Three Fingers

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee | Film Short

Drama, War

Paul D. Hart

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A young female Marine war veteran navigates her disintegrating life until there is nothing left but to make a choice. (Vimeo Link for iPads & iPhones to view video )

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The Story

Twenty-two.  That's the number of war veterans that take their own lives every day in the United States.  Sometimes a storyteller finds inspiration that leads to and coincides with a subject matter that needs to be told.  Three Fingers, for me, is that story.

I wish to make a film that is not only artistic and accessible, but at the same time sheds light on major physical and mental illnesses that plague many veterans who have volunteered to serve our country.  Dealing with mental illness in my own family, I am cognizant of the need for a better public understanding of mental health and trust that our vision on the screen can be a conduit for raising such awareness.  With several active and retired Marines already helping us through outreach and consultation, we are well on our way to achieving this goal. 

As the script is very visual in nature, I intend the film to rely heavily on the imagery as well as rich immersive soundscapes to tell the story.  Our cinematographer, Shawn Grice, along with our sound designer, Ugo Derouard and Composer Sarah Lipstate (aka Noveller) promise to be integral collaborators to help me realize my vision.

Three Fingers is an intimate story of a very personal struggle.  Our lead, Virginia Newcomb, carries a burning subtlety and a visually compelling skill set that will surely bring "Jessie" to life while rooted in a raw realism.  With the thorough preparation she is currently putting into Three Fingers, combined with having just completed filming a lead role in the feature film Reparation (containing themes surrounding PTSD), her sensibilities are an ideal fit for our story.

The overwhelmingly positive response we have received in pursuing the production of Three Fingers has been humbling and massively exciting.  The group of  artists we have compiled to work on the film, thus far, is thrilling and continues to surpass my wildest dreams. ~Paul D. Hart writer/director


I began working on this project to tell the unique story of a woman from the South's personal struggle with post traumatic stress.  I've been consulting with female marines from FET (Female Engagement Team) and their countless untold stories have fueled my passion and need to make this film.  Paul has written a beautiful story that goes beyond gender or even military affiliation, it’s a story that we continue to find resonates with us as humans.  I am tremendously grateful for your support. ~Virginia Newcomb actor/producer



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Picture Car

Costs $100

We need an old Bronco, Land Cruiser or Pickup truck for our lead character's picture car. 1 day.

Lenses - Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime Set

Costs $1,600

We need to acquire a full set of prime lenses for the RED Epic. Possibly a 100 or 120mm in addition.

Hard Drive

Costs $300

3x 2TB external hard drives for data management.

Location fees

Costs $1,000

We need a southern dive bar & a "support group meeting room" location in Nashville. One day each.

Craft Services Food

Costs $450

Cover the cost or donate items for snacks and beverages for our shoot days.


Costs $900

Catering for meals on set. 3 days.

Production Manager

Costs $1,000

UPM/Line Producer needed in the Nashville area.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $1,025

Production sound mixer needed w/ equipment in the Nashville area.

Best Boy (Electrical)

Costs $300

Need a G&E swing for 3 days in the Nashville area.

First Camera Assistant

Costs $300

Need a 1st AC in the Nashville area confident with the RED Epic.

Make Up Artist

Costs $600

We need a make up artist confident with prosthetics and beauty makeup in the Nashville area.

Prosthetic scar

Costs $750

Custom prosthetic scar needed based on our specifications.

Script Supervisor

Costs $450

Need a script supervisor local to the Nashville area.


Costs $800

Flights for key cast and crew to our filming location in Nashville, TN

Principle Actors

Costs $2,000

Cover the pay for our principle cast of actors.

Grip & Electric Rentals

Costs $2,000

Covers rental fee for all grip and lighting equipment needed.

HD - RED Epic

Costs $900

Help pay for our camera package rental!

First Assistant Director

Costs $1,000

Help pay for our 1stAD's services.

Production Designer

Costs $800

Need a Production Designer local to the Nashville area.

Prop Package

Costs $750

Cover the cost of all props and art department purchases.

Digital Imaging Technician

Costs $800

Help pay for our DIT to manage image and media.


Costs $200

Help pay for principle actor wardrobe purchases.

About This Team

Paul D. Hart - writer/director - as a filmmaker, Paul is not only a writer/director, but is also a skilled gaffer and cinematographer. His time on set with camera & light have shaped him into a creative visual storyteller.

Hart graduated with honors from the Los Angeles Film School where he studied Editing and Directing.

Paul wrote Three Fingers in the Spring of 2014 and workshopped the film at We Make Movies in Los Angeles where he has been based for the last 12 years.  Teaming up with actor/producer Virginia Newcomb and producer Ben Umstead, he has been able to develop the film into an intimate story with a social relevance that applies to the ongoing problem of PTSD in our military veterans.

Hart is set to direct 3 films over the next year, starting with his fourth endeavor as director on Three Fingers in Fall 2014.

Virginia Newcomb - actor/producer - Southern native, Virginia can be seen in several feature films alongside talents such as Ellen Page, Udo Kier, Cillian Murphy, and Susan Sarandon in addition to TV shows such as the The Office and CSI

She has performed at numerous West Coast theatres and January 2014 held her New York debut in Jay Scheib’s live cinema production of Platonov, or The Disinherited which also simulcast live to Time Square and BAM.

Virginia just completed principle photography on the feature film Reparation, is currently filming the Civil War film, Union, and begins shooting the thriller Abductee later this month. 

After many productions spanning from Los Angeles to New York, Virginia is delighted to be working in the South.  Three Fingers marks her first film as a producer and her first film shot in her birth state of Tennessee.

Ben Umstead - producer - is full of contrasts. To start off with he is the East Coast Editor of, but is based in Los Angeles. As a development specialist he has worked on projects with producers from the Sundance winning Fishing Without Nets and Fruitvale Station, as well as Paul Solet, the writer & director of Grace.

Taking his experience as a producer on youth film camp productions, Ben is now teaming up with director & writer Paul D. Hart and actor & producer Virginia Newcomb for Three Fingers a short film on women in the military that is to be developed into a feature. 

In addition to his focus on all things cinematic , Ben is an writer of prose and poetry, an alternative education specialist, and as his Twitter profile says "a Familiar Enigma and a Fantastic Default."

Sarah Lipstate - composer - is an Austin-based musician and composer who records and performs under the moniker Noveller.  Fresh off her North American tour supporting St. Vincent, Lipstate is wasting no time composing new expansive soundscapes. Her recent film credits include feature-length films The Skeleton Twins, Happy Baby, documentary The Supreme Price, and animated short film Seeing the Invisible.

Noveller’s recent releases include the critically acclaimed album ‘No Dreams’ (Important Records) and a dreamy ambient collaborative LP titled ‘Reveries’ (Shelter Press) with Montreal’s drone master thisquietarmy.  Lipstate is also an accomplished filmmaker and her experimental filmwork will be featured in an upcoming screening at NYC’s Lincoln Film Center accompanied by a live musical score by a duo of Noveller and Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth).

Ugo Derouard - Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor - is the founder of Ugosound Studios.  He is known for his creative approach to sound design and mix. Derouard has been working in Hollywood since 2006. Over his career, Ugo has worked with A-List Directors and Music Composers, on Award winning Films, TV Shows, Commercials and Documentaries. He has received several Nominations and Awards, including the Peabodies in 2007, the AOF in 2009 for the originality and creativity of his Sound Design and again in 2010 for the overall quality of his mix.

Recently, Ugo supervised the audio post for Life After Beth with Aubrey Plaza, John C. Reilly, Dane Dehaan and Anna Kendrick. The complete post sound and pre-dub was done at his studios, in Los Angeles, and then he went to Skywalker Sound in NoCal for 3 weeks to finish the mix.


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