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Unbridaled is a Womance comedy (like a bromance, but better). Our goal: to showcase the power of female friendships, which are shockingly underrepresented in the media. By supporting us, you're supporting funny lady duos everywhere. #TheFutureOfFilmIsFemale

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Mission Statement

As two women in film, we're fiercely dedicated to diversity, and have written our script to reflect that. We plan to involve as many women (of all sizes), people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and as many other underrepresented groups as possible, both in front of and behind the camera.

The Story



Unbridaled is a Womance comedy (like a bromance, but better). It’s Thelma and Louise meets Bridesmaids with a big ol’ pile of quarter-life-crisis.


It’s Catherine’s wedding day and minutes before she walks down the aisle she gets cold feet. #AH #DRAMA.


She and her step-sister, Maxie, along with a smorgasbord of kooky characters, must figure out a way to stall this wedding before Catherine makes a terrible decision. 




The first question people ask us is, "How did this whole thing start?"


(Kidding, it's "Are you guys engaged?" LOL but roll with us.) Here's what happened:



Seriously though, this is what went down.


We started thinking: where do all these expectations come from? Are they introduced by our parents? Society? Or are other people just getting married and making everything seem perfect on social media? Also, when did going to a wedding become so stressful? Or, was it always?


First we thought, "Maybe it's just because we're artists, and aren't on the traditional life path," and  "Maybe we're following our passions so marriage isn't a top priority?" "Maybe it's just us."


So we asked around... EVERYONE we know. Turns out, the #StruggleIsReal! Everyone feels the wedding pressure.


Ps happy wedding season, people!



So here we are ^ making this movie, for those of us who maybe don't have all of this figured out.











For more info and bios, please visit our "Team" page!



Before we get to the gifts, you may be thinking,


"Why should I give you money? Why do you need so much money? Where is all this money going? Do you ladies have a financial planner? If I donate will Caitlin and Mischa stop showing up at my gym looking for me?"


Well, that's a lot of questions! But we totally understand, so let us ease your minds.


1. We have this all figured out.

2. We will make a film that is INCREDIBLE, HILARIOUS and one that YOU CAN BE PROUD OF SUPPORTING!

3. We will stop showing up at your gym. 


Below is a little more info about where your cold hard cash will go. 



Thank you in advance for your generous contributions! Every little bit counts and we can't wait to (bridal) shower you with love after you make a pledge to our film. Here are the bribes...  #SHEWORKSHARDFORTHEMONEY (DONNA SUMMER) #MONEYMONEYMONEY (ABBA) #MONEYTALKS (AC/DC) #IGETMONEY (50 CENT) 
















We promise to make the film. (Seems obvious, but we've been burned before.)


We promise that the film will be good. (Also seems obvious, but again ^.)


We promise never to send you mass emails that say, "HEY FRIEND!" Legit, we'd soon fire ourselves before letting that happen. It's just rude. And weird. And totally impersonal and sort of a lie. We're going to be honest and acknowledge that we haven't talked to you since we barfed in your kitchen in highschool (By the way, Mischa is sorry, Mike.)


Caitlin promises to not let Mischa call you on the phone before 10am. (Mischa wakes up at 6, is raring to go by 6:03, and has been known to make calls at that time.)


Mischa promises to come back down to earth when Caitlin starts to get nervous that they're gonna fail (The girls CANNOT freak out at the same time. It has gone VERY BADLY in the past.)


We promise to work tirelessly, with our entire hearts and minds, to make this the most empowering, hilarious and heartfelt movie possible! #SistersBeforeMisters 


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Package

Costs $2,000

The camera portion of "lights, camera, action!"


Costs $2,500

We have to hire a person that REALLY understands comedy!

Art Direction and Props

Costs $3,000

Weddings are expensive! Flowers, rice, Jordan almonds...


Costs $1,800

We have a ton of gear, actors, and extras to mobilize! #Theyseemerollin


Costs $1,800

We have to feed a large team! Two meals and snacks for 4 days of shooting really adds up.

Light Package

Costs $3,500

We need this comedy to be bright and shiny!


Costs $1,500

They've asked us for a "suggested donation" if you catch our drift...

Hair and Make up

Costs $1,600

Becuase this is the before image...


Costs $1,500

Unfortunately black tie is NOT optional.

Director, AD, and a BADASS Crew

Costs $11,500

We have assembled a kickass crew of superheroes to make this movie!


Costs $1,800

We don't have the option to save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to Geico.


Costs $1,000

Contracts, contracts and more contracts. Why do legal fees never end? #AMIRIGHT?

Hard Drives

Costs $500


Composer + Licensing

Costs $1,000

This is the heart, the tone, the pulse... THE MUSIC!


Costs $5,000

We'd like to be able to pay our actors in more than endless thanks...

About This Team



Caitlin is a New York City based actress and writer, born and bred in London, UK. She studied in the Two Year Conservatory at Michael Howard Studios, and got her degree in Theatre and Psychology at the George Washington University.

Though she has lived in the US for several years now, she still is not quite used to the public displays of emotion, or the hourly near-death encounters with taxi cabs, but has fully embraced Ohio State College Football (it doesn't make sense to us either.) On any given Saturday in autumn she can be found screaming at her television by herself. Her friends are less than interested, and she has been known to frighten bar patrons. O-H-I-O! GO BUCKS!

When not working away on Unbridaled, or having an argument with a referee who is 500 miles away but DEFINITELY listening, Caitlin is working on her one woman show, Deborah Kerr: After Eternity. The show was selected to be presented in the United Solo Theatre Festival in NYC this October, and she is ecstatic to be making her NYC stage debut in a show that means so much to her. 

Caitlin is also a competitive ballroom dancer. She knows it's weird. She loves it.





Mischa is a NYC based actress and writer. She has a BFA from UConn, a Two-Year Conservatory certificate from the Michael Howard Studios, she has studied both improv and sketch at UCB, Shakespeare at RADA and TV/Film with Bob Krakower. She's currently in scene study with Scott Freeman. Mischa has studied A LOT. She is a Genius*. (*At the Apple store part-time at…but the title validates what she's been telling her parents for years.) Mischa has been featured in many national commercials, including Burger King and 3 Musketeers to name a few. Don't ask her about that Boston Bruin's billboard she was on, it's a really touchy subject, especially because she doesn't get sports at all. Mischa is proud to say she has poured her entire life's blood into Unbridaled.  So please, if you're volunteering for the Red Cross or for some bizarre reason need O+, she sends her apologies; there's nothing left. Even though this is not a playbill, she would like to #BWAYDEBUT #THANKSMOM&DAD and shout out her crazy fam in Connecticut.





Michael Bonini is a New York City based actor and producer. His recent television credits include Bull (CBS), Pope (History), and Hamilton (NBC). Michael’s recent film credits include Hurricane Aaron (Country Road Films) which screened at the Cannes Film Festival and Rosewood Ledge, a romance drama he co-produced and starred in. Michael likes to take shirtless photos and has modeled for Calvin Klein. 





 Lio Mehiel is a gender-queer, transmasculine actor, filmmaker and artist based in Queens, NY. Their short film Disforia won BEST THRILLER at the Manhattan Film Festival, screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival and is headed to Outfest Film Festival in July! They just finished post-production on a virtual reality short, BAYBERRY which uses immersive storytelling to explore the burden of hidden identity. Previously, Lio worked with Shaun Axani as an associate producer for an augmented reality experience, QUINN, which premiered at Tribeca Storyscapes 2016, the new media arm of the Tribeca Film Festival. As an actor, they have performed on Broadway in Marianne Elliot’s The Miracle Worker and Anthony Page’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Currently, they can be seen on the new ABC show, Deception. Lio graduated cum laude from Northwestern University with a degree in Theater and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications.






Jackie Schwartz is an award-winning filmmaker. In 2014, she co-created and produced a digital series called Rare Birds of Fashion, which champions the plus-size community and female entrepreneurs. Since then, she’s produced three web-series, which have premiered and won awards at various festivals throughout the country. Her latest project is a comedy horror pilot in association with YouTube Studios and Troma Entertainment. She previously worked as an associate producer at Fully Branded Media, collaborating in the production of films such as: The Romantics, Margin Call, and Kill Your Darlings. Jackie is a proud advocate of self-love and a board member of Realize Your Beauty, an organization dedicated to promoting positive body image to youth through theater arts. She currently lives in New York City and is working on her satirical memoir: I Only Came for the Food.






Justin Giddings is amazing, you don't even know. Not much else to say, he's perfect.





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