The Last Day of School

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Clara Davies

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This bold, moving short story illustrates the tiny differences between what could be and what is in our modern reality of preventable violence. Our film is a connecting point for those who haven’t felt the immediate impact of gun violence with those who have, uniting people and inspiring change.

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Mission Statement

THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL is a film to inspire change in how we prevent gun violence for all the people of the world. Gun violence does not discriminate, and neither do we. We’ve assembled a kick-ass cast and crew that represent this film, a mission of change, and diversity in filmmaking.

The Story

The Last Day of School is a bold and moving story that illustrates the tiny differences between what could be and what is in our modern reality of preventable violence. Kelly, a young mother, makes a choice that changes the lives of her son Caleb and his classmate Tony. We explore two paths, as Kelly chooses apathy and another kindness: one ending in friendship while the other ends in tragedy.


We examine the relationship between our daily lives and gun violence in our society. The roles we, as individuals, play in the epidemic, whether that be as parents, teachers, or students; social pressures for young men and women; and the accessibility of firearms.

Not only do we want to inspire compassion in our youth, but to also enlighten the grown-ups. To share how even sometimes the smallest action or littlest words can shape those who are learning from us. 


With daily “inspiration” of gun violence in the news, we want to keep this film true to life. We want to immerse you in this story, we want you to feel like you are there. Although this film depicts a fictional story, the scenario is all too real.  Children are going to school through bullet-resistant doors, packing bullet-proof backpacks, and practicing active-shooter drills in their classrooms.


We hope to inspire people to do what we can as humans to create a positive change, to build strength in our communities, and be more compassionate to others.
Script is finalized, cast and crew are set, and we are ready to film October 26-28th! Follow along to see all the latest updates:

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We want to use this platform of film to create change – to ignite kindness and create a larger awareness for the world and lives around us. This film will be a connecting point for those who haven’t felt the immediate impact of gun violence in their lives with those who have, creating a better grasp of what happens, and to make people feel more connected.


Check out these local and national organizations working for gun violence prevention through common sense gun laws and education. 


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Costs $150

Keeping our cast and crew happy with snacks and drinks.

Festival Submissions

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Sharing our film with the world

Post Production

Costs $4,000

Completion of the film

Production Insurance

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Insurance to cover rental equipment and liability.


Costs $250


Equipment & Rentals

Costs $2,000

Lighting and camera equipment rentals.


Costs $1,900

Casting the lead and supporting roles.

Filming Crew

Costs $4,000

Film crew + hair/makeup


Costs $700

Photography on set.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team


Writer/Director: Clara Davies

Directory of Photography: Aaron Huber

Assistant Producer: Nick Hansen

Lighting/Grip: Alexander Just

Hair: Meaghan Pietz, CB Styles

Makeup: Laura Hart, Hart Makeup



Caleb: William Schavee

Tony: Alex Cavegn

Kelly: Gypsy Nelson

News Anchor: Natasha Chaughtai


Current Team