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Monica is left home alone to care for her younger sister Sarah. Tornado sirens suddenly wail outside one morning as they walk to school. Trapped in a tornado closet for 15 minutes, Monica must rise to the occasion and be the mom that she has never had.

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Mission Statement

This is a story of sisterhood. Of dependence and independence. Stepping into the open when all that you can see is the storm. Laughter. Tears. Laughing until you're in tears. Hope. Twister encapsulates what many struggle with when entering adulthood: learning to let go when you don't feel ready.

The Story

"Twister" is story about sisterhood, independence, and learning how to hold your own hand.

"Twister" encapsulates what a lot of us struggle with when entering adulthood. The letting go. The plunge forward into unknown. The (at times difficult) acceptance of your current existence. And the lack of hand to hold but your own as you come into this new period of your life. Everything around you can feel incredibly exciting and fun and euphoric and -- destabilizing. Monica faces a similar challenge. Her circumstances push her from dependency and safety into a situation where she must decide to be an active participant in her own life. 

This story is important now more than ever. We hope that Monica's story will resonate, and maybe make you feel less alone. Because, although we must learn to stand on our own, community and help from those we love is equally important. As we continue to live and produce work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, please be assured that our team is taking all necessary precautions and following all recommended guidelines to insure a healthy and happy set.

Watching "Twister" will be the same experience as returning home after a long time. Cathartic. Familiar. Raw. Eccentric. Exact. Messy. Funny at times. It's this push and pull of contrasts that will keep the story feeling alive and authentic. Think realism with a hint of 90's and early 2000's punk rock sparkle. Here's the vibe we're going for:

Inspiration films: Lady Bird, Princess Diaries, Frances Ha, and Mistress America. And short films: "Lockdown," "Caroline," and "Esther." Please enjoy our tone reel that offers a glimpse into the film's visuals and tone: Tone Reel

A 17-year-old bookish, yet fiery girl. Rory Gilmore meets Alex Russo. She is very organized and determined, but still lacks confidence and belief in herself. A girl of huge contridiction. 

A 13-year-old that's all sass. She hopes one day to move to Paris and fall in love. Her school skirts are always rolled, and she has a strong affinity for Spearmint gum. Behind her spirit, she is incredibly naïve and trusting.


If you have means to support, every dollar is greatly appreciated. Each pledge gets us one step closer to telling Monica's story authentically. We can't do this without your help!

Tell all your friends!

Whether via social media or word of mouth, tell everyone you know. We are so excited to make this film! If you are too, we encourage you to share our socials & this fundraising page with your circles. You're welcome to copy and paste the examples below!

For folks in the film industry:

Help Texas filmmaker @byalexagrace make "Twister," (@thetwisterfilm) a bittersweet drama centered around two sisters caring for each other during a tornado warning.  Support them on @seedandspark: 

If you're feeling really excited (which we hope you are!):

OMG, I just watched the "Twister" pitch video, directed by filmmaker @byalexagrace. You HAVE to support this Texas based drama!!! It's going to slay the boots house down. Help them on @seedandspark:

And all my Dallasites out there:

Check out the SMU Senior Thesis Film "Twister" written & directed @byalexagrace! It's being made right here in Dallas, and I'm psyched to see a Texas tornado-themed coming-of-age story. Support them on @seedandspark: 

Your support now will help us throughout production! With your help, we will be able to source the best cast, crew, & resources to elevate "Twister" and tell Monica's story the way it is meant to be told.

March 2022-August 2022 Pre-Production

September 2022 Production

October 2022-May 2023 Post-Production

June 2023 - June 2024 Festival Circuit

After our production in early September, our team will be fine-tuning the edit until May 2023. We plan on entering festivals internationally through 2024. Once "Twister" has premiered, the film will be available to watch on digital platforms. Stay tuned for updates on Seed&Spark and on our instagram (@thetwisterfilm) to never miss a beat! We can't wait to share the film with you.


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About This Team

My name is Alexa May, writer, director, and producer of "Twister." Major chocoholic. 7 times great grand-niece of Davy Crockett. And aspiring film director & ad art director.​ Beyond descriptors, I love everything creative. Since stepping into the film world nine years ago, my goal remains to be an artistic jack-of-all-trades. That means you might find me DP'ing one week, producing or collaging the next. Above all, my heart lies in creative direction and bringing stories to life. Thank you for supporting our journey and helping us bring Monica's story to life!

Some of Alexa's past festivals include: DIFF, Best of Fests Dallas, Asian Film Festival of Dallas, Frame of Mind TV Program, AAHSFF, and the Oak Cliff Film Festival. She works in narrative, documentary, and experimental, and her films have been awarded international recognition. Last summer, she produced her first feature film, Smile, hitting the festival circuit Fall 2022. Alexa is currently based in Dallas, TX & studies as a B.F.A. Film & B.A. Creative Advertising major at SMU. 

My name is Brittney Hutchison, producer of "Twister." Avid reader, self-proclaimed "foodie," and a big fan of cats. When I was five years old, I wrote my first story -- actually, first three stories -- and never looked back. Eventually, my storytelling took on a visual form, and now I've been filmmaking for nine years. I have experience producing, directing, and sound mixing, but my passion is in creative development.

Some of Brittney's past festivals include: Austin Film Society, NTUFF, and Colorful Colorado Film Festival. Brittney has spent the last two years producing her first feature film, Smile, hitting the festival circuit Fall 2022. She is currently a production intern at STADIUM, a creative production studio in Los Angeles. Brittney currently studies at SMU as a B.F.A. Film & B.A. Creative Writing major. 

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