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Comedy, Horror

Jennifer Quaglio

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A TV Pilot about a vampire hunter who flees to NYC to escape her old life of killing the undead and accidentally kills a vampire on her first day in the Big Apple, breaking a treaty and pitting two vampire covens against each other for power over the city.  

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Mission Statement

Let’s Get Real… The majority of vampire shows and movies have been directed and led by dudes, with generally the same plot. We’ve never seen urban vampires living in the melting pot of the world - NYC - through the lens of a woman. And it’s about time we do!

The Story

Seriously, Though. What Is It? When Maddie Sanders accidentally breaks a vampire treaty on her super sh*tty first day in NYC, she has no idea what’s about to happen. Literally, no idea. Her actions cause a ripple effect throughout the city creating a fight for power between the Lower East Side Coven who hunt on dating apps and bring their prey back to their sexy speakeasy, and the bougie Upper East Side Brood, who only drink sourced blood from Italy out of wine glasses.


Meanwhile, the unsuspecting humans who are just dealing with that corporate life, are completely unaware of what lurks beneath the city streets. We all grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire, Blade, Vampire Diaries and so many other iconic vampire movies and shows, and now we’re making one with a modern twist.



It’s no joke that women and other minority groups are vastly underrepresented in the film industry, both behind and in front of the camera. While Crimson City has an all-female led producing team, we strive to create a project that includes strong female characters, a diverse cast and crew, and represents the LGTBQ+ community while tackling relevant subjects such as misogyny, toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes and so much more in a me too era. Anddd we’re serving some vampire realness, too. Are you with us?    


As a Producer, Writer, Director and Actress, you can find Jenn working on an array of film projects. For more information, check out

With a love for producing, writing, directing and acting, you can find Carly working on all types of mediums in the film industry. Check out more about Carly at

Sam has an affinity for the production part of films. Working as a script cordinator and producer for various projects, you can find out more about Sam on Instagram: @SamAMackenzie

Working in various projects as a Producer, Actress, Director and Singer, you can check out some more of Gabi's work at 

Having worked on multiple projects behind the camera as a Director, Producer and Editor, you can find out more about Tuesday's work at 

Having performed in Anastasia on Broadway, Aida at the Metropolitan Opera, and starring in various TV shows and films - our talented cast can be seen in a variety of projects around the world. 

Besides wracking up karma points, your support will help change filmmaking by creating a project not only where diverse and underrepresented characters and talent can be seen, but where they can be heard.



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Cash Pledge

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Locations and Permits

Costs $1,500

New York City isn't cheap, and neither is obtaining legal film permits.


Costs $850

We want to make sure our cast and crew get home safely after shooting late into vampire hours.

Makeup & Wardrobe

Costs $1,700

Every character has a signature style and our vampires and humans are no different.

Food aka Crafty

Costs $1,000

People need to eat otherwise they get hella cranky! You've seen the Snickers commercial...


Costs $700

Our actors don't have real fangs, ya know. We need money for fangs and blood...lots of blood!

Crew and Cast

Costs $18,550

Ya know those people behind and in front of the camera? Yeah, we kind of need them to film this.


Costs $1,000

One of the last few steps to make the piece come together, it's magic...

About This Team

Special thanks to our extended team - Julian Lynch our resident vampire photographer, Amelia Palmer - Sound Mixer, and Carla Mejia - Director of Photography. 


Producer/Writer/Director/Actress of Crimson City

Jennifer Quaglio is a New York, actress, writer and producer. Having grown up bicoastal, in both

Long Island and San Diego, Jenn has been able to experience the fast-paced New York life and the laid back So-Cal vibes California has to offer. From a young age, Jenn knew she wanted to be a performer and writer. Writing short stories (really, more like scribbling short stories) before she even started preschool, and performing variety shows in her living room at the age of 5, Jenn knew where she belonged…and that it was probably best she learn the alphabet first before pitching herself to Spielberg.


Jenn has studied dance, acting, interior design and creative writing in California and New York. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing and has studied at institutions such as the Stella Adler Acting Studio in NYC and Five Towns College. When Jenn's not working in film, you can find her working on her Young Adult novel, Crescent Falls, binging horror movies, studying astrology and the psychology of human behavior and cooking up her next project idea. 



Tuesday Blue hails from the Midwest, spent nearly a decade on the West Coast, and now resides in New York City. She works for an ad agency by day and on indie projects by night. Tuesday has edited numerous shorts that have gone on to win awards at festivals like Lies & Oblivion (Best Short Film Award at The Philadelphia Independent Film Awards), Her First Kill (Best Director at iHolly), The So-So You Don’t Know (Best Web Series at Southern States Indie Film Fest), and more. As much as she enjoys creating, Tuesday also loves snacks and puns.



Sam Mackenzie is a writer & producer who enjoys hiking & camping. She’s also the world's best dog-aunt. You can find her writing comedy that’s a bit dry and often dark and watching B horror movies. 

Sam has come up as a Production Coordinator in reality television, which has provided her with the opportunity to run a set, even when everything is on fire (figuratively). 

She’s worked with a ton of inspiring and talented producers, directors, production managers, and crew, who have made her want to be more of a badass herself.



Gabi Faye is a seasoned actress and producer, and the founder of Gabi Faye Productions. Recent credits include a guest star role on popular REELZ Network TV series Copycat Killers, as well supporting roles in feature films Immortal starring Dylan Baker, and YES starring Nolan Gould and Oscar Nunez, on which Gabi was also an associate producer. Gabi Faye is the executive producer of Dirty Girl which was featured on several billboards in Times Square, as well as on Bronx Net TV. 


Gabi recently played a deaf character in the short film Noisy, directed by Oscar nominee Cedric Hill, and in addition to Crimson City, is producing several feature films currently in pre-production. To learn more about Gabi visit: IG: @gabifaye Twitter: @gabifaye 




Carly Otte is a New York City based actor and filmmaker. She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA where she earned her BFA in Musical Theatre and Minor in Dance from Point Park University. As an actor, she is best known for her film roles in ‘The Fault In Our Stars' (Fox 2000, Temple Hill Ent.) and ’Not Cool' (Starz Digital Media). 


Behind the scenes, she works as the Script Coordinator for 'Impractical Jokers’ and ‘Impractical Jokers: After Party' on TruTV. Her self-produced work includes the award winning web series ‘F’d, another effing web series’, and the short films 'Waste,' 'Choosing Day' and 'Wedding Season,’ for which she recently received a Best Director nomination at the Showlow Film Fest. She's also a member of SAG-AFTRA & AEA. Visit for more info. 


Associate Producer

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, Naomi Kamberlane is currently studying journalism and film. In addition, she's directing a documentary about the Bukharian community in New York. Don't know what that is? You'll have to watch, to find out more!


She's excited to share unique stories and characters, being either real or fictional. Naomi enjoys the ability that film has to connect people and raise awareness through storytelling, images, and sound. She appreciates the chance to be an assistant producer for Crimson City, a project dedicated to featuring and exploring current issues and unique character arcs. 

Public Relations

Jack is a native New Yorker with a degree in Communications from Simmons University and a deep dedication to smashing the stigma around mental health. When she isn’t managing more social media profiles than should be legal for a single human being, both personal and professional, you can find her vigorously caffeinating in preparation for her next project or playing with her dog. Her true passion is storytelling in all forms. She hopes to be a successful writer one day with a series in-depth enough to rival Tolkien, himself.


Public Relations

As a devoted dog mom and Artisan Bread Connoisseur, Ana was born and raised in Eastern Europe. She moved to New York at 19 years old to learn English, and fell in love with the city and has been here since. When she's not working, she likes to try to fit her entire social life - doing laundry, dog walks, working out, reading, and cooking - into one weekend. 


With a degree in Marketing and a passion for media, her brain content consists of mostly song lyrics, book quotes and landscape images. The Adriatic Sea and salty water are embodied in her DNA and Ana aspires to live a life filled with more travel and less baggage.   


Associate Producer

As a New York City native, Shailha Alam is now a sophomore at Columbia University studying computer science and film. As a self proclaimed Jack of All Trades, Shailha tries to dip her toes in everything. Serving as the Director of Technology for a nonprofit called Diverso Fund, Shailha is on a mission to democratize film making and force the entertainment industry to be a more diverse place. Being able to work on Crimson City with such a creative and powerful team is a dream come true. 

Associate Editor

Born and raised in New York, Brianne Petrone is a Media Arts & Design student at James Madison University, with a concentration in Digital Video & Cinema. She has a passion for creating content that instills a feeling in others. She believes seeing a project start from its raw footage to the finished product is such an accomplished feeling. 


Storytelling is timeless, and Brianne could not be more thrilled to be the editing intern on this incredible project! "The middle school twilight-obsessed girl inside is freaking!!"


Associate Producer

Born and raised in New Jersey, Luisa Aprigliano is currently studying Filmmaking at Montclair State University with a minor in Philosophy. Until she started studying film, she never understood what having a passion was. "Being able to take your imagination and make it become reality and allowing people into your head is a gift unlike any other." She has especially been intrigued by world building in fantasy and science fiction where the imagination can run wild! "Crimson City is the perfect match for me and I am so excited to help bring this project to life!"


Associate Producer

Lynn Heddy has lived in New Jeresy their whole life, and is a Theater Studies student at Montclair State University with a minor in Film. "I've been a film nerd since I was old enough to turn on the DVD player by myself and being able to see the process from start to finish is such an honor. I am looking forward to learning and seeing how the whole project will come together. So pleased to be working with an amazing casting director!"

Current Team