The Dream Eater

New York City, New York | Film Short

Horror, Fantasy

Simon Doutreleau

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Have you ever been so scared of something to the point that the fear controls you? Keeps you awake at night? What if the thing you feared only existed when you slept? Would you stay awake all night long in order to avoid facing it?

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Mission Statement

We are proud to say 3 of our 5 characters are female, including the ten-year-old lead; who is a strong, intelligent young girl, who isn't afraid of challenges. We also have a great mix of male and female crewmembers who share our passion of promoting an inclusive, fun and creative environment.

The Story







The Dream Eater is a creature living inside the walls of old houses and feeds on peoples nightmares. He is a vestige of very old times.


This monster doesn’t embody evilness, he just needs to feed on hosts to survive.



The Dream Eater appears above people while they sleep. His rotten black hand shapes people’s nightmares and with a bunch of other hands coming out of his throat, he collects mushrooms growing on people’s forehead.



These mushrooms (death trumpets) are the result of our dreams’ externalization. The monster ravenously feeds on them as fear increase, and somehow this process helps us to face our fears.


*Reference Images Only

Mary:  Successful businesswomen. Mother to Mathilde. Daughter to Abe and Susan. Her recent divorce has forced her to put business before looking after her daughter, which is having a negative impact on Mathilde. Needing a break from parenting, she decides it might be a good idea to send Mathilde off to her grandfathers for the weekend.


Dreams and nightmares have always been an important part of my life, this is an escape to the real world, but it can also be a prison. I myself experience "awaken dreams" and I'm also a sleepwalker. Being a very calm person in real life, dreams were always the place where I could externalize all my stress and anxiety.


Through this short film, I want to use the fantasy/horror genre as a tool to express precisely what humans fear. We are afraid of the unknown and try to fight against death like any other living creatures. But unlike them, it weighs on our shoulders every day because of our self-awareness. Is consciousness a gift or a curse? How are humans supposed to manage that? I would like to artistically describe the intergenerational link and the way fear finally units us against sickness and death.


The Dream Eater will be a precise and complex mix of all those thoughts in a scary and nostalgic short film lead by a Grandfather afraid of death and a brave little girl who manages to face her fear, unlike her Grandpa.


Our $12, 000 goal is the bare minimum needed to get the film made at a production quality everyone involved can be proud of.


Despite needing the funds to create this project, we could not do it without the love and support of our dedicated professional crew, who have kindly offered their support to our project by volunteering their time. So we need your help to not only make it a worthwhile experience but to bring this project to life. 


So if you pledge more than just the minimum,  that will help us exceed our goal and be able to support our cast and crew for their time and hard work.


If we raise $20,000, we'll be able to increase the production value and have contingency funds in place should anything go wrong, as well as cover our post-production costs. 
If we raise $25,000, we'll be able to pay our cast and crew (who are currently sacrificing pay for their work out of a passion for the project and its message).
If we raise $30,000,  we'll be able to cover our festival, distribution and promotional costs for completing and getting the film into the world and in front of a wider audience.


In all honesty, any contribution to our campaign is our goal. However, it's not the only way you can show your support.


  1. Sharing us on Social Media and asking your friends to support us. #TheDreamEaterShort
  2. Sign up to Seed and Spark and click the follow button above - as we gain followers, we will win prizes and access to more tools and support to make this movie come to life.




Thank you so much for all of your support.






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Location, Location, Location!

Costs $1,000

Our historic location doesn't just help us tell our story. It's a central character in our film.

Food & Snacks

Costs $2,500

This will help us provide a catered Breakfast and Lunch as well as nutritious snacks and drinks.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $1,500

A 15 passenger van and a box truck to transport equipment and crew to set.

Visual Effects

Costs $1,000

The cost of hiring a VFX Designer and Supervisor to bring our creature to life.

Props & Set Decoration

Costs $700

The clocks among other unique pieces of set decoration will play a key part in this story.

MakeUp & Special Effects

Costs $1,000

The design of the Creature is both a blend of technicall and artist capa


Costs $300

Most of our costumes will be sources free, but some small specific pieces will need purchasing

Camera & Lenses

Costs $2,000

Although technology is getting better and better the cost of Cinema lenses is still expensive

Grip and Electric

Costs $1,000

Providing us with light to set the mood and power to keep us up and running on set.


Costs $1,000

Hard Drives (Huge Expense), Color Grading & Music Licensing

About This Team


Big projects need solid crew, so far THE DREAM EATER will be our biggest challenge and to make it work we brought together many talented people. 
Our team of talented filmmakers is a mix of European & American industry professionals who specialize in every facet of the filmmaking process. Many of us have been working together on various projects for the past 3+ years, and over this time we have grown to become a tight-knit crew that can depend on one another to always put forth their best effort on and off set.




Leading the team: 


Simon Doutreleau (Writer & Director): Simon is a French Writer and Director from Normandy France. Since graduating from film school in Paris and moving to NYC. Simon has been fortunate to gain experience in many fields including as a Producer, Art director, Grip, Assistant Camera and also Assistant to the director. His versatility and driven personality definitely helped make his a knowledgable and well-rounded director with room to grow.


Simon has written and directed many short films and videos, but among those, he is most proud of his work on his 2016  “AU BORD DU GOUFFRE”, 2018 “OUT IN THE WOODS” which to date has received two Official Selections at festival across Europe and his most recent project“THE MARTIAL WAY KKNY”

shot at the beginning of 2019. - Which Ciarán produced.


Ciarán Harland (Producer): Military Veteran turned Filmmaker, Ciarán has spent the past 4 years in NYC after departing from the U.K. to pursue a career in Filmmaking. Starting from the bottom as a Production Assistant in the Assistant Directors Dept. Ciarán has had the opportunity to work on everything from run and gun commercial to multi-million dollar projects including indie features and network television.


With a passion for Producing, Ciarán is working hard to produce 7 short projects over a 3 yr period and having produced 4 already, it's not long until he starts taking on his first feature film in 2020. 




Julien Grandjean (Director of Photography):  He and Simon have worked together of various projects for the past 5 years. They've developed great chemistry to the point that he will travel all the way from France to partake in any of Simons project. Julien stayed in France and Worked on feature films as a Gaffer on "GANGSTERDAM" and "LES FANTÔMES D'ISMAËL", or on big Netflix series "OSMOSIS" - 2019 as an Assistant camera. But we can see all his talent as a Director of photography in "LE JOUR OÙ MAMAN EST DEVENUE UN MONSTRE" -  2017, "ET LE DIABLE RIT AVEC MOI" - 2017 and "OUT IN THE WOODS" - 2018.


Nahema Hafiane (Art Director):  as for Julien, she used to work with Simon since the beginning. She has a natural talent to give life to a set and so, to create beautiful and poetic pictures for all the projects she worked on. Nahema worked as a Propmaster, Set dresser and Art Director... Here are some short films signed Nahema Hafiane: "AU BORD DU GOUFFRE" - 2016,  "DOUCE FRANCE" - 2017, "OUT IN THE WOODS" - 2018.



Thomas Desmedt (1st Assistant Camera): Thomas is a a close friend of Simon, they've work together since they arrived in the USA in 2017. Thomas mainly work in the Camera department as Camera operator on "OUT IN THE WOODS" or AC, strong of his experience as a rental technician in Focus Gear (rental company), Thomas will bring his professionalism and his technic on THE DREAM EATER. 


Richard Ducros (Gaffer): For two years they did many projects together in NYC and have a big set experience. They also worked with Simon many times on "OUT IN THE WOODS" - 2018 as a Camera operator and Gaffer but also on his last project "THE MARTIAL WAY KKNY" - 2019 as a Camera operator and Director of photography.


Achille VanDerHeaghen (1st Assistant Director): he knows Simon since they were studying together in Paris. Strong of his experience in France and USA, he worked as a 1st AD on "ET LE DIABLE RIT AVEC MOI" - 2017 and on "BIRTHDAY GIRL" -2018.


Laurent Dussault (Sound Mixer):  A close friend of Simon this is their fourth collaboration on set or on post-production. Laurent is a very professional worker with a sharp acoustic sens when it comes to shape sounds. He worked on "A DANCE IN THE DARK"- 2018 as sound mixer and sound engineer, same for"THE MARTIAL WAY"- 2019


Alexandre Méaux (Composer): A wonderful artist who will work with Simon for the third time. He composed "OUT IN THE WOODS" soundtracks in 2018 but he also worked on the very rewarded "BIRTHDAY GIRL" as the main composer too. 





 To learn more about Simon and the projects he's most proud of..check out his Vimeo Page Click Here




Current Team