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Jose Ordoñez Sanabria Jr.

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A family of four stays home while a hurricane passes through Florida. As the family falls into disarray, dark secrets come to light, and as the storm hits, another one makes its presence known in the household.

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Mission Statement

The cast & crew will reflect South Florida's diverse population.

The Story


Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. My name is Jose Ordoñez Jr. and I am the writer & director of Three Bedrooms



I spent my high school years living in Fort Lauderdale, FL and moved back to this beautiful and complicated town following college graduation. Staying in town while Irma hit in 2017 was quite hectic to say the least. The event inspired me to write a story about a family that stays home while a storm hits the state; and yet the literal storm is not as destructive as the emotional one inside the household.



The story follows a twenty-seven year old Tyler as he visits his girlfriend's family's house in Fort Lauderdale. Donna, the middle aged mother whose desire to be popular has not left its high school years, and Beth, the quiet seventeen year old high school senior, greet the couple. From the get-go, Tyler witnesses uncomfortable dinner conversations, awkward encounters, and dark family secrets.


I hope you're as excited about this project as I am. In fact, I would love to partner with you!


Your contribution is as important to this project as the work going on behind the scenes. Think about it: Without people like you, this film cannot materialize into something bigger than a dream or an idea.


So let's do it!


Please share this page with a friend or two, and then ask them to share with a friend or two. Cinema is community!



Jose Ordoñez Jr.



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About This Team

 - WHO I AM -


Hello all! My name is Jose Ordoñez Jr. and I am an independent writer & director based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Growing up attending my father's television sets, I dreamt of directing my own content someday. Flashforward two decades later, and after producing ten shorts and several music videos, I am undertaking my biggest challenge to date: the feature-long narrative.




These are the amazing people who are sacrificing time to invest in this film:


Andrew Paul Davis: I met Andrew my freshman year of high school. We went through film classes together and collaborated from an early age. As of today, Andrew has produced countless short films and a feature Palace. He is a founding member of thater company New City Players, co-founder of film company One County and founder of media company Stone Circle Media. I came to Andrew with the script in January of this year, and he was a wonderful resource; constantly advising me through the making of this project. Andrew will be taking over the role of Producer.


Sunday Ordoñez: Sunday is my favorite of all the crew members, but I'm biased. She is a photographer, designer, and since last year, the digital communications coordinator at The Brand Collectivea branding agency in Miami. Sunday will step in as our Production Designer, and make the Fink house come to life.


Taylor Hecocks: I met Taylor during our high school years, but did not get to truly know him until college, where we roomed together for two years. Taylor is the lead singer and songwriter of salad rock band King Shelter. I have had the privilige to direct three music videos and edit two others. Taylor is the most talented musician I personally know, and I can't wait to see how his talent will make this film come to life.

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