The Things We Do When We're Alone (feature)

Brooklyn, New York | Film Feature

Comedy, Drama

Chanel James

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The Things We Do When We're Alone follows crestfallen punk fan Cassidy as she returns home to seek salvation in a rare performance by her favorite band.

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The Story

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In the summer of 2002, I'm sitting on the floor of my grandparent’s basement gazing through old family photo albums depressed because I have to shuffle back and forth between Atlanta and Philly to see the best friends I’d just left to move to a new town, juggle shifting family dynamics, and concern myself with the horror of entering the 9th grade with no idea how to present myself to this world. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows (Brand New) comes on Fuse and the title corresponds to exactly what I am currently feeling. I close the photo album and stare entranced at my screen. This young guy in an ambulance has just had something terrible and life altering happen, and he’s purging in front of me. This is all that I can see.


In that one day my entire life turned around. I saw a way into another world where I could say things and feel what I am feeling openly and safely, and have no one see me but the ones who know me. I have lots of feelings. I still have all the feelings. But when I was a kid, so many feelings.


The first show I can remember attending was a Coffee House talent show that the drama club put on at the end of 10th grade. Our friend's brother's band played Weezer covers and we all stood in a close circle and sang along with the band. I learned the words on the spot. The comdarie was uplifting. Everyone was here to support Pat and his music. The next was The Early November, and on and on.


I started writing this film in 2011. I was journaling alone at restaurants all across the city in a notebook, frantically and constantly. Trying to rack my brain with finding my voice....which is daunting and heavy and seemingly impossible, still. I grew up watching Now and Then and Almost Famous on repeat. I wanted something like that to exist featuring someone who looked and felt like me. So, I've written The Things We Do When We're Alone which is an ode to the music of my generation and how important it has been to me and is to people who grew up with me: Brand New, Saves The Day, The Early November, Mewithoutyou, Something Corporate, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Emery, Saosin... We're all so excited to make this film and I hope you not only enjoy the film, but become a part of it. 


Thank you,


"The Things We Do When We’re Alone" 2015 is a coming of age film about what happens when you don’t just love music, but live by it. Starring Taylor Garron, Tinuke Adetunji, Jazlyn Rodriguez, and Corrie Legge. Written, Produced, Directed by Chanel James. © Dinosaur Hawk Films, LLC. 


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Location Rental Fee

Costs $400

This helps us secure a music venue for the concert scenes.


Costs $500

Covers the cost of production expendables - such as first aid kit, gaffers tape, and bug spray.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Location fees

Costs $100

This helps us secure (1) two-story, brick suburban home to film house party scene. $100/day

Location fees

Costs $100

This helps us secure (1) ranch-style suburban home for Cassidy's parents' residence. $100/day

Location fees

Costs $200

This helps us secure (1) craftsman style home for the band's after party. Oh yeah! $100/day

Rokinon Lenses

Costs $420

Covers 3 Rokinon lenses for the camera department, which helps us achieve the film look.


Costs $2,800

Covers catering service for 14 day shoot.


Costs $3,560

Things come up! This portion helps us cover any last minute expenses during the shoot.


Costs $400

Gets the NYC based cast - a.k.a our main characters (!) to set in Atlanta.


Costs $400

Gets the cinematographer, creator, and music supervisor to set in Atlanta!

Makeup Kit

Costs $50

This covers a basic makeup kit for the style team to use on our cast during production.

Wardrobe package

Costs $200

This covers general costs of any wardrobe items needed for main cast during production.

Prop Package

Costs $300

Covers all of our scrappy props a la the early 2000s.

15 Passenger Van

Costs $500

Covers our production van rental for the duration of production.

Hotel Room

Costs $3,600

Covers lodging for NYC cast and crew while in town. Bonus points for boarding offers!

Production Insurance

Costs $1,600

This portion covers production insurance for the duration of our shoot.

ND Filters

Costs $120

This will help us secure ND filters for our Blackmagic Design Studio camera.

Accessories - Follow Focus

Costs $250

This will help us secure a follow focus for our Blackmagic Design Studio camera.

Monitors - External Monitors

Costs $400

This will help us purchase a monitor to use with this production and future productions.

Accessories - Storage / Media

Costs $200

This portion covers a Sandisk 128GB SD card to store our video files during production.

Dolly + Track

Costs $600

This portion helps us secure a dolly and dolly track for the grip department during production.

Grip Kit - Sandbags 15lbs

Costs $120

This portion covers sandbags, which help keep the grip department safe when handling heavy objects!

Grip Kit - C Stands

Costs $280

This portion covers c-stands, which help the grip and lighting teams set up the shot!

Rental Car

Costs $500

Covers production car rental for duration of shoot. Also open to renting from a local!

About This Team

We are a Brooklyn based collective of friends who hail from Jersey, the south and midwest. We like going to shows.

John L. Murphy: Cinematographer

Tandace Nassiri-Sheijani: Assistant Director

K.C. Simonton: Producer / Production Designer

Jen Quinn: Art Director

Nikki DeSautelle: Illustrator

Heidi M. Knight: Social Media and Style Team Manager

Nathan V. Terry: Composer and Music Supervisor

Chanel James: Writer, Producer, Director



Current Team