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[Their] Story is the product of personal experiences collected through interviews, focus groups, and discussions amongst friends. We wanted to create a show that showed the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community and the many struggles regarding faith, identity, and dating in a sex-centered community.

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Mission Statement

We are committed to diversity. We are proud to have LGBTQ+ talent both in front of & behind the camera. Our trans & non-binary characters are played by trans & non-binary actors. We are also committed to BIPOC representation, creating roles that break the stereotypes.

The Story


Thank you so much for 100%! Help us make it to our strech goal for festival submissions, and bring on more post-production editors for visual effects and sound editing.

Thank you for showing that representation matters! 


[THEIR] Story takes the typical LGBTQ+ storylines and gives them a unique twist that makes them more truthful to the realities of being a mid-20something queer in Los Angeles. 

Rather than the typical, new-to-LA and discovering their sexuality, Quinn, who's from Texas, is thrown into the complex world of lesbian friendship dynamics (so much tea!), and is finding more confidence in their non-binary idenity. 


Luke is an out and proud gay Christian man. Instead of another story about a queer person of faith struggle to reconcile their religion with their sexuality, Luke fully embraces who he is. His struggle is focused around getting his church community to accept his gay life and the lush WeHo community to accept his Christian morals (even though he's a bit extra). 


With Angela's story of bisexuality, we wanted to explore the realities of how difficult it is for sexual fluid people to be accepted in both the straight and the gay world. While Angela has the more "traditional" coming out story, we examine how she tries to find her place in the world, when neither community is willing to accept her. Make sure to have a glass, or a bottle, of rose on hand for this one. 


In media, LGBTQ+ shows tend to only focus on one letter at a time, and the shows typically tend to lack the beautiful diversity our community has. Something so beautiful about the queer community is that we come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. We want to celebrate our diversity and showing we are a united community. 



Our script was written and we had just cast the project when the country closed down due to COVID-19. We went into problem solving mode; to keep our actors attached to the project and to entertain ourselves while being stuck at home. What came from it was [THEIR] Story: The In-Between. The series were small story lines for the characters which took place over video calls. This helped introduce the characters to our social media base and introduce a little bit of the world. With the industry opening back up we are preparing to start filming soon. We will be compliant with SAG-AFTRA's requirements of a safe set to ensure that everyone on set will be safe.





A mixed-Persian AFAB non-binary lesbian, Quinn is a chill skater from Texas, who’s quirkiness and naivety make them more of a bumbling romantic lead than a “player”. An aspiring documentarian, Quinn is more likely to be observing quietly in the background, rather than shouting out opinions or taking strong stances. It’s safe to say they’re not a fan of conflict. Along the way, Quinn is also growing into their non-binary identity.


Clean cut and always put together (until his world collapses), he's sometimes judgmental, but buried deep down Luke is a romantic saving himself for the right man. In the meantime he tries to fill the void of loneliness and isolation with his faith. While he isn’t above having mimosas with the boys on Sunday, he’ll be a few minutes late because the youth group he leads usually runs over.


Identifies as straight at first, but discovers her bisexual identity. An ambitious and outgoing black woman who knows how to have a good time, Angela’s confidence and cool begin to falter as she embraces her bisexuality. Though she is a strong and grounded woman, she cannot completely hide her emotions as she finds that she is not accepted in the gay or the straight world. 

Did someone say rosé? Latinx and fabulous, Louie is an old soul surrounded by a bunch of bumbling baby gays. Louie is always there to listen with a sympathetic ear, but will keep it real. Though it seems he’s given up on his own romantic happiness, he’s the wise, maternal figure who doesn’t want his friends to miss out on love. He always carries a bottle of rosé for emergencies. 

Rick is the kind of self-absorbed preppy jock who wears stupidly big watches, and happens to be indigenous Hawaiian. He’s ambitious, and career driven, paying for his MBA through hand modeling. Though he always puts himself first, he does have his genuinely sweet boyfriend moments that are almost redeeming. Almost. 

A mixed-Asian lesbian, Hazel is an earthy, spiritual woman who wants to talk to you about yoga and your aura. A searcher of harmony and woke-ness, Hazel doesn’t have time for drama or people who are unsure of themselves. While she still knows how to have fun, and enjoys getting dolled up, she’s your classic L.A. hipster who has probably modeled for Urban Outfitters a few times. 

Sex positive, a “little” extra, and enough confidence to put Kanye to shame (or at least that’s how she likes to be perceived), V is a bombshell transgender female. She can be found in the club at night, surrounded by male go-go dancers and underwear models, and has the numbers of all the major promoters between Doheny and La Brea. But, living the fast life comes with consequences. 

San which is short for Sandra, is a butch lesbian who is confident, cool, and relaxed in any setting. San grew up around the boys on her street, playing basketball, trying to do the latest skateboarding trick, and listening to classic rock and 90’s rap music. Hazel is her best friend. They have a very close relationship but would never cross that line. No matter how many people think they are a couple, they laugh at the ridiculousness of it.



[THEIR] Story is a dramedy that mixes the fun narration of shows like Awkward and Jane the Virgin, with the tone and brightness of Faking It, while tackling real life situations based on our interviews and table reads. The show deals with serious topics but points out that life is also funny. And awkward.



Our story is about finding strength, and unity within the LGBTQ+ community. Our creators will personally (not the production) will be matching a 5% donation from our personal funds to The Los Angeles LGBT Center, if we meet or surpass our goal. Founded in 1969, The Los Angeles LGBT Center offers services for queer memebers of the Los Angeles area. From mental health services, to trans gender affirmation programs, to support groups, and STI clinics, the center is active part of the thriving queer coumminity in L.A. 



We need $7,300 to make the first half of the season, if we raise more this is what we plan to do with any additional funds:

$10,000: Film Festival Entree Fees & Travel expenses to festivals (if pemitted due to COVID)

$20,000: Film the entire first half of our already written season. 

$35,000: Film the entire first season that been written. 




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About This Team

How It Started... 

Yasmin and Dusty met in acting class and, were of course, the only two gay actors. After graduating from their acting program, they decided to create content they not only wanted to act in, but they wanted to see. 

​As queer artists, the already difficult journey is that much harder. Over the past several years, more and more queer stories are being told. Unfortunately, queer filmmakers, writers, and actors are hardly ever involved, which is probably why many of these story are unrelatable.

​Most LGBTQ+ people, especially for those of us in our 20s, are ready to see regular people going through every day antics who just happen to be queer. And that's how [THEIR] Story was born. 

How It's going... 

Yasmin Ghasiri is a mixed Persian non-binary actor, writer, and producer who’s behind numerous short films and webseries, most exploring non-binary idenity. Yasmin got their bachelors in Drama at UC, Irvine and can be seen in the upcoming film BabySplitters as well as the long running NCAA PSA #LABELME. Yasmin’s pronouns are they/them and is extremely excited to be bringing this long-in-the-works script into pre-production. They love cats, skateboarding, cats, and singing, and cats. 

Dustin Bayers graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from the University of California, San Diego. The summer after graduation Dustin got a cast in his first movie, Broadway Lofts. He went on to participate in the Hollywood Fringe Festival in the world premiere of the play Rodeo Town, which received rave reviews. The play won the Combined Art form's Best of Fringe Extensions Award. His TV credits include a co star role on the Showtime series Masters of Sex. Dustin has studied at The Bramon Garcia Braun Studio, The Groundlings, Joanne Baron/ D.W. Brown Studio, and The Imagined Life. 

Paula Placido is a Colombian actor, and photgrapher. Most recently you can find her on "Shameless". She grew up in a family of painters and it was when she attended BAK middle school of the arts when an interest in acting sparked. Upon graduating high school in West Palm Beach, Florida she moved to Los Angeles for a career in TV and film. When she's not making magic behind her camera, she’s is painting or riding her Harley Davidson. She also played the role of manny during our quarantine content!



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