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"Through A Glass, Dimly" is a story of two women who are being abused by men. Miss Jenny is an elderly white lady who manifests symptoms of Alzheimer's. Michelle, a poor young black lady, is struggling to survive. They find it hard to help themselves. Maybe they can help each other instead...

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Mission Statement

Our film reminds us that though we come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders, we often have the same difficulties and troubles. We should help others - and allow others to help us, too. (But we should not use all of Miss Jenny's methods, lol!)

The Story

Miss Jenny’s son abuses her. He learned that behavior from his father...

Miss Jenny is an elderly lady in the first stages of Alzheimer’s disease;

And is in desperate need of help.

Michelle’s boyfriend takes advantage of and abuses her.

She is a poor young woman with a small son.

She has great hopes and dreams, but can't break the cycle of poverty, family crisis and fear.

Each woman can't figure out how to extricate her self from her predicament.

So they devise a plan whereby they, with help from their friends, can set the other free.

A primary goal of ours is to put a spotlight on the Alzheimer's/dementia epidemic. Help us to make that happen. The film also focuses on elder abuse, domestic violence and race relations. We are all brothers and sisters in the same struggle for peace and love. Our film is a work of fiction, but the film characters do reflect many real-life struggles. We truly believe “Through A Glass, Dimly” will entertain you, inform you, and make you laugh-out-loud! Please join our journey, and support our campaign.

We have over 20 fine actors in this film, many of whom are veterans of stage and screen. Laurie Coker (Miss Jenny) is an accomplished talent, who for many years has captivated audiences with her on theatrical performances. Jessica Thompson (Michelle) is relatively new to film, but she is a veteran of stage plays and performances. The “on set” chemistry between these two ladies is astounding! Many of the other actors on this film have worked together for years on various projects, and are excited to bring this drama-with-comedic-overtones to life. And as you will soon see, our actors are extremely talented.

Full-length feature indie films are very hard to fully produce, as many of you know. It takes a village to make one successfully. At BACKA Media Group, we try to create a family environment as we build each project, in which everyone is involved in our success. Our actors - no matter how small a film role they portray - are fully invested in bringing our current vision to fruition.

We are VERY happy to collaborate with Seed and Spark, and we know that this program has been built with wisdom and care. We filmmakers realize that without Seed and Spark, along with the collaboration and support of great folks like you, many of our projects would not be made, or would be greatly delayed. We join with all filmmakers  and say, “Thank YOU!

Please “follow” our journey here, and “support” us financially with the amount you are able to give. And share our link with your family and friends. Check out our INCENTIVES for giving! We look forward to sending you all the incentives that you deserve, and hope to see some of you on set with us in the coming months! We are at the end of pre-production, and will be ready to shoot near the end of August 2019, after a successful campaign here, of course!

We need to reach at least 80% of our goal to receive any of the money raised. All funds will be used in the Production stage of the film, as described in the following chart:

To observe more of the film plot, please watch our pre-production trailers under "MEDIA" above. And don't hesitate to email us with any questions or comments you may have, or contact us on Facebook!

[email protected]


Thank you again for your contributions, prayers, shares and good thoughts!

- The whole gang from “Through A Glass, Dimly”   - Brian K. Burns, Director


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About This Team

Brian K. Burns

Hi everyone! My main goals in the filmmaking industry are these:

3: To make quality films that have interesting characters, are enjoyable to watch, and teach the audience principles of love and truth. Films in which, at the very least, leave the viewer saying, "Now that was alright!"

2: To encourage and help promote the visibility and careers of scores of quality actors whose opportunities for recognition are minimal.

1: To be a blessing to God and man in all I do.

I produced, directed and wrote "Lil Mayne and The Knuckleheads," (website) our first full length feature film, last year. Previous to that I produced the 12 episode web series "Street Stories," and the 9 min music video "Daddy, I Miss You." I have been a BMI songwriter for over 30 yrs, and was educated at Rice University and The University of Texas - Austin.

I wrote the entirely fictional story, "Through A Glass, Dimly" after hearing about another story of two women - one old, one young - from a friend. We truly hope to draw attention to Alzheimer's and elder abuse through our dramatic film. Please join us by supporting our journey. Please "Follow" us here, Donate to our campaign, and "Like" us on Facebook. We truly need you!


Donna Stewart

Donna is an Alumna of Prairie View A&M University where she majored in Theatre Arts as a (Charles Gilpin Player). Excelling in musical theatre, her stage performances include the classics shows “God’s Trombones”, “Christmas is Comin’ Uptown”, “Spunk”, “Get Ready”, “One Mo Time”, and ”Over Forty”. Music in her blood, she was also one of the pioneer performers at the Miller Outdoor Theatre’s “Dancing in the Streets Motown and More...” in Houston, TX.  Expanding her career she has toured for over 11yrs working with some of the greatest legends in the business such as Billy D. Williams, Richard Roundtree, Shirley Murdock , Melba Moore, and the late  Ali Woodsen of the “Temptations” and so many more, and in musical stage plays  such as Tyler Perry’s, “Madea Goes To Jail”.  Other musical tour stage performances include, Micheal Basdin’s “Men Cry In The Dark” and ”The Maintenance Man” and Tyler Perry’s, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”, “Why Did I Get Married”, and his TBN’s televised broadcast of “Madea’s Christmas”. 

These days she spends most of her time, on the other side of the stage and camera. producing, writing, directing, coaching, consulting, scouting and casting talent for local stage and film productions.

Now moving into the world of film and television, she is 2AD for the Backa Media Group’s second feature Film, “Through A Glass Dimly.”

Donna is grateful to all of her friends and family for their loyal support for over two decades, with more to come.


Laurie Coker:

“Through A Glass, Dimly” is a cinematic exploration of the lives of two extraordinary women. How two people of such different backgrounds come together to join forces, help and befriend each other encompasses the journey of overcoming racism, poverty, exploitation, family dysfunction and abuse, and mental health deterioration. It’s a lot, isn’t it? But these are issues that thousands of working class people deal with simultaneously on a daily basis.

As a substitute school teacher for almost 20 years, as well as a mentor for six teenage students, I have had the privilege of observing families struggling with these very issues. I wrote and published a collection of poems about my experiences as a substitute teacher and I have kept a poetry diary about my experiences as a care giver to my aged parent. So my passion is very real in producing a film that portrays these vitally important and contemporary topics. Thank you for your interest in and support of our project.

Laura is one of the two lead actors in our film.


Sonya D. Gooden is a respected Actress/ Model based in her native city of Houston, Texas. She has received training and coaching through Esurient Arts of Houston by Artistic Director Dabrina Sandifer and is a active Cabinet Member of Esurient Arts as well. It created the opportunity for her to direct her first showcase under Esurient Arts and explore other talents as well. Outside of acting and modeling Sonya loves to travel, and her out going personality to reach encourage and develop others who have a passion to pursue acting she coaches and pushes them to cultivate their talent. She loves children, cooking, reading and interior decorating, spending time with family and she homeschools her nephew who has Autism. Sonya is also an actor in our film.


Theda Williams is the administrative coordinator for her church and she is a program manager at her job. She LOVES the ARTS (all genres)! “When the Director asked if I would be a Team Member for the Seed&Spark campaign for “Through A Glass,” Dimly, I gave a resounding YES,” Theda said. “The movie is about dementia and elderly abuse. My father (the late Emeritus Pastor Willie Adams, Sr.) was diagnosed with dementia in 2010, so I know all about sundowners, the memory loss, having to hide car keys (all that). My daddy was a heart patient as well and the rehabilitation centers are definitely NOT perfect. My mother is a retired nurse, and she taught the ENTIRE family how to be my daddy’s advocate - and when the family is involved the care (in the rehab facilities) is tolerable. My father wasn’t neglected nor abused, but I DID see patients that had NO ONE – and it was very sad. I thank you in advance for your support of our campaign. May God bless your donations - and may what you sew reap a harvest of 100-fold back to you!!”


Vic Hall was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is an Army Veteran of 15 years and combat Veteran. He now serves as a Government Service employee in health administration with the U.S. Army Medical Command. Vic feels that his purpose in acting in and producing film is to provide a voice for those who can’t find their own and be an example of resilience and perseverance for others to emulate. Vic is also an actor in our film.



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