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Imagine “Insecure” got knocked-up from a one night stand with “Working Moms,” but settled down with “Better Things” to raise the baby. “This is Fine” is a half hour dramedy series about navigating millennial adulthood with a little help from pole dancing. Learn more here :

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Mission Statement

We are a group of female & nonbinary creatives passionate about uplifting BIPOC, queer, & neurodiverse voices within the television industry. We are eager to continue paving the way for future generations of creatives, so that they will be liberated in the artistic space.

The Story

This is Fine is a new dramedy series about navigating millennial adulthood with a little help from pole dancing. AFTER coming of age, and making all of the “right” choices, Charlie, Zoe, Max, and Berry face the realization that many of us are hitting right now: We’re tired. We’re broken. We’re far from fine. Grappling to balance their innermost desires with external expectations, our ensemble bond as they realize the only way through these failed attempts at adulthood is together. 

The Journey

The complexity of middle and younger aged millennial adulthood doesn't get enough attention; that late 20s/early 30s struggle of society expecting you to have your shit together while little is at our disposal to support making that happen. The show is very much inspired by my own attempts at adulting, especially my friendship with pole instructor and actress Angela Chandra. I didn’t see friendships, specifically new ADULT friendships like ours portrayed very often: one, a hetero-normative presenting white lady married with kids, the other, a queer, childless by choice, desi-American woman newly single and playing the field. On paper, there aren’t a lot of ways to see our lives overlapping enough to have that chance to connect. But as luck and the age of social media would have it, we connected via instagram, and we’ve been besties ever since.

-Sam Bangs (co-creator/Charlie Henderson)

As a Bi-Latina growing up in Portland her entire life, this is the first project that I’ve felt listened to and accepted on. I don’t feel exploited, rather I actually feel a part of the conversation. And it’s been great developing the series with a team of writers to expand it so much more. And our writers room has been very safe and understanding. It feels like a space where any idea can be pitched, or constructively worked on; to work and develop as an artist around this team.

-Brittany Villela (co-creator/Berry Gomez) 

When we talk about diversity and inclusion…

“Diversity” and “Representation” are buzz words unless you put in the work. And this team has put in the work. From diversifying the writer’s room, the producing and directing team, the talent on-screen as well as our talented crew we are creating something truly unique. 

-Tara Johnson-Medinger (executive producer/pilot director)

For many minority, LGBTQ+, and misrepresented voices, it’s always been incredibly hard, if not impossible, to sit at the Table in the writer’s room. With the rise of the so-called ‘diverse movement’ in the industry, it’s important to stress that being heard and being listened to are completely different things; it shouldn’t be tokenizing someone. Many artists end up representing their culture, which adds an uneasy level of pressure, especially in a society that constantly pushes the same damaging standards. 

We’ve been able to safely expand this creative space where our trust as a team has allowed our scripts to evolve and exist with the fluidity of motion as our characters are of their own accord. Everyone is invited to the room where it happens.

The Nitty Gritty

Let's get down to business: we need money.

We've written a full first season with a 6 epsiode arc, have connections to potential streaming services, and have started to cast key characters & crew up.

Your contribution will help us to complete the pilot: compensate our cast & crew, pay for equipment rentals, and purchase insurance to help keep our production secure and running smoothly.

Something we take just as seriously as representation is safety — for our cast, crew, and everyone involved in this production. Covid-19 protocol is incredibly important to us, and that includes implementing testing on-set and working with crew members that are Safe Set certified.

When you contribute to our campaign, you’re also supporting bringing a new TV series to Portland that: 

  • Uplifts female & queer voices 
  • Promotes diversity and inclusivity above and below the line
  • Brings future entertainment industry job opportunities to the Pacific Northwest

Meet Your Four New Best Friends


Zoe Singh  entreprenuer/desi/dancer   

 Charlie Deegan   actor/mom of two/wife 

Berry Gomez   student/artist/expectant mother

Max Whitney   plant lover/trans/loyal friend


On paper, Zoe SinghCharlie Henderson, Berry Gomez and Max Whitney could not be more different.

Zoe self-identifies as ABCD: American Born Confused Desi. Juggling her 9-5 and teaching pole left her boyfriend demanding more attention, so she quit her desk job and opened her own studio: apparently the wrong choice for him. While Zoe’s studio is a haven for many, it is falling apart behind the scenes. Newly single and struggling, Zoe finds solace in new friendships.

After being drawn in by Zoe’s pole showcase, Charlie is reinspired to find herself while maneuvering between creative pursuits and the pressures of motherhood. Charlie and Zoe form an instant bond, despite their apparent differences, and they lean heavily on one another through the pressures of adulting.

Also in the mix is one of Zoe's students, Max, a Black transfemme facing blatant tokenization at their work-from-home corporate nightmare. Thankfully pole dance and caring for their plants bring them happiness: even if they aren’t particularly skilled at either.

Behind the studio’s front desk sits Berry, barely hiding her growing baby bump, unsure if she’s truly ready for motherhood.

An amalgamation of the millennial experience, this ensemble all quickly bond when they realize the only way through these failed attempts at adulthood is together.

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Among them, a pole studio & lobby for our ensemble to hang: Central Perk with more sass.


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Payment for actors not taking deferred pay, including pole dance performers.


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Key Costumer + Hair and Make-Up


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Camera Department, Art Department, Set Operations... it takes a village.


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The lights, camera (insurance, taxes, crafty, footage storage, props, etc.)... action.

About This Team

Tara Johnson-Medinger - executive producer and pilot director

Tara is a film director, producer and champion of gender equality in the entertainment industry. Producer of the award-winning  documentary The Winding Stream and feature films City Baby, and Mother of Color, her feature film directorial debut My Summer as a Goth released in 2020. An advocate for women in film, Johnson-Medinger honors groundbreaking female and non-binary filmmakers as Executive Director of the international Power of Women in Film Festival (POW Film Fest), while developing the next generation of media makers through the youth education forum she founded, POWGirls.  Johnson-Medinger is a member of the Producer's Guild of America, served on the founding board of directors of the Women in Film Portland and was awarded the 2013 Service & Inspiration Award by the Oregon Media Production Association. Before moving to Portland, she was a manager of affiliate promotion at the FOX Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their two busy teenagers.


Brittany Villela - co-creator and series regular

Brittany is a lighter by day, writer by night since her early stage manager years. She’s started at Portland Community College where she became a typographer and graphic design for their local literacy journals. Then transferred to and graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Film. She has written and produced several projects, such as Fencesitters, Whistle, Cultivar, and recent grant recipient Undercard. She’s currently working on Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio as an additional gaffer.


Sam Bangs - co-creator and series regular

Sam is a graduate of the University of Miami acting conservatory and film studies program.
An actor with The Option Agency and mom by trade, you may have caught her in a Kroger commercial, Dean Devlin 's Bad Samaritan , or coaching the local youth sports team. She is foraying into the world of writing and producing for the opportunity to showcase stories that have largely gone untold, especially those from the LGBTQIA+ community, and the global majority. Sam is also an American Council on Exercise - ACE personal trainer and functional training specialist, a USA Track & Field Level 1 run coach, a social media marketing manager, and an excellent baker. Her long term goal is to aid in the creation of more entertainment industry job opportunities in Oregon for women and non-binary individuals, both behind and on-camera. Aside from two unmedicated vaginal deliveries, birthing an entire TV series has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things she's ever done.


Mia Rose - assistant director and producer

Mia is a Portland-based creative with a background in photography, assistant directing, and sustainable styling through their vintage garment and prop rental company, Recollection. They are attracted to any project that is created out of passion and a curiosity to explore the human experience, and This is Fine fits the bill perfectly — especially when the characters' journeys through gender, sexuality, and family dynamics feel so familiar. 


Lily Hennings - assistant producer and writer

Lily made her way to Portland 3 years ago after outgrowing her small hometown in Washington, and being inspired by the weekend trips she would take to the city. As she grew up in a non-traditional home with a single parent, she learned the values of adaptability and perseverance in the face of adversity, which has in turn made her resourceful in both her adulthood and creative pursuits. As an autistic biracial and queer individual, she has a strong ambition to represent marginalized and underserved communities through the medium of film, as well as in her fantasy-inspired illustrations. Lily recently completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Film at Portland State University in March 2022, and has been spending her free time working on local independent films in both the Art and Camera departments. Recently, she has had the opportunity to work in collaboration for production companies such as A24, TEDx and TLC, as well as contribute to the pre-production of other short films. When she's not watching films or working on her projects, Lily can be found crafting, traveling, and playing video games. 


Ricky King - assistant producer and writer

Ricky is a writer, editor, and plant dad born and raised in Portland, Oregon. (Yes, Black Portlanders do exist!)

They studied at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and graduated magna cum laude in 2021 with a BFA in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary. They are now working in the Pacific Northwest as a freelance editor, videographer, and all around production guy. Although they have their hands in pre-production, production, and post, story is at the heart of all three. Most recently, they have joined ZP Productions in North Portland as a freelance editor and PA.

They have a soft spot for underdogs and “unusual” heroes, writing from the perspective of a multiracial black nonbinary person raised in the whitest major city in America. Their feature screenplay, Moving On, was a semifinalist selection in The Screen Lab’s 2021 Free Screenplay Contest.

They are currently based in Portland and excited to tell the untold stories of their eclectic hometown.


Angela Chandra - series regular

Angela started acting in high school and at community theatres in her small hometown in California, and then went on to spend some time in the BFA Acting program at UC Santa Barbara. In San Francisco she helped debut the LGBTQ theatre company Left Coast Theatre, and soon after she discovered pole dance. It altered the course of her life, introducing her to a type of mind/body connection and community she never knew she needed. Angela taught pole classes in San Francisco for four years before moving to Portland and teaching at Ecdysiast and Diva Den. Her expertise is in freestyle dance and floorwork. Angela continues to act on camera for commercial and film projects in Portland. Her participation in "This is Fine" is a tribute to her experience as a queer South Asian pole dancing feminist!


Morgan Millogo - writer

Morgan is an indie writer/director/producer who most recently created an award winning web series, "Tabs & Clea". A former Upsate Women in Film and TV board member, Morgan has dedicated her career to supporting and uplifting women and LGBTQIA+ storytellers and stories. 

Joyce Fitzpatrick - consulting producer

Joyce is a Producer/Writer/Director who has over twenty years experience in television production and film on tv series and specials for ABC, NBC, CW, UPN, E! Entertainment, Black Entertainment Television (BET) and PBS. She has also produced, written and directed over 60 on-air promos including the PBS Bill Moyers special “Moyers on Addiction: Close to Home in LA” and three award-winning feature documentaries:“The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital,” “Sunshine, Noodles and Me” and “DIscovering Mary.” Her most recent works include a narrative feature “Hidden Orchard Mysteries” and severalaward-winning live-action and animated shorts.


Current Team