Tied Up in Knots

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Romance, Romantic Comedy

Theresa Krosse

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TIED UP IN KNOTS is helping change the narrative of BDSM. No more unethical dramas where kinky people are portrayed as mentally ill or deviant. In this film, we invite our audience to see kink as a loving, playful lifestyle that strengthens partnerships and enhances the health of relationships.

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Mission Statement

Our team is an international, female-led group coming together to promote a positive view of Kink. TIED UP IN KNOTS came from an aspiration to help change perceptions around non-traditional desires, and show that being unapologetically ourselves and communicating openly can lead to a happy ending.

The Story

Tied Up in Knots is a short film, unlike any other. In this romantic comedy, a young couple must come to terms with the kinky secrets they've been hiding from each other.

Alec is getting married to the woman of his dreams.

He sees her as pure and delicate. She has the internet and a wild imagination. As they struggle to plan the wedding, they realize they may not know each other as well as they think they do...

Good thing they have Mistress Mina...



 • Olive Glass as Mina


American model, actress, activist, and artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Her modeling work has been seen in publications such as Penthouse, Vogue, Hi-Fructose Magazine, and many more. Olive believes that everyone has a rich inner world, and that’s what her art represents. From her modeling style and personal aesthetic, to her surrealist paintings, she strives to encapsulate a paracosm of the imagination.


• Adalberto Angulo as Alec

Adalberto is an actor/filmmaker from Carpinteria, California. His project "El Super" was selected for the HBO New York Latino Film Festival. Leverage, Grimm, 911, Pearson are some of his TV credits. Adalberto is passionate about empowering and inspiring the next generation of Latinos to achieve great things.


 • Anastasia Urozhaeva as Becca

Classically trained, Anastasia has done roles from Shakespeare to experimental theater. Her recent credits include films — Déjà Senti by Michael Garret and In the Weeds by Kevin Scheid. She is passionate about language learning, and speaks English, Russian, and Spanish.


This movie is a labor of love. We have been lucky to have a majority of our team give their time and their creative talent. However, there are still costs involved and we need your help! 

We are changing the narrative of  BDSM and inviting society to see kinky people as a playful and healthy community that fosters trust, open dialogue, and loving relationships. This is not a niche film. We are approaching this with Hollywood standards because we want to normalize kink and show off its beauty and humanity.

The final outcome of the contributions will have a HUGE effect on the look and feel of the finished film. We are dedicated to making this project look as polished as a blockbuster and as beautiful as a BDSM film should be, but our budget will depend on your generosity.


 • Personal Protective Equipment to keep our team safe and healthy on set.

 • Props, Costumes, and Set Decoration to bring the most fashionable and modern styles of BDSM and to the characters.

 • Location Fees and Permits so we can shoot at the specialized locations that are required for our BDSM scenes. 

 • Crafty and Catering for our hardworking cast and crew. Feeding all of our people for 3 days while we're on set hard at work making this short film come to life. 

 • Festival Fees for submissions and distribution.

 • Seed & Spark Fees to pay our dues. Yes, even crowdfunding costs money.

Check out the sidebar for a list of rewards & punishments. We are providing special treatment to the lovely people who contribute to the creation of this film. Any amount is greatly appreciated, but we also love the attention.

Follow our Instagram and share us with your friends. We are featuring follower submitted experiences, BDSM & Kink positive education, and more.

Want to contribute in a different way? Are you able to provide meals to our hungry crew, props, or wardrobe for our specialized dungeon scenes, or have marketing/distribution connections to spread the love of BDSM?

Please contact Theresa, our producer, to discuss the details. Send an email to [email protected] she would love to hear from you.

Whatever it may be, we are grateful for your contribution and look forward to watching this movie with you!


We are a COVID-19 conscious team and doing everything we can to protect everyone involved. 

During this pandemic, film has become the most impactful art form because of its versatility and ability to reach millions of people around the world without jeopardizing their safety. Many people in this crisis have turned to devouring film and television as a way to pass the long hours indoors. The Tied Up in Knots team is providing an essential service by creating something special to give these people who are playing their part to protect society, their family, and themselves by self-isolating.

Thank you so much for your support. With your help, we can bring this story out of the shadows and give BDSM & Kink the voice it deserves!



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Snacks & Meals

Costs $975

Feeding the lovely people on set who are working to make this film.

Cast & Crew

Costs $4,550

Can't make this without them!

Wardrobe, Props, & Set Design

Costs $3,300

The most important details to make this film look amazing

Lights, Camera, & Sound

Costs $2,150

Can't forget the equipment!


Costs $4,500

Almost there! Editing, color grading, and sound mixing to make it perfect.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


  Theresa Krosse • Producer

Multifaceted Producer, First AD, Model, and Artist. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Theresa moved to Los Angeles two years ago. After nearly a decade of marketing and producing her own art and fashion editorials, she is now focusing on  shaping creative projects with brands and studios alike.

 Olivia Senecal • Writer

Writer, performer, and educator, born and raised in LA. Olivia recently added production to her skill set, working with brands and agencies on digital and social campaigns. She is a passionate sex, kink, and polyamory educator, with a mission to normalize practices and lifestyles that have often been subject to ridicule and shame.

  Anna SalinasDirector 

Writer & filmmaker in LA, whose films explore feminism and mental health. Anna recently won a blind pilot script deal with Hulu after her surreal dramedy script Inside Cunt was named to the Blacklist Latinx TV List. Her latest film, Foghorn, recently premiered at the Highland Park Independent Film Festival and her film Insomniac can be found on NoBudge.com.


 Colin Pierce • Cinematographer • Executive Producer

Colin has won an Emmy Award, edited the video for the 2x platinum hip hop single Teach Me How to Dougie for Capitol Records, and would later help launch the flagship live show Revolt Live on the music television network REVOLT for hip hop magnate P. Diddy. Working as an executive producer in film development, Colin takes a range of projects from producing, to cinematography in the pursuit of a well-rounded artistic exploration in his career.



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