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Thriller, Horror

Jerry Bell

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Tinderbox is being produced by two very passionate African American film makers. Their vision is to captivate their audiences through dynamic, diverse and meaningful content.

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Mission Statement

This feature was written by Maurice Cardwell and will be Directed by Jerry Bell Jr, both of whom are African American creatives dedicated to sharing stories that will help gain exposure to those under-presented. We will be hiring highly professional cast and crew of diverse ethnicity.

The Story

Anastasia Smith (Anna) has suffered from a heavy case of schizophrenia since she witnessed a tramatic incident as a little girl. After completing an experimental program at an advanced psychiatric hospital, Anna feels as thoughtshe's been cured but finds herself caught up in a warped world where the true nature of whats real and what's not is called into question at every turn. In the end, the truth of Anna's reality is revealed in a climatic fashion, and the truth will set you free. Or will it? This is a high concept story, layered.

and packed with mind bending twists



Note: Dont forget to watch the draft movie trailer in the "Media" section of this campaign. The trailer is a pschycological thrill ride within itself. If you like the below movies, you will really like Tinderbox:



Anastasia Smith

Anna, as she affectionately called, is a California software designer in her late 20s, who has had a tumultuous childhood. At age 9, she witnesses her father killing her mother, then he turned the gun on himself. In her adulthood, she has had to cope with paranoid delusional states, one being the image of her own self as a killer and wanting her own destruction. During a psychiatric hospital visit, she volunteers to be a part of an experimental project, and months later, is considered “cured.” With a new outlook on life, her main desire is to repair her relationship with her boyfriend and to eventually lead a normal life free of the demons of her past.



A middle-aged male that is the sole proprietor of a dreary, eclectic little antique shop called Past, Present... He has an “other” worldly presence who is often charming as she is peculiar. His/Her movements are slow but precise and he/she is cryptic in his/her dealings with Anna and Adrian. He/She is the catalyst in connecting the strings to this enigmatic ball of yarn.



Adolfo Smith

Smitty is what this old, vulgar man likes to be called. He has taken his run down home and made it into a make shift bed and breakfast where Anna and Adrian are forced to spend a night. He clearly has a “thing” for the attractive Anna and makes it real clear, Adrian or not, that he is deeply interested. As murderous events take place, it is revealed that Smitty is at the center of the bedlam and he has an agenda that is quite deadly.


Adrian Smith

This person represent the stability in Anna's world. As a police officer, Anna sees security as well as authority, the few traits that her condition has robbed her of. Very loving and caring, Adrian longs for the day that Anna's stat of mind is healthy enough for another try at a good relationship.



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Yall know foods gotta be good to get our best work done.


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We will secure the right talent in the area

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2 Camera High Definition Desired

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Very good make up artist, props, wardrobe needed

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Permits, Insurance, Releases, Etc.

About This Team

The Director:

Jerry Bell Jr is an award winning film Director, Producer and a TV and Film personality. An Atlanta, GA native, Jerry traveled most of his early years as a military child. He also served in the United State Air Force for 8 years. He is an educated business man who resigned from a long career at one of America's top technology companies to feed his passion of educating and entertaining through film. As an actor Jerry has performed in many national broadcast TV shows and commercials. He is most noticed as the #swifferdad in the "Deep Couch Sitting" Swiffer commercial along with his little son Jerry Bell III. Jerry is the founder of JBJR Productions whose primary focus is creating films that address issues challenging our society.


The Writer:

Maurice J. Cardwell is an award winning writer, director, editor and producer heading the independent film company Black Rain Films. Being in the visual media field for over a decade, Maurice has acutely honed his varied skill sets to produce high concept, "out of the box" films, garnering him over 20 awards and honors in a span of just three years. His tenure as a United States Marine demonstrates his unyielding devotion to excellence, and that same drive is apparent in his body of work as a filmmaker. Maurice has been quoted, "The essence of outstanding filmmaking, is to stand out."

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