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Last 4 Hours Only! (1) Truly Rare Original Thich Nhat Hanh Calligraphy to further our (2) Thich Nhat Hanh Movies - One big Goal! Distribute The Planting Seeds of Mindfulness & The 5 Powers Movies. Receive great prizes and together we can co-create a more MINDFULWORLD!

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The Story

Over the course of 4 years we have Crowdfunded our way to finishing two mixed media (Animated & Documentary) movies starring the World Renowed Zen Master and Engaged Mindfulness Pioneer Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay).  


“Hope is what the world needs now and hope is what The 5 Powers Movie offers.” - Andrea Miller, Deputy Editor, Shambhala Sun (Lions Roar) Magazine


These are the first movies that we have ever created, released and distributed and it has been a tremendous struggle, joy and learning experience. 

The two movies Planting Seeds of Mindfulness & The 5 Powers are very different and deal with social and environmental issues in a creative and sometimes humourous way.

Now its time to release our two babies of hope into the world and thats where you can help.


If we reach our $13,500 goal and 500 Followers (Even if you cannot contribute you can follow the campaign and it helps us a lot) within 30 days we have the chance to receive a distribution offer to reach 100 million homes.


Thank you in advance for supporting the spread of compassion, understanding, kind speech, and love through the mediums of comics and movies.




The Movies & Music

Planting Seeds Of Mindfulness Mixed Media Documentary Film


Download The Planting Seeds Electronic Press Kit Here.


We created two versions of the Planting Seeds Movie.  The Mixed Media Documentary version is based on the bestselling book Planting Seeds of Mindfulness for Children by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and world renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.


The documentary Stars Thich Nhat Hanh “Thay” and features Q & A session with Thay and interviews with Parents, Children, Teens and Educators from several continents.  The Award Winning Offcial MOVIE SOUNDTRACK features legendary artist Tina Turner.  


Since 2008, Tina Turner has been committed to the promotion of tolerance and respect through music as both an ambassador and singer.  After listening to the first composition of CHILDREN BEYOND she was extremely moved: “This is the path we must take – we must start with children. I want to help.” She wants to touch as many people as possible with the CHILDREN BEYOND project.


The animated portion of the mixed media documentary features TV Star Orlando Jones as an animated character, and his son Jasper, A Vietnamese African American Teenager whose family has just moved to a new neighbourhood, and a new school to be closer to Jasper´s charming and wise Zen master like Grandfather.


Jasper, age 16, is experiencing difficulties and wants more peace and new friends in his life. To help with the stress from moving and his parents fighting, Jasper talks with Grandfather about the mindfulness he learned from Thay, a Zen Master at Plum Village (PV) in France.


Jasper reflects on the diverse groups of families learning from and sharing their suffering with Thay.  Jasper and his family recall several teachings. One that deals with kind speech, reflection and honest words about oneself and the “pebble meditation practice” with its four symbols that Jasper and his sister Amelia especially liked.


The four symbols are flower for freshness, mountain for solidity, still water for reflecting, and space for freedom.



Jasper also faces bullying at school. Jasper shows compassion and understanding to help water the good seeds in the bully so that they become friends.


The 5 Powers Movie & Comic

3 Superheroes of Peace and a comic book change the course of world history and inspire millions around the world.


"We hope that this film will challenge the traditional notion of ‘the hero’ and what constitutes heroic action" - Gregory Kennedy-Salemi

Download The 5Powers Movie Electronic Press Kit Here



Through the experiences of the main “The 5 Powers” films protagonists; Alfred Hassler, an American anti-war superhero, Vietnamese peace activist Sister Chan Khong and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, whom Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967, the audience is confronted with a variety of challenging and complex human rights and social justice issues.


The 5 Powers narrative looks at Alfred Hassler’s life through the eyes of Vietnamese Buddhism and portrays him as an American Bodhisattva—an enlightened heroic figure, committed to exercising compassion for all living beings. His journey forms the archetypical origin story of our hero, exemplified by shared episodes from the true accounts in the lives of Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan Khong and Hassler himself.

The formative experiences of these characters, as they meet and collaborate in the turbulent 1960s, alongside figures like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Buddhist leader Thich Tri Quang, are framed within scenes at Hassler’s bedside, as his condition worsens in the hours before his death in June of 1991.

One of the film’s big surprises is the largely unknown The Montgomery Story Comic Book created by Alfred Hassler that turned Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr, into a Superhero. First published in December 1957 by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, it went unnoticed by the mainstream comic book industry, but spread like wildfire among civil rights groups, churches, and schools, helping to mobilize a generation to join the global fight for equality - nonviolently.



Although today’s pop culture landscape is riddled with innumerable retellings of superhero mythology in film, television, video games and graphic novels, the comic books that represent the source material for some of the most iconic characters today were not always treated as a legitimate form of literature.

Throughout the 20th century, comic books were often consider somewhat "subversive," a harmless rebellion from parental authority and educational approvals.

Even if the material may not have always had an overtly subversive message, as cultural objects comic books were not mainstream. The most impactful comic books were an eruption. They contained irrational pressure on the status quo. They begged readers to see things differently.


The Montgomery Story comic book has reached beyond Dr. king’s time and place to inspire activists in Latin America, South Africa, Vietnam, Egypt, and beyond... as well as inspiring MARCH, the graphic novel trilogy by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell.

Viewers will be also be surprised to learn that in 1970, Thich Nhat Hanh and Alfred Hassler initiated the first large international meeting on the environment called Dai Dong, or “Great Togetherness.” Dai Dong was a groundbreaking environmental initiative that brought scientists, academics and peace activists together, linking the issues of war, environmental problems and poverty. The initiative produced The “Menton Statement”, which was signed by more than 5,000 scientists from around the world.

The film uses the dramaturgical structure of a classic documentary, woven together with comic book animation, its narrative unfolding through recurring symbols and themes pertinent to the principles and ideals of its heroes.

The film also points to the fact that nonviolent movements are not outside of the realm of violence, nor out of touch with reality, but are situated beyond violence, giving practitioners a more powerful tool than arms and weaponry.

As the film tells a story of the seemingly unstoppable escalation of violence, it simultaneously redefines a traditional dramatic structure: there is no good or bad, no white or black. There is only compassion and suffering.

The realization of this ultimate truth has the power to unite us - each with the other and with all who have courageously fought for peace. The story ends with a call to action, an invitation to the viewer to become a hero in his or her own life.


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About This Team

Founder - Gregory Kennedy-Salemi

Gregory´s mother, father and grandmother who knew and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, inspired and encouraged their children to be engaged and mindful citizens. 


Social and Environmental Justice, Cats & Dogs (Part of the family) and politics were frequent topics while they sat together eating delicious home cooked organic meals.
Gregory´s mom, a comparative theologian of sorts had a wide collection of books written by world renowed persons, with Thich Nhat Hanh being one of them. 


Gregory read Thich Nhat Hanh´s book "Peace is Every Step" at the age of 14 and many years later he began to work on two movie projects directly with his teenage hero, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Over the years Gregory Kennedy-Salemi, the founder of Mindfulcloud, has worked with Dr. Jane Goodall (Africa & Europe), Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. James Lawson, Nobel Peace Prize Winners Adolfo Perez Equivel, Dr. Hildegard Goss Mayr, Zlata Filipovich, Erin Gruwell (The Freedom Writers Diary), thousands of students and over one hundred teachers on media & technology based social and environmental projects and initiatives around the world.


Mindfulcloud BCorp Past Projects Showreel

Gregory studied computer science and international relations at DePaul University in Chicago, where he won a National Collegiate award for excellence and service, while simultaneously working as a Unix computer systems manager at MTI Technology.
In 2001, Gregory represented DePaul University at the United Nations in Geneva’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations (WGIP) conference. He is of African / French / Mexican / Irish and Native American decent.

 For the past several years Gregory has been working on two movies, Planting Seeds of Mindfulness and The 5 Powers, and their interconnected social engagement, educational and technical components as well.

Gregory has been meditating & practicing mindfulness (somedays better than others:-), for over 20 years.

He has also been spearheading the secret MINDFULWORLD Project:-)…more to come.


Co-Founder - Anthony Nicotera

Anthony who has worked with Mother Theresa in Calcutta and other luminaries, has over 15 years of fundraising experience, ensuring organizations’ long-term fiscal  sustainability and growth; he has raised millions of dollars to support schools and  education  initiatives. 

He has extensive experience working with business and community leaders to connect the corporate and not‑for‑profit communities; he has been a tireless advocate for increased educational opportunities for low‑income, urban children and families.

Anthony has directed programs, taught courses and led workshops and seminars in peace, social welfare policy and social justice for over 12 years. He taught at DePaul University, Tufts University and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He also co-founded DePaul’s Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice studies program. For the past  8  years, he has taught a peace and justice course at New York University (NYU), where he also served as Interim Director of the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Spirituality and Social Work.

He has his law and social work degrees and is an experienced leader, peace  educator, executive manager, educator and development professional with a proven record of excellence in education, institutional advancement and creative, strategic program development. Anthony has over 18 years of motivational leadership experience,  setting  big  goals and leading  organizations  to   high achievement; establishing new schools, centers and programs.
Accesibility and Inclusion - Iris Manca

Iris Manca is a sinologist, filmmaker, theater-maker, and project manager. She has worked with children, teenagers and adults using media and art as a tool for social change and to develop creative approaches to the practice of engaged mindfulness.

She is multilingual (Italian, Chinese, English, French,Spanish, German)  with her main focus at being inclusion and accessibility, aiming at making the teaching and practice of engaged mindfulness accessible to people with disabilities and to people from various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Iris has been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh for 13 years.

“Iris is driven and deeply committed to making things accessible in every sense of the word (Languages, Closed Captions, Audio s )  


Graphics and Editing - Julia Pastor 

Since Julia Pastor Serrano was a child she was surrounded by Christian, Oriental and Buddhist influences, with her mother being a Practicing Buddhist.  This caused Julia to be curious and she liked what she found.

Julia Studied Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain. During University she was worked as a Graphic Designer with her older brother, and after 5 years of studies she decided along with two friends to start Layon Films an audiovisual company.

They Started to produce videos for free until they had a good quantity of work to show customers.  They started to make money and become profitable.

Suddenly her life changed drastically, Julia fell in love and went to live to Poland, where she took work as an illustrator in a Tattoo Studio.

Poland was too cold and the language too hard :) so she moved to Vienna, where she ran into Gregory, and after some months she started to work with him as a part of the MindfulWorld Adventure..

Editing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Social Media and Growth Hacking Strategy are her things.

Social Media and Technology - Joanna Baranska

Joanna Baranska studied at University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Poland. She is an archaeologist (with passion for exploring new and discovering the truth about ancient history :) interested in Art, Sport,  Social Media and Technology development.

She likes to learn different things:)

Janna worked as a Photographer and illustrator on archaeological expeditions as well as Sales and Marketing, where she was  responsible for advertisement and customer service. She enjoys speaking with and meeting people, and loves new challenges.

Her first contact with Buddhist culture came as a result of her studying Thai Boxing as a way to achieve balance between body and mind. Joanna learned great life lessons: Patience, Consistently Pursue Your Goal. Use our strength to help others.

These lessons inspired her to launch and manage with her brother, a Sport Club in Poland.

Joanna now lives in Vienna, and she is really happy of having the opportunity to work on the team. She is responsible for Social Media, and Technology, and helping out on various Team Projects.


Current Team