Trent's War

Shreveport, Louisiana | Film Short

Drama, War

Nick Savides

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Trent's life has taken a downward spiral after he served in Iraq. He wants to become a contributing member of society once again, but he is haunted by the trauma of war. Will Trent find a way to overcome the wounds of the past or will they forever taint his future?

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The Story

Almost everyone on our production team has some kind of connection to the military. My dad was a Navy doctor. Dave, our other producer, has a dad who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was captured as a prisoner of war, an experience that Dave believes led to undiagnosed PTSD for his dad. Our DP had both of his grandparents fight in WWII, and his dad is a marine. 

We believe that it is important to acknowledge the reality of the struggles that soldiers face when returning from war, but we also believe that the media sometimes unfairly stereotypes all veterans as crazed killers on the loose. If reporters or filmmakers were to portray all students as raging sociopaths because of a few bad apples who go on shooting sprees, then most of us would rightly protest those portrayals. That's not what happens when reporters or filmmakers do as much with veterans though.   

The wounds that war inflicts are very real. Sometimes they are visible due to physical alignments, but sometimes they are the invisible wounds that lead to PTSD. We believe that there is value in shedding light on those invisible wounds and that the soldiers who put their lives on the line for us deserve to have their struggles represented in a more nuanced way. 


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Hard Drive

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This is where all of our footage will be stored. Would be sad if we run out of space for the ending!

C100 + lens + Atmos Ninja 2 + Kino light kit

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We spent a more than we planned on renting camera gear. Help convince us that wasn't a mistake.

Location Rental Fee

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Securing locations was one of our biggest expenses. Help us recover so we can add some effects.

military props

Costs $360

To understand Trent's struggles we need to see brief moments of his war experiences.

Wrap Party

Costs $230

Our cast and crew will work long hours for us. We want to do something fun to celebrate.

About This Team

Hello, I am Nick Savides, the director, producer, and one of the writers on the project. I have directed a wide range of shorts and music videos, including "Alone in Space," a music video that was nominated for best local music video by Veer magazine. Up to Date, the last short I directed won best comedy actor, actress, and supporting actor at Louisiana Academy of Technology's Filmmakers Awards Benefit in 2014. When I'm not working freelance or developing my own projects, I work for Canon, providing support for Canon Professional Services. I am also one of the co-organizers of the Screenwriters Down South, and I do a podcast where I talk to various creative professionals about the work they do and how to have better collaborations. 
Our producer David Smith, has worked on a variety of projects both on the production side and as a performer. He is currently one of the producers on a feature-length documentary Survived By that looks at how ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds deal with the grieving process. Dave is well versed in military history and spends some of his free time training in Krav Maga, an advanced variety of martial arts used by the Israeli armed forces. 
Andrew Vogel plays the part of Trent. Some of his acting credits include a recurring character on the TV show Under the Dome and a well received received performance in the surprise hit God is Not Dead. 
Laura Flannery plays the part of Jenny. has been acting ever since she was a young girl. Recently she played the lead in Maggie and The Luchador. She also appears in K.A.R.L, A Dame Called Humidity, her Name Was Alice, and Simple. She has also done commercial work for clients like Adler's Jewlry, Lenovo, Chase Bank, Lakeside Mall, and Vanessa V Boutique just to name a few.


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