The Little Things

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Chelsea Kwoka

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This story is all about connecting. The struggles, both externally and internally, we have to cut through to get to the good stuff. It's about how easy it is to let the little things, become big things - but that can go both ways! Can a shared bad joke set the world right after a stubbed toe?

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Mission Statement

We are a group of female filmmakers, seeking to showcase women in every single role, both cast and crew, through our short film. We wanted to tell a timely story of yearning for connection and the universal awkwardness that comes with new beginnings, no matter who you are.

The Story

The Little Things follows Wilma, as she struggles to let go of what she *might* be missing out on (according to social media), along with battling a not-always-nice inner dialogue, in order to make some connections in her new job and life. Can she let the little sh*t go? Or will she let it drag her down to lonely misery?


The Story Behind the Story

The Little Things originated as a short story written by my husband several years ago, after just moving to Denver to start his first "big boy" job in corporate America. While details have changed, the core truth remains; what we choose to focus on becomes the path we walk down. During the onset of quarantine in spring 2020, I reached out to a screenwriter friend and she adapted the story, with myself serving as more of the inspiration for our lead character. I have long struggled with my inner negative dialogue and high expectations that the real world run smoothly and allowing not much more than a hiccup to derail me completely. You can only sarcastically say "this is why we can't have nice things" so many times before your psyche starts to let that cement dry.


Female Filmmakers, In Front and Behind the Camera

Gathering together an impressive team to the helm was next up. It was especially important to me that this be a fully female endeavor. From extras to Executive Producers every woman involved is crucial to this story, and I believe making these kinds of projects often is what will move the needle for the industry at large. Check out the Production Team on the next page to meet some of our incredible talent! As of launch we are just getting into casting and assembling our crew and will be posting updates as we add talent to our team.


How You Can Help

We are now aiming to raise $6,660 at minimum to make this a reality. Paying our cast and crew for their commitment, especially during a time of freelance drought, is top priority. Tied only with safety - COVID is still a serious issue and we are being very diligent with social distancing, testing, and PPE on set to ensure we can serve as examples for how to safely do our jobs and create quality content. Our budget is meant to solidify that goal. We also need to pay for locations, as this does take place in an office (a foreign destination to some now!) as well as equipment to help bring the sets and characters to life in a compelling way. We hope our budget will cover post-production and film festival submissions but are also looking into possible grants.


Some other works our project has been influenced by


Shooting is scheduled for February 26 - 27 with ADR and voice over to be recorded in March from Chelsea's home recording studio.



Your contribution will help push us through production and into post so that we can gear up for film festival submissions! We also look forward to to releasing the project (pending submissions guidelines) on YouTube and hopefully some other online/streaming platforms. We will update as we can!



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Camera Department

Costs $1,625

This includes equipment rentals and funds to pay our crew!

On Screen Talent

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To cover the cost of hiring talent, as well as covering their necessary COVID testing.

Art Department

Costs $650

To cover a Production Designer as well as any props, set dressing and costumes needed

Behind the Scenes Talent

Costs $1,400

To cover hiring our crew, along with necessary COVID testing

Location, Location, Location

Costs $300

To secure a fabulous set location for us to film our story!


Costs $875

Insurance, Permits, Drives


Costs $1,440

To feed our lovely actors and crew in a safe COVID approved way. And coffee, lots of coffee.

About This Team

Chelsea Kwoka (Executive Producer, Lead Actor)

Chelsea Kwoka is an accomplished On Camera and Voice actor, having just shot a commercial for Verizon and is a regular promo voice on Cartoon Network's DC Super Hero Girls, respectively. She received her training at Florida State University and was recently in an award winning horror film as the lead antagonist which just completed it's festival run. Chelsea is incredibly excited to have stepped into the role of Executive Producer for The Little Things and has sought to surround herself with incredible talent and drive in her team.


Stevie Boisselle (Executive Producer)

Amanda “Stevie” Boisselle is a producer with a wide range of experience including documentaries, tv, and digital content. Among her previous work she has produced the feature length documentary “The Ghosts of Ripcord” as well as a PSA for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving and an episode of the web-series “Darkstone”. In 2018 she became a member of the DGA as an assistant director and works to bring her knowledge from larger films and tv shows to smaller productions. 


Katherine Oostman (Director)

Katherine Oostman is a writer / director whose breadth of work includes narrative, documentary, and branded content. Her narrative short film "The Stranger" won a bronze Telly Award for directing and screened at numerous festivals including San Diego Comic Con, the Atlanta Film Festival, and the Florida Film Festival. Her most recent branded work for Google Arts & Culture was made in collaboration with illustrious cultural institutions such as Carnegie Hall. She is also the founder of Film Femme, a filmmaking-inspired clothing brand designed to champion female-identifying creators in the industry.


Iliana Ipes (Director of Photography)

Iliana Ipes is a Latinx cinematographer who has a passion for visually exploring stories about people whose narratives are not often told. She loves challenging seemingly cemented ideas of sexuality, gender and race while interweaving the theme of human connection. Her goal is to help create content with real and complex characters that she wishes 10 year old Iliana could have seen on TV. Being behind the camera comes second only to watching a futbol game with her abuelo and eating her abuela's peaches and merengue cake.

Current Team