The Space Less Traveled - The Story of Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

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Walking on the moon was only the beginning. For Edgar Mitchell, it sparked a lifetime of ceaseless exploration.

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Mission Statement

From a female and male co-directing team, The Space Less Traveled’s theme of inclusion is derived directly from Edgar Mitchell’s oneness epiphany in Space. We are all one, regardless of our differences.

The Story

"We went to the Moon as technicians; we returned as humanitarians."

- Dr. Edgar Mitchell


For most Apollo astronauts, getting to the moon and back was their pinnacle, but for Edgar Mitchell it was a new beginning. His three-day return to Earth triggered a life altering epiphany that forever changed the course of his life.



The Space Less Traveled provides a totally candid look inside the life of an American hero who is considered the most prolific and controversial man to walk on the moon. Edgar Mitchell was approached to be featured in many documentaries over the years, but it wasn't until his goddaughter Antares Davis (Ed named her after his Lunar Module) approached him that he finally agreed, and gave her team complete access to his remarkable life story. Working together with his family, friends and colleagues, production is almost finished, featuring incredible new details that will surprise even the biggest fans of NASA/space exploration, the paranormal, and UFO disclosure. This is the ultimate underdog story about a brilliant man who sacrificed his reputation for decades to find life's hidden truths. We look forward to sharing Ed's incredibly dramatic and inspiring story... But we need your help to finish our final, very exciting interviews!


Our interview subjects include astronauts, scientists and friends and family:


The Story

Edgar Mitchell broke the mold by pursuing inner space as feverishly as he did outer space, dedicating his life to testing the limits of the human mind. From his secret ESP experiment conducted during his Apollo 14 mission, to being cured remotely of cancer by a famous teenage healer across the continent. No idea was off limits. He dove headfirst into the strange world of psychics, healers, telekinesis, ESP and remote viewing. Ed’s mystic journey has him crossing paths and working with a young Steve Jobs, Wernher Von Braun, Uri Geller, Arthur C. Clarke, and as a consultant for the CIA. In 1973 he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to test human capability in a laboratory setting. It remains the leading institution for consciousness and parapsychology research.


But things were about to get stranger. High ranking government officials let Ed in on a little secret: not only are aliens real, they have been visiting Earth for decades. Ed was living in Roswell during the famous 1947 crash, and upon speaking to neighboring farmers and ranchers, was now convinced. Ed became enamored with this new information and soon became the figurehead of the alien disclosure movement.



Not fitting into NASA’s desired image of a straight-laced space cowboy, Ed paid the price for his controversial pursuits. Ed was ostracized by the media and sued by the United States government. The most devastating blow came when he lost his youngest son to cancer.


In his twilight years, Ed’s focus was on sustainability, space exploration, and a theoretical infinite energy source called zero-point energy. We filmed and traveled around the country with Ed, capturing his urgent final years. Never before has a documentary had this level of inside access to an American hero. He opened his vault to us, revealing details so significant that NASA historians might need to rewrite the books.


Ed gives a tour of the Saturn V Rocket at Kennedy Space Center


Ed’s life story, from growing up in Roswell during the Great Depression to his final days in Florida, are depicted using decades of footage and interviews, home videos, audio recordings, pictures and media appearances.


The Space Less Traveled needs your help for the final push. Production is about 80% finished, but needs your help to get completed in time for a 2019 release. Every single dollar helps and means a great deal to us. We are excited to share all the incentives with you, and cannot wait for you to see the finished film!


Our goal of $6,000 will allow us to finish the interview portion of production. However, there is still a lot more to be done! In order for us to finish The Space Less Traveled, we will also need to:

1) Film re-enactments. These re-enactments will feature events in Ed's life, ranging from important childhood moments through to his later years.

2) Go into post-production. These costs include our editor, sound, color correction, licencing and more. 

Any additional funding past our goal will go towards these steps and is greatly appreciated!


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We filmed with Ed for three years. Here, he poses in front of the Apollo 14 Command Module, Kitty Hawk.


Ed's birthdays were always big events, filled with incredible friends and family.


Shortly after returning from the moon, Ed founded IONS. We visited their beautiful campus multiple times to film with their president, researchers and educators.


Edgar Mitchell poses with Apollo 14 crewmates Alan Shepard and Stuart Roosa



After Ed passed away, there were two very beautiful memorial services. In Florida there was a flyover of Navy jets in missing man formation.



To everyone who donates or shares this project, thank you for helping to

create the definitive showcase of Edgar Mitchell's legacy.


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About This Team

Antares Davis - Director & Producer

Antares studied at Northwestern University, the Piven Theatre and Second City. While acting, she had the good fortune of working with directors such as Sidney Pollack and Oliver Stone. She moved behind the camera into commercial film and music video production, helping create spots for high profile companies and musicians. Antares studied documentary directing and producing at Maine Media.


Cameron Jutte - Director, Producer & DoP

Cameron is a filmmaker hailing from the Pacific Northwest. He was the director and producer for the documentary Eclipse City (2017) and narrative short Feathers (2018). Cameron's background is in journalism and music videos, working with artists such as Dead Sara, Grouplove and Ted Brown.


Kristen Wolfe - Associate Producer

Kristen's love for film dates back to her childhood. She studied at Salisbury University, worked on the independent film, Ping Pong Summer (2014), television shows, and created innovative marketing content for high profile brands. Kristen currently works at a local NBC news affiliate in West Palm Beach, FL.


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