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Becoming adult women in a foreign country made us experience the added labels imposed on our bodies when away from home. With 'Till Morning' we want to speak the uncomfortable truth of immigrant women who, struggling with their own roots, end up having to give in to the system they’re victims of.

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Mission Statement

We are international artists who have all experienced a different version of the same story: that of adjusting to discomfort. This comes with many distressing identity conflicts that make us evaluate the worth of our dreams. Needless to say, it's this same struggle that manifests in our art.

The Story


Till Morning is a coming of age short film about Julia, a Brazilian student in her last semester of college in New York City. After losing her family ties due to political disagreements she has to financially provide for herself. 

As she tries to find a solution to her problem, Julia hopes to find a job opportunity at a Brazilian bar – where she expects to find familiar people who would sympathize with her story. That’s how she meets David; a forty-year-old US veteran, who is also alone at the bar. David likes Julia; he’s engaged by her quirkiness, foreigness and confidence. 

Julia has been relying on her partner Jada for a place to stay and for security. As Julia's and Jada's true colors reveal during their cohabitation, their relationship becomes tense and we see both of them struggle with balancing self-love and selflessness for your loved one. Finally, Jada advises Julia to go home and solve her problems with her parents. To Julia, this means surrendering to their conservative rules and ideals. Meanwhile, David has an offer that is going to be very hard for Julia to refuse.


We will be shooting the short film in the second or third week of December. Due to the global pandemic we are going to be taking serious safety measures. All of cast and crew will be kept minimal on set and will be tested the same week they will be needed on set. All crew and cast will be obligated to wear masks at all times, except  for actors when they are shooting a scene. We will provide hand sanitizer, soap and masks on set and everyone in cast and crew will have their temperature checked at every meal break of the shoot. 


Luísa has been developing this story since the quarantine started. This story reflects her struggle to accept the political turmoil in Brazil and her relationship to cultural duality and hypocrisy. All of us on the team definitely think she should keep writing. In this story she was able to create uncommom circumstances and combine them with familiar human struggles that everyone can relate to.

We all have faith and dreams that this short movie can go really far. Thanks to its relatable nature and its engaging circumstances, it can challenge some controversial topics, start conversations and inspire young women. For this, however, it needs to reach an audience. 

Not only do we need money for production, we also need help to submit Till Morning to Film Festivals. The fees for these can range from $5-80 depending on how ambitious we get... And we are ambitious!  

Photos by Ricardo Acioli


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Bar/restaurant rental

Costs $900

Some scenes will be to be shot at a bar, a restaurant and on a dance floor. We need to rent it!


Costs $200

Two outside actors will need to be cast and paid for their wonderful work!

Food and drinks

Costs $450

Food and drinks for 5 days of shooting with a crew of 5, cast of 5, plus background extras.

Festival Submissions

Costs $200

The goal of this project? To submit to festivals and gain recognition! Maybe some prices?

Props and set design

Costs $100

We will need to buy/rent props and set pieces to make the picture look as realistic as possible!

Make up and Wardrobe

Costs $100

Make up and costumes will be rented or bought, help us look pretty!


Costs $300

Cast and crew will get cabs to carry the gear, food and wardrobe to set - including all the extras!


Costs $500

Our biggest priority is that we are all safe on set!

Health measures and precautions

Costs $200

Thermometers, masks, hand sanitizer, paper towels, cleaning wipes, band-aids, medicine etc.


Costs $350

We feel strongly about paying our crew for their hard work!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Luísa Galatti 

(Writer; Co-Producer; Actor)

Luísa Galatti is a Brazilian actress and producer based in NYC. She is an Associate Artist/Producer of Et Alia Theater, a company made of international women. She holds a BFA in Theater from Escola Superior de Artes Celia Helena and recently moved to NYC to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She is inspired to create and produce new forms of theatre that connect people with different stories and backgrounds. Back in her home country, Luísa worked as a producer and performer in several shows, including Cronicas de Nuestra América, written by Augusto Boal and directed by Marco Antonio Rodrigues. She was also part of the production of Distopia Brasil, a devised piece directed by Pedro Granato, in which she played the role of Inquisidora. While in school, she participated in the international theatre school festival GATS, in Peru. She also has a backgroud as a producer of artistic events, such as the party Besame Mucho, and as an Assistant Director in her latest collaboration Cherry Bomb (to be released on Amazon Prime in March 2021) . 


Giorgia Valenti

(Co-Producer; Actor)

Giorgia is an Italian actor, mover and creator based in New York. She is Co-Artstic Director of Et Alia Theater, a company made of international women. Her latest theatre projects include a Zoom LIVE reading of Liza Berkenmeir’s latest play Scary Animals directed by Leah Reddy, and the Et Alia Theater production of On How To Be A Monster by Maria Müller, directed by Federica Borlenghi (The Tank). She has had the pleasure to work repeatedly with 600 Highwaymen abd the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. Her film credits include For the Right Reasons™ by Liana Soneclear (Best Supporting Actress Nomination) and Teenage, a local Indian feature film by Kishan Shrikhant. She graduated New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with Honors in Drama and a minor in Dance. Being an international woman, Giorgia plans to keep working and moving in Italy and India as well. www.giorgiavalenti.com 


Ana Moioli 


Ana Moioli is a Brazilian actor, producer, director, and writer based in New York. She directed the experimental short film Bridge, written by herself, which tells the story of two siblings who find a human connection through their shared feelings of longing. She is the Co-Founding Artistic Director of Et Alia Theater, a theater company led by international womxn. She has recently produced and starred in the TV series CherryBomb, a Fish In A Top Hat Film Collective production, which is coming out on Amazon Prime in 2021. Some of her recent theater projects include Running in Place (directed by Isabella Uzcátegui at Dixon Place), On How To Be A Monster (directed by Federica Borlenghi at The Tank) and Veinticinco (directed by Attilio Rigotti at The Tank). She's also starred in several independent films, such as the multi-award-winning Elsewhere (by Guilherme Pedra) and Julieta (by Vicente Gonzalez). Her play For The Time Being was produced at the NYWinterfest Festival. She graduated with Honors from NYU Tisch Drama.


Ryan Cairns


Ryan is a filmmaker known for Green Book (2018), Miracle Workers (2019),The Last O. G.(2018), Crush (2019), and more. As a director, he's known for The Dine-and-Dash Dater(2020), for which he received the Strasberg Film Festival’s award for Best in Fest and Best Director, and the TV Series CherryxBomb, to be aired on Amazon Prime in 2021. NERDS (2018) and La Sac (2016). He's also the founder and President of Fish in a Top Hat Film Collective.


Larissa Castilho

(Art Director)

Larissa Castilho is a Brazilian Actor and Costume designer based in NYC. She holds a BA in Theatre Performance and Costume Design from Marymount Manhattan College and also studied Method Acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Larissa has recently designed costumes for new media comedy series Cherry Bomb which os set to air on Amazon Prime in 2021. Back is her home country, Larissa was part of the cast of BRZ Productions in which she played multiple roles while on tour with the company.


Kaylee Rogriguez

(Sound Designer)

Kaylee Shahira Rodriguez is a composer, producer, and audio engineer based in Queens, NY. She is invested in building projects that bring people a sense of humanity, so she is especially excited to help deliver such a silly yet completely irresistible human story to the world. You can find her music at kayleeshahira.com


Maria Müller

(Assistant Director)

Maria Müller is a Romanian actor, writer and producer based in NYC. She is also the Co-Artistic Director of Et Alia, a theater company founded and led by international women. She does projects both in Romania and in the US. Her most recent credits include Where Are You? (Digital), directed by Sim Yan Ying, Lasagna. Cu de toate, a zoom show directed by Theodora Herghelegiu that starred Romanian actors from around the world and This is Me Eating___, an online video series produced by Et Alia which deals with food/body image. She holds a BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. www.marialuizamuller.com 



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