Life and death. The importance of accepting one’s mortality to live a better life.
  • Ritual. Now is the time for reckoning and healing.


Well, this is a Halloween film! One of our goals with telling this story is to help deconstruct the stigma around that. The film presents ritual as a tool that can heal broken relationships, which can be achieved by honoring the path of our loved ones. Witchcraft as we know it is a combination of ancient practices that have been historically judged and misunderstood.

A note from co-writer Danny Duffy:

Something that interests me about the Persephone myth is the question of whether or not she knew that by eating the fruit of the underworld she would belong to Hades. So often women — even Goddesses — are at the mercy of men in mythology. It was important for Persephone to have agency in this film — even if she doesn’t realize it right away.

(Persephone by Charlie Bowater)



WHERE WE ARE IN THIS PROJECT: Right now, we are in the middle of training our amazing actors (updates coming soon!). All our locations are set, our incredible DP Freyja Golbach is planning our shots, the AD and the D are writing very long emails, and we are all so excited to move on to the production phase!

FILMING: We will be shooting this film at the end of October (sipping those Halloween vibes hehe).

Which leads to our next consideration:

COVID-19: This is an especially challenging time to make art. We are aware of the necessary precautions and are taking all possible measures to become a COVID-19 safe set. We value the health and safety of our cast, crew and community. Because of that we have obtained a COVID-19 Safe Set Certification, and will be sharing all updates with our cast and crew members.

BUDGET: The initial goal of our campaign is raising $8,750. Out of this, $6,640 will go directly to our local cast and crew in order to provide them with a fair pay during these uncertain times.

OUR PLAN MOVING FORWARD: Beyond the hope that this campaign will provide us with the funds to make our production possible, we see this as a fantastic opportunity to connect with our audience, create momentum and get the word out about the film!

After The Veil Between is finished, we will be submitting it to as many festivals as we can, and your support will help us get there.


Be a part of our campaign! Follow us here (by clicking the Follow button to the right of our video) and on our Instagram: Share this page and our social media posts with your friends, family, co-workers, admirers, and anyone else that might be interested in seeing this project come to life. Use our hashtag #Persephoneisalive to help us reach more people!

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About This Team



Lucas De Britto // Director

Lucas De Britto is a filmmaker, writer, and content producer. Born in Brazil and active in the United States, Lucas has participated in more than 30 international productions in diverse positions. He attended Prague Film School in the Czech Republic, improving much of his technical skills while working with international crews. Lucas has directed two short narrative films, a short documentary, several promos and a music video. He has written scripts for short films, TV and features. Currently, he is attending Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland as a Master’s Degree candidate in Film and Media.

Clarke Lyons // Producer

Clarke Lyons is a Baltimore filmmaker that received her Dual-Masters in Business/Producing and Writing for Film and Television from Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Program, graduating in the top 1% of her class. Lyons has worked on films such as Sage, Ballet After Dark and Recognition. Her films have screened at Maryland Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival and New York Independent Film Festival. Lyons mentors with Executive Producer of Daily VICE Greg Eggebeen and Editor Richard Hankin. She was inducted into Saul Zaentz fellowship, as well as received a $65,000 production and development grant for a film she’s currently Co-Directing / Co-Producing.


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