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Four friends with big egos and small brains run a failing production company in Los Angeles. The crew conspires together in an effort to achieve the fame they all so intensely desire. They are...a bunch of idiots.

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Mission Statement

This pilot is a story about flawed people living in a flawed world who take themselves a bit too seriously. We believe everyone is capable of greatness. Making fun of ourselves and our flaws is the first step to achieving this greatness. Seriously. It’s been proven...seriously...

The Story

We all met via Instagram. Travis and Alex both sent Joey, who was creating comedic short films at the time, a message about wanting to create alongside him. One thing led to another and we became close friends and creative collaborators.
During the pandemic, we were all struggling with who we were as creators. We decided to get clear on the type of art we wanted to create and what stories we felt needed to be told. We had a lot of time on our hands and re-watched shows that we loved growing up like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The Office". These shows and our life experiences in film production are where we drew inspiration for the "Underwhelming" pilot.

When we have downtime, catch us in the ocean surfing. Or taking jogs on the beaches of LA.

Joey (Left), Travis (Right) at Dockweiler State Beach, CA


In 2020 we all got locked inside and became shockingly aware that the internet was our only lifeline to a world outside of our homes. That also brought a new sense of internet identity or, for lack of a better term, "Keyboard Warriors." Social Justice Movements and Donald Trump being in office were points of contention on social media. It felt like everything that was being produced in the film industry was politically correct. Why is everything so serious? Although we do agree that political correctness is good in some instances, it doesn't shine a light on what is really happening. Our mission as filmmakers is to share laughter and humor about the shitty parts of life through short stories. We have all lived through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. There is comedy in all of it!

Rather than playing into stereotypical tropes that have been seen before and bending the knee to the sometimes overly woke internet mob, we are letting all of the characters in “Underwhelming” be the shittiest, most unfiltered versions of themselves.


We are very excited about the momentum behind this project. Right now, we are in pre-production and your support will help make sure this story is brought to life. The current goal amount is the bare minimum needed to film, edit & color “Underwhelming'' and make sure it's submitted to all major studios.

CASTING: I wrote the 4 main character parts for Joey Krulock, Travis Quentin Young, Myself, and Courtney Parchman. I have admired Courtney's work for two years and offered her the role of Kate which she has accepted. I am targeting name actresses for the role of Jules which can only happen through your support & funding.

CREW: Thrilled to be working with DP Raleigh Gambino again. He is a great friend and a masterful storyteller. The remaining crew will come from the Los Angeles Area.

SCRIPT: The script is locked and ready to be filmed.

COVID SAFETY: We plan to take all measures to keep cast & crew safe including PPE, zones, and fully vaxxed cast and crew.

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Costs $3,250

Our Cast of 7! Anything helps!

Camera Crew

Costs $3,600

Our Camera crew is top notch.


Costs $1,200

Our sound guy "Gage" has been with us for 2 years now!


Costs $3,000

It's gonna feel real.

Hair / Makeup & Wardrobe

Costs $1,000

Make us look pretty!

Food & Craft Services

Costs $1,300

Food and Water for a crew of 15+ people.

Lighting & Camera Equipment

Costs $1,900

Essential EQ

Production Crew

Costs $1,700

Producer and vital Production Assistants

Permits & Union Fees

Costs $700

Unions Matter. Permits do too? I guess?

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

ALEXANDER SNYDER - Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Editor

Alex is a filmmaker from the Bay Area based in Los Angeles. His writing and creation take inspiration from the flaws and idiosyncrasies we live with every day.

His most recent film "Smart Thieves" (2021) was selected for multiple festivals this spring/summer.

JOEY KRULOCK - Actor, Producer, Editor

Joey is a filmmaker from Philadelphia based in Los Angeles.

He is the founder and head of Production for Krulock Films, a full-service video production company based in Los Angeles that offers a variety of production and post-production services. 

Recent credits include the "House of Brotherly Love" which premiered in 2022 on 'Directors Notes.'


Travis is an Actor & Producer from Louisiana based in Los Angeles, Where he has lived and created for the past decade. His resume includes TV shows such as Bones on FOX, Vinyl on HBO, and Devious Maids on Hulu.

Alex, Joey, and Travis have worked together since 2017 and most recently on Alex's film "Smart Thieves." 

Current Team