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We are an all-female creative team, hellbent on telling a story that is not only humorous, but that shows three women who are navigating a difficult time in their lives. This is a story about women standing for each other, supporting each other, and tapping into their inner strength.

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The Story

Amy and I met taking acting class together in an all-female advanced comedy class at a prestigious studio in Hollywood.  I hadn't ever had the chance to work with so many women in comedy, as most of my experience in the comedy world had been in a male-dominated environment.  It was inspiring to see how these women flourished amongst themseleves, and the group quickly bonded in a very tribal way, supporting each other through both acting highs and lows and personal struggles.


One day, whilst hiking along in Griffith park, Amy and I were bemoaning the lack of vegetation, quality men, and interesting, dynamic roles for young women in Los Angeles.  She had been thinking a lot about the archetypical roles women are often thrust into: The bride, the mother, the nurturer, the sexy "bad girl," or the career woman, often portrayed as being bitchy or sterile.  We mused that we could meet these roles head on, addressing the sterotypes and finding and exploring the cracks in the molds that make people real.  As we began to flesh out Sophie, Jesse and Nicole, it was the flawed nature of their beings that really intrigued us, their imperfections that we found to be beauitful.


From the first time we sat down with some truffle brussel sprouts and glasses of rose at our favorite curb-side cafe to write, we knew we were on to something.  The women were jumping off the page, dying to have their stories told.  Amy and I soon began meeting up to write almost every day, cracking each other up, and knocking out an entire first season in a couple of weeks.  


Amy's vision had begun with Sophie, who is undeniably the heart and soul of the group, but her head...well, let's just say, it's floating somewhere among the clouds.  Her goals in life include becoming the next Bachelorette, getting married, and having lots of babies.  A devout follower of internet sensation blogger 'Guru' Swami Harifa, she's been trying her darndest to stay on track for her Vedic Timeline, but as she slips into her 30s, the pressure is on, and now she's hyper-focusing on having twins or even triplets before Saturn leaves her third house.  She's wound up working as a dress-fit model at a bridal salon in Hollywood, and steals as many gowns as she can get her hands on to wear to her dive-bar dates.  All the vision boarding in the world won't help her find what she thinks she's looking for, but it just may lead her down a path to success she's never imagined.


Jesse moved to LA with dreams of becoming Beyonce’s back up dancer. Five years later, she’s getting down behind Queen Be at the VMAs... in her living room. When she's not in dance class, you might find Jesse at Whole foods filling up on food samples, or on her 5th Tinder date of the day scarfing down more free food and securing a bed for the night. But she’s hard to spot - girl goes through new looks like the Bachelor goes through desperate female contestants. One day it’s blonde corn rows, the next, pink hair and baggy MC Hammer Pants - Jesse is constantly on the hunt for the perfect look to keep her relevant in the ever changing, ever so exclusive, LA dance scene.  She soon finds that she can't float from persona to persona or bed to bed forever, and when reality comes knocking, she's forced to strip down to who she is at her core, and finally face her idol as her true self.


Talk about a TFBB (Total F-ing Boss Babe)!  Nicole has crushed a mountain of misogynistic men in her Louboutins on her climb to the top, and now runs the show at a huge Advertising Agency in LA. No shits are given as she bulldozes her way through life, and through the packs of drooling puppy-eyed intern's pants at the office. Believe it or not, beneath her rough exterior beats a heart of gold- but with matrimony the furthest thing from her mind, all her love is invested in her besties, Jesse and Sophie.  Dragged into a bet with the girls she joins Tinder in order to prove that there is NO MAN out there who can in any way enahance her life- but her practiced stiletto strut may just take a tumble when an accidental swipe right throws her way off her axis and into La La Land.


Our story is about three "Single Ladies" adrift at sea in LA, who make a bet to find husbands, using only Tinder, before the year is out.  There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but California is in a drought.  So maybe, just maybe, they'll wind up finding themselves instead.


After several rounds of re-writes, we are ready to shoot the pilot episode to use as a pitch, along with our Bible, to try and find a production company or network to finance and distribute our first season.  It's important to us that our artistic integrity not be compromised by "money people," and therefor we'd like to self-finance through crowd sourcing.


Amy brings the dry, dark comic styling from Down Under, while I tend to find the heightened quirk in each scenario.  Our show feels a bit like "Summer Heights High" meets "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend."


We are currently living in a society that has just barely begun to realize that we need many, many more female voices in the comedy world.  Our uniquely female perspective is a HUGE asset, and we feel that our characters and their relationships directly reflect our own insight into the female psyche in a way that will allow audiences to recognize what these women are going through within themselves.  No matter how much buzz there currently is around encouraging female-driven comedies, there is still a grossly disproportionate amount of men both on screen and behind the camera.  We are officially throwing our names in the hat to NOT ride shotgun, but to DRIVE!  We are ready to take the reigns, and create some content that explores our experiences as women in this male-dominated society.








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Our amazing crew!

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Our profesh, bare-bones crew will be "werking" their butts off & we need to pay them! Director, DP, AD, Gaffers, Grips, Sound Technician etc

Lighting Equipment

Costs $1,000

Without lights, you won't be able to see us, and what a shame that would be. This is a TV series, not a radio show!

Sound Equipment

Costs $600

'Cause this ain't no silent film, Fool! We need wireless lavs, a boom pole, a shotgun mic and a sound mixer.


Costs $800

Jesse needs her dance studio, Sophie needs a bridal salon and Nicole wouldn't be Nicole without her slick, fancy pants office.

Catering/ Craft Services

Costs $550

When people don't eat they get Hangry.

Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe

Costs $1,000

'Cause unlike Queen Be, we don't wake up like this, & wedding dresses cost heaps to rent. Not that we've Pinterest-planned our weddings...

Post Production

Costs $1,500

Without an editor, this will be longer and harder to follow than the third act of a Shakespearean History!

About This Team

Co-Writer/ Producer: Amy Waller

Far from this being her first writing venture, Amy has successfully toured two shows which she wrote and starred in around New Zealand.  "Gloria," inspired by her Grandmother's WW2 story, received sold-out houses, rave reviews, and was supported by funding bodies around NZ.  Her three woman show "Death By Cheerleader," was nominated for and won several comedy awards.  Amy discovered her writing ability during her training at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School, and evolved post graduation while working consistently for stage and screen before moving to the US two years ago.



Co-Writer/Producer: Eden Malyn

This will be the first time something I've had a hand in writing will be shot or performed, but I have been writing short stories, novels, sketches and screenplays for as long as I can remember.  My improv training began at age 12 at The Second City Detroit, and I've since been performing and training at iOWest and UCB.  I attended a 4 year high school conservatory for the performing arts in Detroit and then studied at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA.  Professionally I've been extremely fortunate, making a living in TV, film, commericals and on the stage for the past ten years.



Director: Julie Lake
Julie Lake (SAG/AFTRA/AEA) plays the role of the lovable meth-head, Angie Rice, on the Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black. She is comedic writer and performer with the Los Angeles based all-female group, Share the Road, and the co-creator of the web shows, Mental  and George and Julie.  Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, Julie went on to attend Yale University where she majored in theater and performed the title roles in productions of Mother Courage and Medea. After graduation she moved to New York City where she performed in numerous plays as an artistic associate with the company Les Freres Corbusier under the direction of Alex Timbers. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and puppy, Rougarou.





We have some other projects in the works, but are currently hellbent on seeing Tinderellas come to life!




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