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Spencer Lucas

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Ultimate World references a specific moment in Austin culture, yet tells a story with universal themes. It captures the feelings of an old life slipping away while looking for a new one, and it follows a journey of events that are colorful, quiet, frantic, hilarious, heartfelt and unexpected.

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Mission Statement

We are proud of how our film employed the diverse (race, gender, sexual orientation) talent without stereotyping anyone or using them as a checklist item. So few films we can think of feature a Latina female lead, and it was meaningful, especially to our half-Latino co-director, to change that.

The Story

The Story


Teddy and Phoebe are a young, recently split couple trying to survive the last few weeks of their lease together. When Phoebe gets a tip to call a mysterious number written on an arcade bathroom, it sends her on a sprawling, often surreal journey down a series of rabbit holes. In the meantime, Teddy navigates a new love (with the help of the kindly old man living in his closet). With their old lives coming to an end, both Phoebe and Teddy must do everything they can to find new ones.



Genesis of the World

This film was borne out of the anonimity of life in a new city (Austin, Texas), from late night encounters with interesting characters we never saw again, to seeing valued friends we once saw constantly, now only for a night or so as they passed through town onto bigger things. As writers and directors, we’ve pushed each other to be more personal, more precise, funnier, and to make less obvious creative choices. After several shorts and scripts, as well as years of bouncing ideas big and small off of each other, we decided we felt ready to create our own feature film.  We wanted to channel universal emotions, but through a film that took chances and handled things differently than a standard micro-budget feature (such as having about 300,000 locations and a vast array of colorful characters).



Growing the Population

What began as a synthesis of our two voices became something much bigger than the two of us, as we approached other key creatives for the project. We found that others were responding to what we’d come up with, relating to the feelings we’d baked into the script, sizzle reel, pitch slideshow. A line we dropped in our first meeting with our producer echoed something she’d been told a week before at a strange moment in her life. We went to bars with our lead actors and talked about the project, and were moved to see how much they were willing to open up to us to help build it. Our cinematographer even turned down working on the camera department of Martin Scorsese’s upcoming The Irishman, so if an insert of someone’s hand turning a doorknob in that film looks a little out of focus, feel free to yell at us. Our (Ultimate) world expanded as the cast and crew came together.



The Shoot and Beyond

The shoot was an exhausting, exhilarating experience, everyone on set working half a dozen positions to get what we needed, while squeezing in new, important scenes into our already packed schedule because we knew the film would be better for them. We captured things with this film - the talents of a variety of people we’ve met over the years, some of the places that make Austin what it is (including a beloved video store the day before its closing). And since this vision grew beyond the two of us into this, we’re ready for it to grow more in the hands of our friends and other professionals. That’s why we’re here, raising money for post-production. We’re ready for people to experience the extreme specificity of the film, while feeling less alone with the weird transitional moments in life where certain things we’ve taken for granted seem to slip away from us, and we either fight to hold on or to hurry the process up. We hope you can all become a part of this, whether you simply watch it or enjoy it, show it to others, get inspired in some way, or make weird anime fan art (why not - we’d be glad to see it). It’s been great so far, but we know the best is yet to come!


The Ultimate Future


Since we have all of our footage already shot, all we need are those final elements of post production to make this film the best it can be. With your help and pledges we can raise our goal of just under $25,000 to ensure that this film utilizes every penny to pay our dedicated post production staff as well as engage viewers at film festivals across the world and streaming platforms available in your hometown.


Join our pride in this Ultimate World as we seek to expand our community of artists, friends, and viewers across all walks of life!



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

SAG Voice Actor

Costs $250

Pay for 2 days studio time according to the modified low budget SAG agreement.


Costs $4,000

In order to ensure our talented and dedicated editor is given the compensation she deserves.

Color Correction

Costs $3,000

Compensation for 5 days of professional quality color correction.

Great World of Sound Design

Costs $1,600

Max, our brilliant sound designer is a diy, work for love artist and deserves proper compensation.

Dialogue Clean Up

Costs $250

Two days studio time will greatly impact our the quality that low budget films often suffer from.

Foley World

Costs $1,000

Every footstep, door slam, and foley crafted sound helps make the Ultimate World more of a reality.


Costs $350

12 hours is all we need to record our actors voices for when those pesky airplanes fly over on set.

Music Licensing

Costs $3,000

Most of the films music will be from local artists but a few key tracks will cost licensing fees.


Costs $200

Titles are the first and last things the audience will see and we want to make a good impression.

Visual Effects

Costs $1,500

When a boom pole dips in frame or a light from a lapel mic flashes, we rely on vfx to fix this.

Closed Captioning

Costs $200

It's important that this film be made available for 12 languages and the deaf or hard of hearing.

Poster and Promotional Stills

Costs $100

A discounted rate from a known collaborator will give us a ton of production value on a low budget.


Costs $500

Will include the shipping for the incentive gifts as well as limited self distribution fees.


Costs $500

For the use of social media advertising, local radio, and blog campaigns to grow our audience.


Costs $1,395

Exact amount needed to ensure our film winds up on the proper film streaming sites and Itunes.

Festival Fees

Costs $1,200

Enough of the budget included for submission to 30 meaningfully chosen film festivals.


Costs $500

Enough money to ensure all of our incentive backers will receive the copy of the tape they ordered.


Costs $750

Enough to ensure all incentive backers will receive the dvd copy they ordered from the campaign.

Electronic Press Kit

Costs $300

A modest fee to ensure we put our best foot forward submitting the film to festivals.


Costs $1,500

For all those little snares that pop up along the way. When knocking on wood isn't enough.

Post Production Supervisor

Costs $500

While we take pride in our scrappy ingenuity, life costs money and every job deserves recognition.

Director's Fees

Costs $1,800

The directors will need unpaid time off from their day jobs to finish the film and still have bills.

Crew Food

Costs $100

Just enough for sustenance while the crew slaves away in dark editing rooms.


Costs $100

Gasoline costs for a trip from NYC to Philadelphia to save on flight costs.


Costs $400

These cover the most basic fees for travel during the color correction and sound mixing process.

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